Solved MCQs PPSC Past Papers of Computer Science

1).  Imaging used what device to input data?

a). Scanner

b). Icon

c). Bar code reader

d). tablet

2).  The cursor can be moved rolling this device on a flat surface:

a). Mouse

b). Wand reader

c). Track ball

d). interactive tablet

3).  The mechanism for reading or writing data in a disk is call a (n):

a). track

b). rational delay

c). seek time

d). access arm  

4).  Which input device is often attached to laptop computers:

a). trackball

b). inscriber

c). graphics display

d). wander reader

5).  A color screen with the best resolution has the most:

a). CRT

b). VGA

c). COM

d). pixel

6).  Data is represented on a computer by means of a two-state on/off system called:

a). the octal system

b). the binary system

c). a word

d). ROM

7).  Data items are generally classified into which type of codes:

a). Numeric

b). Alphanumeric

c). Character

d). All of the above

8).  A letter, number, or a special character is represented by a:

a). Bits

b). Kilobyte

c). Byte

d). All of the above

9).  The reason why computers have been designed to used binary numbers is:

a). Computer circuits have to handle 2 binary digits rather than 10

b). Electronic components, by their very nature, operate in a binary mode.

c). Everything that can be done with a base of 10 can also be done in binary

d). all of the above

10).  Base 8 is often used in computing because:

a). there are 8 bit in a byte

b). calculations become easier by using base 8

c). electronic circuits can be made economically

d). it can represent long strings of binary 1’s and 0’s in a more compact form

11).  The hexadecimal number system is widely used in analyzing and programming in:

a). analog computers

b). binary computers

c). decimal computers

d). micro computers

12).  The main advantage of hexadecimal number is the case of conversion from hexadecimal to:

a). ASCII Code

b). Binary

c). Octal

d). Decimal

13).  Alphanumeric characters are expressed in terms of binary code, In ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), each character is represented as a:

a). 8-bit code

b). 4-bit code

c). 5-bit code

d). 7-bit code

14).  The digits used for hexadecimal number system are:

a). A through Z

b). 1 through 16

c). 0 through 15

d). 0 through 9 and A through F

15).  1258 (Octal) in decimal equivalent is equal to:

a). 8310

b). 8410

c). 8510

d). 8610

16).  Boolean algebra is:

a). used for arithmetical operation is ALU

b). an aid for binary conversion

c). useful for error detection and error correction

d). used to describe the behavior and structure of logic networks and as an aid in the design of logic system

17).  Boolean algebra is also known as:

a). logical algebra

b). control algebra

c). switching algebra  

d). programming algebra

18).  Boolean algebra uses which of the followed to represent arithmetic quantities:

a). decimal digits

b). exponents

c). binary bits  

d). fractions

19).  Which of the following operations are used by Boolean algebra?

a). Boolean addition

b). Boolean multiplication

c). Boolean complementation

d). All of the above  

20).  Logical multiplication refers to operations of:

a). OR gate

b). AND gate

c). Not gate

d). Inverter gate

21).  The output will be one in case any input is one in the case of:

a). OR gate

b). AND gate

c). NAND gate

d). NOT gate

22).  Which of the following statement is true in the case of AND gate with input A and B:

a). If A and B are applied, there will not be any output

b). If Neither input is applied, there will be an output

c). If one input is applied there will not be any output

d). in one input is applied there will be an output

24).  Which of the following function is referred as he complementary?

a). OR function

b). NOT function

c). NAND function

d). AND function

25).  An OR gate has 6 digits. The number of input words in its truth table are

a). 6

b). 32

c). 64

d). 128

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