Political Science MCQs for Competitive Exams Test No. 34

1- Franchise means:

A). Vote

B). Right to vote✔️

C). Right to vote granted to women

D). Right to vote granted to men

2- Electorate means:

A). The body of voters✔️

B). The elected representatives of people

C). The nominated members of parliament

D).The candidates who actually contest the elections

3- One of the strong opponents of the universal adult franchise was:

A). Marx

B). Laski✔️

C). Rousseau

D). J.S.Mill

4- Who said that universal adult franchise is no really universal?

A). Laski

B). Gilchrist✔️

C). Gettell

D). Gamer

5- The universal Adult franchise is a feature of:

A). Democratic system✔️

B). Totalitarian system

C). All systems

D). None of the above

6- The universal Adult franchise is a indication of the principle of the:

A). Legal sovereignty

B). Political sovereignty

C). Popular sovereignty✔️

D). National sovereignty

7- Women in England got franchise on equal terms with men in:





8- Who pleaded that there should be two parliaments to deal with the economic and political problems:

A). Henry Webbs✔️



D). Marx

9- Under the List System there are:

A). Single- member constituencies

B). Two member constituencies

C). Multi member constituencies✔️

D). None of the above

10- Under the List System each voter enjoys:

A). Only one vote

B). As many votes  as there are seats to be filled up✔️

C). One vote less than total number of seats to be filled up

D). Two votes

11- Under the List System the list of the contesting candidates is prepared by:

A). Each political party✔️

B). The voters

C). The Election commissioner

D). Mutual consent of the political parties contesting elections

12- Communal Representation means:

A).Representation on the basis of ideology

B).Representation on the basis of caste

C).Representation on the basis of religion✔️

D).Representation on the basis of profession

13- Communal Representation pre- supposes the existence of:

A). A joint electorate

B). Separate electorates✔️

C). Reservation of seats

D). There can be both joint as well as separate electorates

14- Limited Vote plan is a scheme of:

A). Minority Representation✔️

B). Proportional Representation

C). Majority rule

D). Free and fair elections

15- One of the strong advocates of Functional Representation was:

A). Rousseau

B). Mirabeau✔️

C). Marx

D). Engels

16- Which one of the followings is the most important feature of elections?

A). Elimination of multi-party system

B). Helping citizens maintain their rights

C). Peaceful change of Government✔️

D). Removal of bottlenecks in the working of democracy

17- Who said ” Voice of the people may be the voice of God”?

A). Montesquieu

B). Rousseau

C). Thomas Jefferson

D). Sir Henry Maine✔️

18- Which one of the following was a strong supporter of proportional representation?

A). Laski

B). Bentham



19- Universal Adult Franchise implies a right to vote to all:

A). Residents of the state

B). Adult residents of the state

C). Adult citizens of the state✔️

D). Adult male citizens of the state

20- In which one of the following countries the women were granted franchise very recently?

A). Britain

B). France

C). U.S.A

D). Switzerland✔️

21- Which one of the following categories of persons is generally denied franchise?

A). Old men

B). Poor people

C). illiterate persons

D). Aliens✔️

22- In which of the following countries the citizens are permitted to exercise their franchise at the age of 18 years:



C). Britain

D). All the above✔️

23- Which one of the above countries was the first to grant franchise to all citizens at the age of 18 years?

A). Britain

B). France

C). Soviet Union

D). India✔️

24- Who said ” I regard it as wholly inadmissible that any person should participate in the suffrage without being able to read….. and perform the common operations of arithmetic”.

A). J.S.Mill✔️

B). Laski

C). Marx

D). Bentham

25- Who said, ” it is important that the assembly, which votes the taxes , either general or local, should be elected  exclusively by those who pay something towards the taxes imposed”.

A). Adam Smith

B). J.S.Mill✔️

C). Laski

D). Aristotle

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