Lecturer Computer Science Important MCQs

1).  Which one of the following is another name of pointer?

a). Cursor

b). Pixel

c).  Monochrome

d). Icon

2).  Scree output is also called:

a). Hard Copy

b). Soft Copy

c).  Daisy Wheel

d). Resolution

 3).  Which input device is used for playing computer games?

a). Scanner

b). Mouse

c).  Joy Stick   

d). Light Pen

4).  LAN stands for:

a). Little Area Network

b). Logical Area Network

c).  Low Area Network

d). Local Area Network   

5).  Cabling on a linear bus topology can be extended using which of the following?

a). Terminator

b). Barrel Connector

c).  Network Adapter Card

d). Medium Attachment

6).  WAN stands for:

a). World Area Network

b). Western Area Network

c).  Wide Area Network

d). Wilson’s Area Network

7).  One or more computers connected a hub computer is:

a). Ring Network

b). Node

c).  Information Utility

d). Star Network   

8).  How Many Pairs of computers can simultaneously communicate on Ethernet LAN?

a). 10

b). 12

c). 13

d). multiple

9).  Microwave transmission, coaxial cables, and fiber optics are examples of:

a). Modems

b). Communication lines

c).  Gateways

d). Ring Network

10).  BCD code is:

a). 4 bits code

b). 5 bits code

c).  6 bits code

d). 8 bits code

11).  Unicode can represent up to:

a). 60635 symbols

b). 56532 Symbols

c).  64739 symbols

d). 65536 symbols   

12).  How many types of modems are available in the market?

a). 2

b). 3

c).  5

d). 6

13).  CBT stands for:

a). Certificate based training

b). Computer Based Trade

c).  Computer Based Training

d). Computer based transfer

14).  What is MICR?

a). Magic in Character Redo

b). Magnetic Link Character

c).   Magnetic Ink Character Reader

d). None of the above

15).  Computer based weather forecasting depend on accurate collection form:

a). Television

b). Weather Stations

c).  Radar

d). Antenna

16).  Data and program not being used by computer are stored in:

a). Secondary Storage

b). Cache

c).  Primary Storage

d). Printer

17).  Which is a storage device?

a). CPU

b). Clock

c).  Floppy Disk    

d).  Bus

18).  The program that contains instructions to operate a device is called:

a). Device Driver   

b). Device Operator

c).  Device Linking

d). Device System

19).  Which one of the following is faster?

a). RAM

b). Cache

c).  Register    

d). Hard Disk

20).  CPU is an example of:

a). Software

b). A Program

c).  Hardware    

d). An output unit

21).  A virus program is usually hidden in:

a). The operating system only

b). An application program only

c).  The disk drive

d). The operating system or application programs

22).  Another name for free software:

a). Encrypted software

b). Copy protected software

c).  Public Domain Software

d). Shareware  

23).  Security protection for personal computers include:

a). Internal Components

b).  Locks and cables

c).  Software

d). All of these

24).  A secret word or numbers to be typed in, on a keyboard before an activity can take place are called:

a). Biometric Data

b). Data encryption

c).  Password    

d). All of these

25).  An operating system is a:

a). System Software  

b). System utility

c).  Software Package

d). Application software

26).  As compared to command line operation system, GUI operating system is:

a). More efficient

b). Easier to use

c).  More reliable

d). All of the above

27).  Which of the following is word processor?

a). Adobe Acrobat

b). Photo Express

c).  MS Excel

d). MS Word

28).  In MS Word, the data that is being copied or moved is:

a). Temporarily stored in Recycle

b). Permanently stored in Recycle bin

c).  Temporarily stored in clipboard

d). permanently stored in clipboard

29).  Which of the following can be used to launch word Art?

a). Status bar

b). Ruler

c).  Standard Toolbar

d). Drawing toolbar

30).  Which of the following features enables you to reverse the changes you have made to the document?


b). Redo

c).  Undo    

d). GUI

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