Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 15

1- Golra Shrif is famous for the shrine of…..

A).Pir Mehar Ali Shah✔️

B). Bari Imam

C). Pir of Zakori

D). Punj our

2- Which one is the dominant source of foreign exchange earning of Pakistan?

A). Agriculture✔️

B). Textile

C). Manufacturing

D). Remittance

3- Which city was captured from the British by local ruler Siraj-ud-Daula in 1756?

A). Bombay

B). Delhi

C). Calcutta✔️

D). Madras

4- Ali Mardan khan is famously known for his:

A). Roads

B). Canals✔️

C). Invasions

D). None of these

5- Which one of the following was the first English ship that came to India?

A). Range Lion

B). Red Dragon

C). Mayflower

D). Elizabeth✔️

6- Who said: ” if I were asked under what sky the human mind was fully developed: I should point to India”?

A). Sir William Jones

B). James prinsep

C). Max Muller✔️

D). Alexander

7- The meaning of FATA is?

A). Federally Administered Tribal Areas✔️

B). Federally Administered Territory Areas

C).A& B

D).None of them

8- Who bought Jammu and Kashmir from the British Government in 1846?

A). Sohail khan Dogra

B). Amir Singh Dogra

C). Gulab Singh Dogra✔️

D). Shah Mir Hassan

9- All India women conference was founded in:





10- The all India women’s conference, one of the oldest voluntary organization in the country was founded by:

A). Margaret Cousins✔️

B). Annie Besant


D).Madame H.P

11- Who was the only Hindu king who ever ruled the Delhi throne?

A). Prithvi Raj Chauhan

B). Raja Man Singh

C). Rana Pratap

D). Hemu✔️

13- The total area of FATA is___.

A).29,220sq ,km

B).28,220sq ,km

C).27,220sq ,km✔️

D).30,220sq ,km

13- River Neelum is situated in___.

A).AJ & K✔️



D). Punjab

14- When Lala Lajpat Rai and Ajeet Singh were exiled to Barma?





15- The length of Khojak Tunnel is:

A).5.2 m✔️

B).3.2 m

C).7.5 m

D).4.2 m

16- Which is the longest tunnel in the Pakistan?

A). Khojak Tunnel✔️

B).Bolan Tunnel

C). Gomal Tunnel

D). None of these

17- The fifth sikh Peshawar Guru Arjan Singh was executed by the Mughal emperor:


B). Jahangir✔️

C). Alamgir

D). None of these

18- From which of the following sources of generation do we get the largest amount of electricity?

A). Hydro stations

B). Nuclear plants

C). Thermal stations✔️

D). Solar energy plants

19- The indus water Treaty was mediated by:

A). Japan


C). World Bank✔️

D). Britain

20- Quaid-i-Azam residency is of historical importance, as the Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, stayed there during his last illness, where it is situated?

A). Quetta

B). Ziarat✔️

C). Sibi

D). Murree

21- Quaid-i-Azam got how much salary as a Governor General?

A). One rupee✔️

B). Hundred rupee

C). Five thousand rupee

D). No salary

22- Which City was the center of Gandhara civilization?

A). Taxila✔️

B). Karachi

C). Sibi

D). Ziarat

23-  Ziarat is a hill station. In which division of Baluchistan is located Ziarat

A). Sibi✔️

B). Quetta

C). Karachi

D). Ziarat

24- In which year British East India Company occupied Punjab?





25-who took the Kashmir issue to UNO in 1948 first time?

A). Pakistan

B). India✔️

C). China

D). Kashmiris

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