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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Mathematics
Subject Math Test 5
Test Type MCQs Mathematics
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

PPSC Lecturer of Mathematics Practice Test 5

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A subspace A of a topological space X is open if and only if A is:

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Number of non isomorphic groups of order 8 is:

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Let M2,3 be a vector space of all 2 x 3 matrices over R. Then dimension of Hom (M2,3,R4):

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Set of integers Z is:

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Let G be an abelian group. Then which one of the following is not true:

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Let G be a group. Then the factor GIG is:

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Number of non-isomorphic groups of order 8 is:

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A subset A of a topological space X is open if and only if A is:

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Let W be a subspace of the space R3. If dim W=0 then W is a:

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Non-zero elements of a field form a group under:

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Finite simple abelian groups are of order:

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A tensor of rank 5 in a space of 4 dimensions has components:

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A linear transformation T:U -----> V is one-to-one if and only if kernel of T is equal to:

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Non-zero elements of a finite filed form ...............group:

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The differential equation ydx - 2xdy = 0 represents:

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The metric coefficients in cylindrical coordinates are: 

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Let f be defined on R by setting  f (x) = x, if x is rational and f (x) = 1 - x if x is irrational. Then:

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Let R be the usual metric space and Z be the set of integers. Then clouser of Z is:

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Let G be a group. then the derived group G is subgroup of G:

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Let G= <a, b: b2 = 1 = a3, ab, = ab-1>. Then the number of distinct left cosets of H = <b> in G is:

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Every group of order ≤ 5 is:

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Center of the group of quaternlons Q6 is of order:

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The set Z of all integers is not a vector space over the field R of real numbers under ordinary addition "+" multiplication "X" of real numbers, because:

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Let A =[0,1] be a subset of R with Euclidean metric. Then interior of A is:

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A one to one linear transformation preserves:

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