PPSC One Paper Solved MCQ for Zilladar and Junior Clerks

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These MCQs are collected from various exams of Public Service Commissions, NTS, PPSC, FPSC and very useful for  CSS, PMS, Zilladar, Data Entry Operators, Computer Operators, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, Assistant Directors, Assistants,Assistant Suprident Jail,Food Grain Supervisors, Traffic Warden, Assistant Registrar Cooperative, Veterinary Officers,Inspector Legal,Junior Clerk etc.

This test is consist of following Subjects:
General Knowledge
Pakistan Studies
Current Affairs,
Islamic Studies,
Basic Mathematics
Everyday Science,
Basic Computer Skills.

1. 38th parallel line is a boundary lies between:

a) Myanmer and Thailand

b) Thailand and Malaysia

c) South and North Korea

d) India and China

2. Oxygen by volume is present in the atmosphere of about:

a) 16%

b) 21%

c) 31%

d) 46%

3. The brightest planet in the Volar system is:

a) venue

b) Saturn

c) Neptune

d) Mars

4.The planet with shorts day time is:

a) Earth

b) Jupiter

c) Venus

d) Pluto

5. Insulin in human body is produced in:

a) pancreas

b) none of these


d) kidney

6.Dynamite was discovered by:

a) Daimler

b) Alfred Nobel

c) Freud

d) Mosely

7. How far the dead sea below medeterian:

a) 200 meter

b)300 meter

c) 400 meter

d) 500meter

8. Laws of heredity were discovered by:

a) Darwin

b) Borpamin Frankin

c) Mendel

d) None

9. Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to professor Abdus Salam in the year:

a) 1968

b) 1976

c) 1979

d) 1982

10.The longest river is located in:

a) Asia

b) Latin America

c) Africa

d) North America

11.The highest mountain peak Mount Everest has been name after Col. Georg Everest who was:

a) commandant of 1st mountain infantry unit

b) surveyor general of India

c) a commander of Goslcha brigade

d) a political agent in NWFP

12.Christopher Columbus who discovered America was:

a) Spanish

b) Italian

c) French

d) Dutch

13. The annual average flow of water in Indus river system is …… MAF

a) 140

b) 111

c) 100

d) 99

14.The single biggest hydel power generating site is situated in:

a) Brazil

b) US

c) India

d) China

15.The US congress and senate raised the debt limited of U.S government by:

a) $500 billion

b) $1000 billion

c)$1500 billion

d) $2000 billion

16. IMF and world bank were created through:

a) treaty of Versailles

b) Bretton woods agreement

c) Yaita conference

d) new deal

17. Moorish kingdom of Spain surrendered to Christians in the year1455:

a). 1455

b) 1492


d) 1557

18.The President of Yugoslavia/Serbia who was indicated and tried by war criminal tribunal was:

a) Franjo Tudrnan

b) Radeoslav Bradjnin

c) Slovadan Milosevic

d) Ralko Malefic

19. who was not the member of the first cabinet of Pakistan:

a) Joginder nant mandal

b) Malik Gulam Muhammad

c) Dardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

d) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

20 President of Syria Bashar al aged by faith a:

a) Alavi

b) Shia

c) Druze

d) Sunni

21. US president Barrk Hussain Obama, s father was:

a) Nigerian

b) Egyptian

c) Kenyan

d) Indonesian

22. Blind dolphins are found in:

a) Nile river

b) Yangtze river

c) Ganges river

d) none

23. The captain of Pakistan cricket team which defended the England team at the oval in 1954 was

a) Abdul Hafeez Kardar

b) Khan Muhammad

c) Fazal Mehmood

d) Hanif Muhammad

24.The first Olympic gold medal for Pakistan was in the summer Olympic game of:


b) 1960


d) 1970

25. when Ayyub khan took power in 1958, the prime minister of Pakistan was:

a) Malik Feroz khan noon

b) Muhammad Ali Bogra

c) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

d) Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto

26. The first international flight indentation by PIA was on:

a) 7 June 1954

b)1st Feb 1955

c)17 June 1961

d) 25 may 1951

27. The present deputy chairman of planning commission is:

a) Dr. Ishrat Hussain

b) Dr Shahid Amjad

c) Nedeem ul Haq

d) Dr Akram Sheikh

28.The present secretary general of UN is from

a) brazil

b) japan

c) Australia

d) south Korea

29.The cash balance of a company is more than the cash balance of US:

a) Microsoft

b) apple

c) bethel

d) Dun Pont

30.After the conquest of Punjab, British constituted a three membered board of administration for governing the Punjab indicate who was not the member of the following:

a) CVharles Mansel

b) Robert Montgomery

c) John Lawrence

d) Hepry Lawrence

31. The father of modren science fiction is:

a) Aldous Huxley

b) Maupassant

c) Bernard Russell

d) H.G Wails

32. the office of district magistrate was abolished through:

a) police order 2002

b) amendment in code of criminal procedure

c) local government ordnance 2001

d) 17th amendment in the constitution

33. Indian railway started operation:

a) 1813



d) 1863

34.First Olympic Games were held in Greece in 1896 in the month of:

a) march

b) April

c) may

d) June

35.One who won grand Salam in Tennis twice:

a) Roy Emerson

b) Leo Hod

c) Lod laver

d) Jimrny Conners

36.Hanging Gardens of Babylon were located in the modern day:

a) Lebanon

b) Iraq

c) Syria

d) Jordon

37.First satellite sputnik 1 was launched in october1957. Indite the date:

a) 2 oct 1957

b)4 oct 1957 

c) 6 oct 1957

d) 8 oct 1957

38.The celebrated scientist Isaac Newton was:

a) Italian

b) British

c) Dutch

d) French

39.Turnip is the root described as:

a) fusiform

b) couical


d) napiform

40.Penicilin was discovered by:

a) Alexander Fleming

b) Stepen

c) Victor Fleming

d) Lan Fleming

41.18th may 1974 India exploded first nuclear devise under the code bname of:

a) operation smiling Buddha

b) operation blue star

c) operation giorata

d) operation

42.The poetry first written by Allama Iqbal in persian and then translated in urdu poplar demand:

a) bang e dara

b) zarb e kaleem

c) armaghan e hijaz

d) bal e jibraeel

43.The book Indian muslamans was published in 1871 was written by:

a) Kudyard kippling

b) Justice Ameer Ali

c)Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

d) William Wisoce Hunter

44. Indian rebellion of 1857 (war of independence on 10th may from the town of:

a) Jhansi

b) Merrut

c) Lucknow

d) Gwalia

45.How many Sahaba were martyred in the battle of badar:

a) 7

b) 14

c) 21

d) 28

46. Which of the following is the land locked countries:

a) Uganda

b) Nigeria

c) Sinia

d) Sri Lanka

47. Tehrir square is situated in

a) Tehran

b) Cairo

c) rabat

d) Istanbul

48. Binghazi is a city:

a) Morooco

b) Libya

c) Iraq

d) Syria

49. River Neil originated from:

a) Lake Victoria

b) Springs in Kenya

c) Lake nyasa

d) Cherangany mountains

50 Greenwhich is located in:

a) Holland

b) France

c) Green land

d) England

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