Political Science MCQs for Competitive Exams Test No. 32

1- Democracy is a system of government in which the final power rests with:

A). The mob

B). The people✔️

C). The politicians

D). The civil servants

2- Democracy rose as a reaction against:

A). Domination of religion

B). Arbitrary government✔️

C). Evil of majority rule

D). Socialist ideology

3- Direct Democracy is commonly associated with:

A). Russia

B). Britain

C). India

D). Greece✔️

4- The modern democracy is known as:

A). Direct Democracy

B). People’s Democracy

C). Representative Democracy✔️

D). Socialist democracy

5- In democracy the final authority rests with:

A). Parliament

B). People✔️

C). Council of Ministers

D). Civil servants

6- Who of the following philosophers was not associated with the Liberal theory of Democracy?

A). Locke

B). Hobbes

C). Karl Marx✔️

D). J.S.Mill

7- The basic principle of Liberal democracy that the Sovereign drew his authority from the people was first developed by:

A). J.S.Mill

B). Hobbes✔️

C). Locke

D). None of the above

8- Who of the following thinkers asserted the principle that ‘ consent of the people’ is the basis of state?

A). Adam Smith

B). Herbert spencer

C). Bentham

D). Locke✔️

9- Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as contribution of Rousseau to the Liberal theory of democracy?

A). General welfare✔️

B). Natural equality

C). Consent of people as basis of state

D). None of the above

10- Which one of the following thinkers is connected with the Elitist theory?

A). Vilfredo Pareto

B). Mosca

C). Robert Michels

D). All the three above✔️

11- The Concept of   ‘power elite’ is connected with:


B). Mosca

C). C. Wright Mills✔️

D). James Burham

12- Who of the following thinkers tried to combine the elitist theory with Marxism?

A).Robert Michels

B).James Burham✔️

C).Vilfredo Pareto

D). None of the above

13- The Elitist theory holds that the power is always concentrated in the hands of:

A). Priestly class

B). Military class

C). Civil servants

D). A small group of elites✔️

14- The Pluralist theory of democracy is associated with:

A). Barelson

B). Sartori

C). Presthus

D). All the above three✔️

15-The Economic aspects of democracy have been emphasised by:

A). Liberal theory of Democracy

B). Marxian theory of Democracy✔️

C). Both A & B

D). Neither of two

16- There are a number of devices of direct democracy. The two most popular of  these devices are:

A). Referendum and Initiative✔️

B). Elections and political parties

C). Political parties and press

D). Landsgemeinde and Parliament

17- Who of the following philosophers championed the cause of direct democracy?

A). Hobbes

B). Rousseau✔️

C). Marx

D). Hegel

18- Which one of the following conditions essential for the smooth working of  democracy has been wrongly listed?

A). Universal suffrage

B). Free elections

C). Minority rule✔️

D). Presence of opposition

19- Democracy as a system of government:

A). Is a panacea for all the political Evils

B). Is a perfect government

C). Has its merits as well as demerits✔️

D). Is fast declining

20- Democracy as a system of government based on the principle of:

A). Majority rule✔️

B). Absolute liberty

C). End justifies the means

D). Quality rule

21- Democracy is rule of:

A). Voters

B). People✔️

C). Members of parliament

D). Political

22- Who defined democracy as “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”?

A). Woodrow Wilson

B). Lord Bryce

C). Abraham Lincoln✔️

D). Laski

23- Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a critic of democracy?

A). Locke✔️

B). Lecky

C). Maine

D). Laski

24- Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as an essential attribute of democracy?

A). Freedom of speech

B). Freedom of religion

C). Equality before law

D). Equality of property✔️

25- The two words ‘demos’ and ‘cratia’ from which democracy draws its origin belong to:

A). Latin language

B). Greek language✔️

C). French language

D). Spanish language

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