PPSC Lecturer Psychology Solved MCQs Online Test No. 55

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Psychology 
Subject Psychology Test 55
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Psychology Online Test No. 55

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Which process results in the faithful duplication of genetic material?

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Which of the following statements regarding twins is false?

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If children cannot grasp the principle of conservation, they are unable to:

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Piaget is to cognitive development as Kohlberg is to-:-development:

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Genes contribute to behaviour by:

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Which theory of gender-typing suggests that people understand and classify their own behaviour and personality traits in terms of masculine and feminine categories?

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Which of the following is true of protein production?

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The DNA containing an individual's genetic information is organized into structure called:

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In the normal human male, the sex chromosomes consist of ............and in the normal human female they consist of:

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Two individuals who developed from one zygote are known as:

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Which of the following is not true of Down's syndrome?

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The union of an egg and a sperm produces:

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Which of the following would not be an example of the contribution of environment in development:

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The normal human karyotype consists of 22 pairs of.............. and one pair of sex chromosomes:

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The portion of a DNA molecule that contain the code for the manufacture of one specific type of protein molecule is called:

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Rasheed and Zahid are identical twins. Zahid usually spends several hours a day absorbed in a book. Rasheed can usually be found on the playground. On vocabulary tests, Zahid consistently scores significantly higher than Rasheed. The most likely explanation is that:

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Each protein molecule in the body is synthesized under the direction of:

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Compared with males, females are more likely to base their sense of personal identity on their:

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According to Erikson, isolation is to intimacy as role confusion is to:

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Maturation is to education as.............. is to.................

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In psychology the nature-nurture debate refers to the relative influences of:

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Gender identity refers to:

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A person who does not cheat on his income tax because he might get caught and sent to jail is demonstrating Kohlberg's .............. stage of morality.

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A young child who sees a cow for the first time calls it a "doggie." This illustrates the process of:

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Erik Erikson maintained that the two basic aspects of life that dominate adulthood are:

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