Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 16

1-Makli Hill is the name of ……. which is situated in the province of Sindh:

A). Graveyard ✔️

B). playground

C). Local dance

D).None of these

2- What was the real name of Rukn-e-Alam?

A). Abdul Alam

B). Fateh Alam

C). Noor  Alam

D). Abdul Fateh✔️

3- Who became head of government after a military coup in 1999?

A). Bhutto

B). Atal

C). Nawaz Sharif

D). General Pervez Musharraf✔️

4-Lord William Bentinck was the best Governor General – India had. Which of the following cannot be attributed to him?

A). Abolition of infanticide

B). Abolition of Sati

C). Ban on human sacrifice

D). Laying of railway lines✔️

5- What is the new name of Lyallpur?

A). Sahiwal

B). Mansura

C). Faisalabad✔️

D). None of these

6- Who changed the capital from Delhi to Fateh pur Sikri and then back to Delhi?

A). Humayun

B). Akbar✔️

C). Jahangir

D).Shah jahan

7- Lord Clive was Governor of Bengal twice but what was his position in the East India Company when he first came to India?

A). Chief Engineer

B). Clerk✔️

C). Secretary

D). Accountant

8-  The initial set ‘ of bank notes, in the denominations of 5, 10 and 100 rupees, was prepared by Thomas De La Rue & Company of:

A). Great Britain✔️

B). Germany

C). Spain

D). France

9- Who was the author of the biography “Imran khan”?

A). Dan Brown

B). Ahmad Rashid

C). Christopher Sandford✔️

D).None of these

10- Who was the author of the book “Jinnah inda partition independence”?

A).Dan Brown

B). Ahmad Rashid

C). Christopher Sandford

D). Jaswant Singh✔️

11- Who was the first president of all India Muslim League?

A).Sir Agha khan✔️

B). Nawab waqar ul Mulk

C). Nawab saleem ullah khan

D). None of these

12- Which country was considered as a founding member of the United Nations?

A). China

B). Pakistan

C). India✔️

D). Burma

13- ‘ The man who Divided inda’ is written by:

A). Rafiq Zakaria✔️

B).Iskandar Mirza

C). Aziz Ahmad

D). Yahya khan

14- The first issue of Rs. 1- and Rs .2 notes were produced in Great Britain by:

A). Bradbury Wilkinson and company✔️

B). Thomas De La  Rue & company

C). Williams Rue & company

D). None of these

15- When Pakistan adopted the metric system?





16- Which picture appears on the back of Rs.100 note?

A). Ziarat Residency✔️

B). Badshahi Mosque

C). Faisal Mosque

D). None of these

17- Which picture appears on the back of Rs.500 note?

A). Badshahi Mosque Lahore✔️

B). Faisal Mosque

C). Ziarat Residency

D). None of these

18- Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her Sikh bodyguards on:

A). 17 October 1984

B).31 October 1984✔️

C).21 October 1984

D).22 October 1984

19- The first indigenous Pakistan stamp was issued in___ over printed with Urdu inscription reading “Long Live Pakistan”?

A). July 1946

B). July 1947

C). July 1948✔️

D). July 1949

20- The British East India company pioneered the establishment of a modern postal system in South Asia began in:


B). 1855


D). 1859

21- The Bhong Mosque won Agha khan Fund for Architecture award. Where this Mosque is located?

A).Rahim year khan✔️

B). Multan

C). Dera Ghazi khan

D). Faisalabad

22- The Temple of Shiva at Katas was constructed in 10 century AD. In which district of Punjab is it located?

A). Chakwal✔️

B). Jhelum

C). Rawalpindi

D). Multan

23- Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is also known as?

A). Kandyaro Barrage

B). Indus Barrage

C). Kotri Barrage✔️

D).None of these

24- The Empress Noor Jahan, “Light of the world” was the only Empress whose name appeared on the coins of the Mughal Empire buried in:

A). Shahdara Lahore✔️

B). Agra

C). Delhi

D). Attack

25- Who was known as ‘The Grand Old Man of India’?

A). Mahatma Gandhi

B). B.G Tilak

C). Dadabhai Naoroji✔️

D). G.K. Gokhale

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