Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 17

1- Al Beruni  came to India along with:

A). Mahmud  of Ghaznavi✔️

B). Muhammad bin Qasim

C). Muhammad Ghuri

D). None of these

2- Churchill picket is located in which province of Pakistan?


B). Punjab

C). Sindh

D). Balochistan

3- Asif khan was Jahangir’s brother-in- law and father of Shah jehan’s beloved Queen Arjumand Bano. The tomb of Asif khan lies at?

A). Shahdara Lahore✔️

B). Agra

C). Delhi

D). Attock

4- What was the real name of Titu Mir?

A). Syed Ahmed

B). Nisar Ali✔️

C). Muhammad Ali

D). None of these

5- What were the Pakistan’s shares in the Bank of India’s reserves after partition?

A).30 percent✔️

B).40 percent

C).50 percent

D).60 percent

6- What were the India’s shares in the Bank of India’s reserves after partition?

A).40 percent

B).50 percent

C).60 percent

D).70 percent✔️

7- Which important Hills are located in Sindh?

A). Kirthar Hills✔️

B). Karakoram

C). Pamirs

D). Mangopir

8- The first Pakistani to host the Pakistani flag to the north and south pole is:

A).Naziran Bibi

B). Saima Salim

C). Nimira Salim✔️

D).Effat Aashiq

9- Indus waters Treaty, treaty, signed on __, between India and Pakistan and brokered by the World Bank:

A). September 19,1960✔️

B). September 19,1970

C). September 19,1980

D). September 19,1990

10- The Indus empties into the:

A). Arabian sea✔️

B). Cap Monze

C). Makran coast

D). None of these

11- Archaeologists have identified some 400 Indus civilization towns, scattered from:

A). Kabul to Delhi✔️

B).Kabal to Lahore

C). Kabal to Peshawar

D). Peshawar to Delhi

12- The most famous town of the Indus civilization on the right bank of the Indus in Sindh is:

A). Kot Diji

B). Harrapa

C). Mohenjo-Daro✔️

D). None of these

13- KANUPP is located where?

A). Karachi✔️

B). Oman

C). India

D). Baluchistan

14- Where Gaddani Beach is located?

A). Baluchistan

B). Sindh✔️

C). Sindh & Baluchistan

D). None of these

15- What are the total districts in Punjab?





16- What was the name of the old Hindu custom, where in a widow would immolate herself upon her husband’s funeral pyre?

A). Sinha

B). Sati✔️

C). Wani


17- What is Malakhra?

A). A game✔️

B). A river

C). A lake

D). A dance

18- Which is the largest sindhi- speaking city?

A). Hyderabad✔️

B). Nawab Shah

C). Karachi

D). Larkana

19-  Jamrud Fort is located near____:

A). Peshawar✔️

B). Abbottabad

C). Attock

D). None of these

20- Who united all the Sikhs and founded a kingdom in the Punjab?

A). Guru Nanak

B). Guru  Gobind Singh

C). Ranjit Singh✔️

D).Guru  Tegh

21- Which area is called gun factory of the tribal areas?

A). Dara ISA khel

B). Dara Khyber

C). Dara Adam khel✔️

D). Kohat

22- Pakistan shares a boundary with four countries. Which one of the following is located south of Pakistan?

A). India

B). Iran

C). China✔️

D). Afghanistan

23- Pakistan became the chairman of OIC in:





24- How many members were later added to the Constituent Assembly?





25- Who is known as conqueror of Bengal?

A). Muhammy Ghori

B). Qutb-ud – Din Aibak

C). Illtumish

D).Bakhtiyar Khilji✔️

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