PPSC Lecturer History Solved Past Paper MCQs Test No. 35

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer History
Subject History Test 35
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer History Online Test No. 35

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What is the meaning of Assraa?

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Name the youngest son of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib(R.A.)?

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The greatest miracle of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) is:

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"O you who lie wrapped in your mantle.Arise and warn.Glorify your Lord.Purify yourself. Shun uncleanliness.Give not in order to have more in return.For the sake of your lord endure patiently."These are the words of:

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Total ayats of Surah Alag are 19.How many were revealed in the form of first wahi on Holy Prophet(PBUH)?

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After Fitra-tul-Wahi Holy Prophet(PBUH) started to preach secretly. Hazrat Khaidja was the first lady to accept Islam.Whose words are these "God ,created me without consulting my father,why should  now consult him in order to worship Allah"(1o embrace lslam)?

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Where is Jannat-e-Mo'allah located?

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Identify the miracle(s) of Hazrat Muhammad?

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In which night the Qur'an was revealed?

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Waqiah Miraj is also known as

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There was a long gap between first and second wahi.

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Where the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) became an Imam of the all Prophets (A.S.) during Ascension?

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What was the important event in the month of 13th Nabvi?

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During which period the hostility between Muslims and infidels was ascalated at Makkah?

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Long interval between wahis-that means wahi has been stopped-is called:

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What is meant by Ba'ast?

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"You will be abused and you will be pursued, If I shall ever live to see that day I shall surely help you." Whose words are these?

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Which year is called the Year of Sorrow?

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The basic evil to which people were asked to abstain just after wahi was:

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During which period boycott and confinement by infidels of Makkah at Shi'b-e-Abi Talib took place?

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When second convent of Al-Agba arrived at Makkah?

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When the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) made visit to Taaif?

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By which name Cave of Hira now-a-days is known?

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At the Cave of Soar the first wahi was revealed to Muhammad (PBUH). Name the surah that was revealed to Holy Prophet (PBUH) In the form of first wahi?

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Hazrat Habbab-ibn-Art,Argam Makhzooml, Abdullattibn-Masood, Usman-ibn-Mazoom, Saee-ibmn-aid (with his wife Fatima-bint- Khattab),Abu Ubaidah-ibn-Al Jara were those few young people of Makkah who embraced Islam at the very outset of preaching. To which tribe did they belong:

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