PPSC Lecturer Health & Physical Education Past Papers MCQs

1). Profuse sweating, during strenuous physical activity causes the loss of?

a). Sodium chloride

b). Potassium

c). Calcium

d). Glycogen

2). The number of bones in the Cranium is?

a). 4

b). 6

c). 8

d). 10

3). Which organ of the Alimentary canan is known as “Graveyard of Red Blood Cells”?

a). Liver

b). Pancreass

c). Spleen

d). Duodenum

4). “ATLAS OF MAn” which describes the body types was written by?

a). Heath

b). Carter

c). Kretchmer

d). Sheldon

5). The main function of Haemoglobin is?

a). Attract and carry oxygen

b). Absorb glucose

c). Stimulate blood supply

d). Help in clotting of blood

6). Barry L. Johnson and Jack K. Nelson have written, one of the following books?

a). Test and Measurement in Physical Education

b). Measurement in Physical Education

c). A practical approach to Measurement in Physical Education

d). Measurement Techniques in Physical Education

7). Dynamoeter is used measure?

a). Flexibility

b). Agility

c). Strength

d). Speed

8). The earliest person known to have invented the system of body classification was?

a). Sheldon ✔️

b). Kretchmer

c). Hall

d). Hippocrates

9). The literal meaning of the word Philosophy is?

a). Love of criticism

b). Love of wisdom ✔️

c). Love of knowledge

d). Love of God

10). An individual who does moderate work needs?

a). 1700 – 2000 calories

b). 2500 – 3000 calories ✔️

c). 4000 – 4500 calories

d). 3000 – 3500 calories

11). One deformity may be lead to the development of another, knock knees may be caused as a result of?

a). Flat foot

b). Bow Legs ✔️

c). Genu Legs

d). Scoliosis

12). Active Free Movement ase divided into?

a). Passive forced and Passive relaxed movements

b). Rhythmic, agility and active holidays

c). Assistant and restricted Movements ✔️

d). Cardiac and reflex movements

13). The two great dangers of wounds are?

a). Clove hitch

b). Granny knot

c). Half hitch

d). Reef knot ✔️

14). The two great dangers of wounds are?

a). Bleeding and infection ✔️

b). Pain and swelling

c). Shock and shivering

d). Burning and loss of tissue

15). In learning maximum transfer of training is possible when?

a). Two individuals are similar

b). The individuals is ready to learn ✔️

c). The teacher uses motivation

d). All of the above

16).The blood vessel which brings blood to the heart from lower part of the body is known as?

a). Inferior venacave ✔️

b). Superior Venacava

c). Pulmonary vein

d). Pulmonary artery

17). Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

a). Pisiform

b). Scaphoid

c). Stapes ✔️

d). Malleus

18). The camp crafts involves?

a). Motor skills

b). Racial Skills

  1. c) Mental Skills ✔️

d). Mechanical Skills

19). Which country is said to be the pioneer in starting the Recreation Movement in the world?

a). USA ✔️

b). England

c). China

d). Germany

20). Who said “Recreation is not a matter of motion but emotion”?

a). Joseph Lee

b). Ramney ✔️

c). John Dewey

d). John Hizina

21). Which of the following systems of the body is the focal point in Movement?

a). Circulator System

b). Nervous system

c). Respiratory System

d). Muscular system ✔️

22). First step of Budget preparation is:

a). To search income

b). Estimate Expenditure

c). Planning ✔️

d). Facilities and personnel

23). The amount of blood pumped by heart in one beat is call?

a). Tidal volume

b). Stroke volume ✔️

c). Blood volume

d). Residual volume

24). Normal Systolic and diastolic blood pressures in human body are?

a). 120 – 80 MM Hg ✔️

b). 110 – 80 MM Hg

c). 130 – 90 MM Hg

d). 140 – 80 MM Hg

25). Action Research in Physical Education is concerned with?

a). Immediate class room problems ✔️

b). Experimental Studies

c). Correlation Studies

d). Descriptive Studies

26). The Professional qualities of supervisor

  1. Personal qualities
  2. Social qualities
  3. Administrative qualities
  4. Professional knowledge

a). 1,2 and 3 are correct ✔️

b). 1 and 4 are wrong

c). 1,2 and 4 are correct

d). 2 and 3 are correct

27). which one of the following concepts reflects the true nature of Modern Physical Education?

a). Physical training ✔️

b). Science of Movement

c). Movement Education

d). Athleticism

28). A Physical Education Teacher now-a-days essentially?

a). An Instructor

b). A Movement Educator

c). A Drill Master

d). All of the above

29). For effective administration, the physical education teacher must possess?

a). High qualification

b). Good personality

c). Technical knowledge and skills ✔️

d). Teaching ability

30). Much of the Theories of Physical Education are based on:

a). Experience and understanding

b). Customs and traditions

c). Scientific Principles related to movements

d). Philosophical thoughts

31). From the view point of Socio logy, which of the following factors is the most important one in the development of human personality?

a). Money

b). Art

c). Literature

d). Culture

32). Administration and organization of Physical Education should be based on the principles of?

a). Activity

b). Bio-mechanics

c). Humanity

d). Teaching

33). According to the German Concepts of Physical Education, the Mother of all Games and Sports is?

a). Swimming

b). Gymnastic

c). Athletics

d). combatives

34). The Development Quotient of an individual can be assessed by the formula?

a). (Maturity age / Chronological age) *100 ✔️

b). (Chronological age / Maturity age) *100

c). (Physiological age / Chronological age) *100

d). (Physiological age / Physiological age) *100

35). Formula for calculation of total number of matches in a round Robin tournament is?

a). (N*(N-1)/*2 ✔️

b). ((N*N)-1)/2

c). N(N+1)/2

  1. d) DD

36). The curriculum is a major factor in?

a). The development of student interest

b). The arising of less disciplinary problems

c). The development and maintenance of a good learning environment

d). Affecting the student behavior

37). Hypothalamus is associated with the control of?

a). Motor actions

b). Thinking

c). Glands

d). Emotions

38). What will you do as a teacher if the students do not attend your class?

a). Ignore the facts

b). Punish the students

c). Try to make teaching effective and interesting ✔️

d). understand the reason and try to remove them

39). Why should one prefer teaching to other profession?

a). For the service to humanity

b). For the love of teaching

c). For the mastery over the subject of teaching

d). None of the above

40). Geographical and climatic conditions should be considered when planning:

a). Indoor activities

b). Outdoor activities ✔️

c). Child activities

d). Old people activities

41). Structural and functional unit of kidney is?

a). Nephron ✔️

b). Neuron

c). Mitohondria

d). Epidermis

42). Who considered Psychology as the “Science of activities for an individual in relation to his environment”?

a). Woodworth

b). William James

c). Watson

d). Robert Singer

43). Cognitive process is concerned with?

a). Knowing Experience

b). Feeling Experience

c). Striving Experience

d). Thinking Experience

44). McClogy’s formula of student classification reads as:

a). Age + Height + 1/10 Weight

b). (4A + H + W) /3

c). 20A + 6H + W

d). 6A +20H+W

45). Schiller and Spancer are associated with one of the following theories of play?

a). Anticipation

b). Surplus energy

c). Recapitulation ✔️

d). Recreation

46). Top Spin Causes?

a). High Rebound

b). Lower rebound

c). Rebound to the left

d). Rebound to the right

47). Ultra Microscopic viruses are the main causes of?

a). Malaria

b). Measles

c). Mumps

d). Cholera

48). Sigmund Freud is known to be the Father of the?

a). Theory of Motivation

b). Theory of Psychoanalysis

c). Theory of connectionism

d). Theory of parallelism

49). The most suitable class formation for teaching shot put is a?

a). Circle

  1. b) Triangle

c). Semicirde

d). Square

50). Posture is an index of?

a). Personality

b). Health

c). Character

d). Fitness

51). From the viewpoint of Psychology, “Sympathy” is:

a). An Act ✔️

b). An emotion

c). A General innate tendency

d). A reflex action

52). Which of the following factors is considered to be most important in the construction of an indoor gymnasium?

a). Direction

b). Light

c). Ventilation

d). Floor

53). One of the following is an excellent example of Condyloid Joint?

a). Shoulder Joint

b). HIP Joint

c). Wrist Joint

d). Neck Joint

54). The name of valve between left atrium and left ventricle is?

a). Tricuspid valve

b). Aortic valve

c).Pulmonary valve

d). Mitral valve ✔️

55). All reflex activities are controlled by?

a). Pons

b). Spinal cord ✔️

c). Cerebellum

d). Cerebrum

56). Muscle training is not effective on?

a). Change in muscle structure

b). Increase in muscle fibers

c). Increase in muscle strength

d). Increase in muscle endurance ✔️

57). Which of the following games was developed from “The English Rounder’s” by Abner Doubleday in New York in 1839?

a). Basketball

b). Volleyball

c). Netball

d). Baseball ✔️

58). The total number of official required for a Kho-Kho match is?

a). 4

b). 5

c). 6 ✔️

d). 7

59). The duration of Russel – Launge Volleyball test is?

a). 15 Sec

b). 30 Sec

c). 45 Sec ✔️

d). 60 Sec

60). Adrenalin, Which is an excitatory hormone is secreted by?

a). Pancreas ✔️

b). Gonads

c). Thyroid

d).Suprarenal glands

61). Of the given, which protein filament is 50 to 55% in the muscle?


b). Myosin

c). Tropomyosin

d). Actomyosin

62). The most important consideration in selecting the Sports equipment is?

a). Price

b). Source

c). Utility

d). Quality

63). In comparison to the Greeks the Romans were more?

a). Authoritarian

b). Utilitarian

c). Democratic

d). Aristocratic

64). In the technical term, muscle pull is known as?

a). Sprain

b). Strain

c). Abrasion

d). Contusion

65). Supination and Pronation are the movements of?

a). Tibia – Febula Join

b). Carpal – Metacarpal Joints

c). Radio – Ulnar joint

d). Tarcel – Metatarcel Joint

66). Trypsin helps in the digestion of?

a). Vitamins

b). Fats

c). Protein

d). Carbohydrates

67). A test is considered to be reliable if it has?

a). Comparability

b). Continuity

c). Commonality

d). Consistency

68). Which of the following conditions is not a cause for the occurrence of plateau in learning?

a). Fatigue

b). Monotony

c). Distraction

d). Physiological limit

69). How many major Salivary glands are there in the human body?

a). Two

b). Four

c). Six

d). Eight

70). Physical activity is basically a?

a). Social attribute

b). Psychological tendency

c). Biological necessity ✔️

d). Philosophical concept

71). Which of the following terms denotes the Toughening of body as its major objectives?

a). Physical Culture

b). Play

c). Drill

d). Physical Training ✔️

72). Which one of the following is not concerned with the concept of motivation?

a). Drive ✔️

b). Sympathy

c). Need

d). Motive

73). Which deficiency in the blood causes inflammation in body parts?

a). White Blood Cells

b). Red Blood Cells ✔️

c). Platelets

d). Antibodies

74). The functional efficiency of a muscle depends upon its?

a). Nerve Stimulation

b). Girth

c). Fiber quality ✔️

d). Tonus

75). Which of the following are considered as the Social Inheritance of Man?

a). Traditions

b). Habits

c). Conditional reflexes ✔️

d). Religious Practices

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