Lecturer Computer Science Solved MCQs

1).  A Computer derives its basic strength from:

a). Speed

b). Accuracy

c).  Memory

d). All of the above 

2).  The name for the screen clarity is:

a). Resolution

b). Discrete

c). Pixel

d). LCD

3).  Smallest unit of memory is:

a). Byte

b). Bit

c).  Character

d). Word

 4).  The microphone converts the sound into:

a). Mechanical Signals

b). Electrical Signals

c).  Computer file

d). Software

5).  What layer of OSI model does data compression?

a). Network

b). Presentation   

c).  Data link

d). Physical

6).  Software to use the internet is:

a). Gateway

b). EFT

c).  Browser

d). Teleconferencing

7).  Data Communication requires only a:

a). Sender

b). Receiver

c).  Transmission Medium

d). All of the above 

8).  What does the acronym ISDN stand for:

a). International Services data network

b). Intelligent service digital network

c).  Integrated services digital network

d). Interactive services digital network

9).  A word processor can be used to:

a). Write Text

b). Edit Text

c).  Print Text

d). All of the above 

10).  Which component is responsible for comparing the contents of two pieces of data?

a). ALU

b). Control Unit

c).  Memory

d). None

11).  A Virus that replicates itself is called a:

a). Bug

b). Worm

c). Vaccine

d). Bomb

12).  Windows explorer used to:

a). Access the internet

b). Explore system resources

c).  Perform maintenance on hard disk

d). Navigates files and folders on the computer

 13).  Which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to change the case?

a). Ctrl+F3

b). Shift + F3

c).  ALT + F3

d). CTRL + Shift + F3

14).  Formula can be applied on:

a). Values

b). Labels

c). Unmerged cells

d). None of the above

15).  Which of the following is an e-mail client?

a). Internet explorer

b). Outlook express

c).  Google

d). None of above

16).  Which university built the first all the electronic computer in late 1945?

a). University of Portland

b). University of California

c).  University of Pennsylvania

d). University of Texas

17).  DBMS Stands for:

a). Database Management System

b). Digital Billing Management

c).  Digital Bank Management

d). None of above

18).  Which menu of MS Access contains the command “New”?

a). File

b). Edit

c).  View

d). Format

19).  Which key is used for moving cursor to next field of table?

a). Ctrl

b). Alt

c). Spacebar

d). Tab   

20).  The concept of relational model was created in:

a). 1945

b). 1964

c).  1939

d). 1970 

21).  A collection of related fields in data organizing is called:

a). Group

b). Register

c).  File

d). Record   

22).  A group of related characters that are treated as a single unit is called:

a). Data

b). Information

c).  Field

d). Record

23).  What is query?

a). Question or inquiry

b). Answer

c).  Command

d). All of the above

24).  How many types or layouts of forms are available in MS Access?

a). 2

b). 4  

c).  5

d). 8

25).  SQL stands for:

a). Structured Query Language  

b). Super Query Language

c).  Superior Query Language

d). Selected Query Language

26).  The Principles of the relational database systems were introduced by:

a). Dr. James

b). Dr. Thompson

c).  Dr. E.F. Simon

d). Dr. E.F. Codd

27).  Which SQL statement is used for changing the values of specified fields?

a). Update

b). Select form

c). Delete form

d). Insert into

28).  Architecture of modern computers in similar to a computing machine designed by:

a). Charles Babbage

b). Von Neumann

c).  George

d). Jack Kilby

29).  The operation of arithmetic logic unit “ALU” is directed by:

a). Memory Unit

b). Control Unit

c).  Program

d). The ALU itself

30).  Which one of the following is extension of header file?

a).              .CPP

b).               .DOC

c).                 .h

d).                .inp

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