50 Most Important General Knowledge MCQs for One Paper

These MCQs are collected from various exams of Public Service Commissions, NTS, PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS, Zilladar, Data Entry Operators, Computer Operators, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, Assistant Directors, Assistants,Assistant Suprident Jail,Food Grain Supervisors, Traffic Warden, Assistant Registrar Cooperative, Veterinary Officers,Inspector Legal,Junior Clerk etc.

This test is consist of following Subjects:
General Knowledge
Pakistan Studies
Current Affairs,
Islamic Studies,
Basic Mathematics
Everyday Science,
Basic Computer Skills.

1. Canton is the city in:

a) China

b) South Korea

c) Thiland

d) Germany

2. Indonesia and Malaysia are separated by:
a) Inaccessible mountains

b) Malacca strait

c) Guff of Malaysia

d) None of these

3. Capital of Zimbabwe is:

a) Lagos

b) Pretoria

c) Seoul

d) None of these

4. Myanmar is the new name of:

a) Burma

b) Ceylon

c) Cambodia

d) None of these

5. Moracco and Spain are separated by: 
a) Pyreneos hills

b) Strait of Gibraltra

c) Alps

d) River Rhine

6. The apex elected body in Israel is called:
a) Congress

b) Knesset

c) Parliament

d) Shura
7. Communist revolution took place in Russia in the month of
a) June

b) March

c) October

d) November
8. Pulitzer is an American Award in the field of:
a) Letters and Journalism

b) Scuba

c) Sports

d) Music
9. The name of U.S Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan is: 
a) Richard Hallbrooke

b) Leon Panela

c) Marc Groomsman

d) Robber Gate
10. Defacto means:
a) Actual as a fact

b) Legal

c) Defective

d) Deficient
11. Carter Blanche means:
a) wheel in the motion

b) a blank thing

c) going by the rules

d) full discretionary powers
12.Corrigendum means:
a) things to be corrected

b) Agenda of the Meeting

c) study of some gender

d) correspondence
13. Faux Pas means: 
a) a line person

b) luck

c) false and incorrect step

d) wisdom
14. Fifth Coloum refers to :
a) long writing

b) loyalty

c) treachery

d) hogo pillar
15. Pediatrics refers to:
a) care of pregenent women

b) care of oki people

c) care of bones and joint

d) care of childrens
16. Pythagonas, Geometrication belonged to:
a) Mesopetrrie

b) Greece

c) Syria

d) Italy
17. Asian drama was written by:
a). Joseph Conrad

b) Gunnar Myrdal

c) Thomas Pain

d) Jawahar Lal Nehru
18. Tolstoy was the auther of the famous novel:
a) Idiot

b) Dark Continent

c) For whom the bell tolls

d) War and peace
19. Which of the following ranks in the air force is highest:
a) Squadron Leader

b) Air Commander

c) Wing Commander

d) Group Captain
20. The head quarter of the W.T.O is at: 
a) Roma

b) Geneva

c) London

d) New Yark
21. International court of Justice sits at: 
a) Brussels

b) Hague

c) London

d) Paris
22. Heat received by earth from the sun knows as:
a) Insulation

b) Solar Heat

c) Solar Radiation

d) Thermal Radiation
23. The cheapest source of electricity generation is:
a) nuclear

b) Hydal

c)) solar

d) thermal
24. Largest political agency in Pakistan tribal area in terms of area is:
a) Mohammad

b) South Waziristan

c) North Azairistan

d) Kurram
25. Lowari Pass connects:
a) Dir with Chitral

b) Kalam with Gilgit

c) Goram Chashma with Nooristan

d) kaghan valley with chilas
26. From Karachi farthest point on the costal highway is:
a) Pasni

b) Gwadar

c) Omara

d) Jiwani
27. Circumferences of earth is about:
a) 20000km

b) 30000km

c) 40000km

d) 50000km
28. The deepest point in pacific ocean: 
a) marina trench

b) tonga trench

c) porto rico trench

d) jave trench
29. Mount Killminjaro is situated in:
a) Kenya

b) Uganda

c) Tanzania

d) South Africa
30. Suaz Canal links the following seas:
a) Red sea with Mediterranean sea

b) Mediterranean sea with Adriatic sea

c) Black sea with Aegean sea

d) Persian gulf with Arabian sea
31. Kojak Pass is located between: 
a) Quetta and D I Khan

b) Quetta and Chaman

c) Jamrud and Landikotal

d) Sibi and Machn
32. Nearest part of atmosphere to earth is called:
a) Troposphere

b) Ionosphere

c) Mesosphere

d) Stratosphere
33. Colossuim an amplimeater was built in:
a) Nepalsea

b) Rome

c) Milan

d) Athens
34. Special theory of relativity was proposed by: 
a) Galilee

b) Robert Hook

c) Isaac Newton

d) Albert Einstein
35. Issac Newton gave: 
a) law of geometry

b) none of these

c) law of planetary motion

d) laws of motion and laws of Gravitation
36. Composition of alchemy is written by:
a. Jabir bin Hayyan

b. Ibn al Haitham

c. Ibn Rushd

d. Nasir al Din
37. The book al Quran fi tib is written by:
a) al Baltani

b) ibe Rushd

c) al Biruni

d) abu Ali Sina
38. Chile has longest shore along:
a) Atlantic sea

b) black sea

c) pacific sea

d) Mediterranean sea
39. Growth domestic product in Pakistan is growing at the rate of: 
a) 2.4 %

b) 3.7%

c) 5.5%

d) 7.0%
40. Agriculture, the key sector in Pakistan economy accounts for:
a) 45% of G.D.P

b) 51% of G.D.P

c) 21% of G.D.P

d) 28% of G.D.P
41. The earth is more closer to sun is :
a) January

b) June

c) July

d) September
42. Time required for a computer to locate and transfer data is called:
a) raise time

b) starting time

c) access time

d) analogue time
43. A device which encode character by the depression of keys is knows as:
a) keyboard

b) mouse

c) hard drive

d) printer
44. Mixture of two metals is called:
a) mouse

b) dispersion

c) alloy

d) hard drive
45. The area inside the computer fram and auxiliary storage where data and instruction are store is called:
a) memory

b) recorder

c) hopper

d) interpreter
46. An extremely small piece of silicon on which integrated circuits are implicated are called:
a) feed

b) hotlerith

c) chip

d) card reader
47. The time taken by the light to reach the earth from the sun is:
a) 10 minutes 20 second

b) 12 minutes 30 second

c) 4 minutes 30 second

d) 8 minutes 15 seconds
48. the shape of our milky way galaxy is:
a) elliptic

b) rectangular

c) irregular

d) spiral
49. Coldest planet in the solar system is:
a) pluto

b) saturn

c) mars

d) jupiter
50. BIMAN is the divine of:
a) Cambodia

b) Afghanistan

c) Bangladesh

d) Sri Lanka

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