Computer Science Past Papers & Solved MCQs

1). Which of the following enables digital data to be transmitted over phone lines?

a). Keyboard

b). Mouse

c).  Modem

d). Mike

2). What hardware category does magnetic tape fall into:

a). Input

b). Output

c).  Storage

d). Communication

3). A Kilo Byte is equal to approximately:

a). 1000 bytes

b).  1024 bytes

c).  1 Million bye

d). Mike

4).Mostly likely used to design products, structure, civil engineering drawings and maps is:

a). Communication software

b). Electronic mail software

c).  Computer aided design software

d). Desk top publishing software

5). Which of the following  is accessed when you switch on your computer?

a). RAM chip

b). ROM chip

c).  FDD

d). HDD

6). In a confined space the most useful to use is:

a). Mouse

b). Track ball

c).  Keyboard

d). All of the above

7). Machine Language is Binary type programming language that computer can:

a). Directly run

b).  Not directly run

c).  Not run all

d). Can run after translating it into assembly language

8). Microsoft Excel is for:

a). Data Base Management

b). Spread Sheet Analysis

c).  Text Processing

d). None of above

39). Formatting a document means:

a). Correcting Spelling and Grammar

b). Improving the appearance, the document   

c).  Copying the document to CD

d). All of the above

40). A computer which links several PCS together is:

a). Mainframe

b). Client

c).  Mini Computer

d). All of the above

41). In a Computer the raw facts are:

a). Programs

b). Commands

c).  Data

d). All of the above

42). Which one is used for presentation?

a). OHP

b). Slide Projector

c).  Computer Monitor

d). All of the above

43). A mouse & joystick are both examples of:

a). Multimedia devices

b). Pen input Devices

c).  Pointing devices

d). All of the above

44). The combination of text, sound and video to display the information in the meaningful way is:

a). Overhead projector

b). Opaque Projector

c).  Multimedia

d). All of the above

45). Computer software can further be divided into application software and:

a). Programming software

b). System software

c).  Office Software

d). All of the above

46). Peripheral devices can be further be divided into application software and:

a). Input

b). Output Devices   

c).  Keyboard

d). All of the above

47). What makes up an entire computer system:

a). Hardware

b). Software

c).  Hardware & Software  

d). All of the above

48). Technology:

a). Causes learning

b). Guarantees effective learning

c).  Increase I.Q.

d). Facilitates development of skills  

49). A www life site name is also called:

a).  HTTP

b).  URL

c).  SMTP

d). HTML

20). The computer that operates on data, which is in the form of continuous variable physical quantities is:

a). Analogue

b). Assembler

c).  Buffer

d). Complier

21). The most suitable software used to make lecture slides is:

a). MS Word

b). MS Power Point   

c).  MS Excel

d). MS Access

22). CAI is abbreviation of:

a). Computer Associated Instruction

b). Class Assisted Instruction

c).  Computer Assisted Instruction

d). Computer Assisted Information

23). The hardware necessary action for LAN is:

a). Modem

b). Network interface card  

c).   Multiplex

d). Video accelerator

24). A long haul network is:

a). WAN

b). LAN

c).  WWW

d). VLSL

25). Personal computers are also called:

a). Mini computers

b). Main frame computers

c).  Micro computers

d). Super computers

26). Information which we provide to the computer is:

a). Process

b). Output

c).  Results

d). Instruction  

27). Which is not Internet application?

a). E-mail

b). News group

c).  Keyboard

d). Word Processor

28). A computer gives output through:

a). Pinter

b). Monitor

c).  Keyboard

d). a & b

29). Close, maximize, minimize buttons on a window are on:

a). Title Bar

b). Scroll bar

c).  Tool bar

d). Menu Bar

30). The use of ROM is:

a). It is used to store data or instruction which the computer needs all the time

b). It is used for overwriting the information

c).  It is used to change information

d). All of the above


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