Computer Science Important Solved MCQs for the post of Lecturer , SSE and SESE

1).  Which of the following is a spreadsheet?

a). MS Word

b). MS Excel

c). MS Power Point

d). Both b & a

2).  The actual working area in Microsoft Excel is:

a). Workbook

b). Worksheet

c). Spreadsheet

d). Note sheet

3).  Which of the following is an absolute address?

a). Exact ( )

b). Today ( )

c).  Month ( )

d). Year ( )

4).  Which of the following is an absolute address?

a). A1

b). A2 $

c).  A$ 1$

d). None of the above

5).  A computer can be linked to the internet through:

a). A phone line modem

b). DSL

c).  Cable Model

d). All of the above

6).  The length of IP address is:

a). 8 bit

b). 16 bit

c).  32 bit

d). 64 bit

7).  Which of the following protocols is used to access web pages on World Wide Web?

a). TCP / IP

b). Gopher

c).  HTTP

d). HTML

8).  CAD stands for:

a). Computer Aided Design  

b). Computer Assisted Design

c). Computer Assisted Device

d). Computer Assisted Domain

9).  LCD stands for:

a). Local Crystal Display

b). Liquid Crystal Display   

c).  Long Computer Design

d). Light Crystal Display

10).  ATI Line handles:

a). 25 Million BPS

b). 2100 BPS

c).  1.0 Million BPS

d). 1.5 million BPS

11).  Computer ENIAC was built in:

a). 1935

b). 1935

c).  1941

d). 1945

12).  Which one of the following is database management system?

a). MS Word

b). Corel Draw

c).  MS Access

d). Power Point

13).  Which one of the following is the main component of DBMS?

a). Database Program

b). IDE

c).  Application Program

d). GUI

14).  Which command is used to create a new database file?

a). Ctrl+C

b). Ctrl+V

c). Ctrl + D

d). Ctrl + N

15).  Which one of the following commands is used to paste the date?

a). Ctrl + S

b). Ctrl + V 

c).  Ctrl + C

d). Ctrl + Alt + Del

16).  Command for inserting the current data is:

a). Ctrl + :

b). Ctrl + ‘

c).  Ctrl + ;

d). Ctrl + C

17).  Which menu contains the new command?

a). File

b). Edit

c). Tools

d). View

18).  Categories of database system are:

a). 4

b). 6

c).  7

d). 9

19).  Types of relationships are:

a). 3

b). 5

c).  7

d). 8

20).  SQL stands for:

a). Super Query Language

b). Structured Query Language

c).  Superior Query Language

d). Superb Query Language

21).  INSERT INTO Statement is used for:

a). Retrieving record

b). Adding new record

c).  Changing values

d). Deleting records

22).  DROP TABLE statement is used for:

a). Deleting records

b). Inserting records

c).  Deleting a table

d). Retrieving record

23).  Which statement is used to retrieve data from database table:





24).  CPU is divided into how many parts?

a). 2

b). 3

c).  5

d). 6

25).  (C) Language was developed in:

a). 1945

b). 1956

c).  1972

d). 1977

26).  Types of language processors are:

a). 2

b). 3

c).  4

d). 8

27).  Main memory of personal computer is called:

a). PROM

b). ROM

c).  EPROM

d). RAM

28).  What is maximum length of variable name in (C ) Language?

a). 20

b). 31

c).  230

d). 255

29).  Function used to print the output of a program is:

a). Get ( )

b). Print ( )   

c). Print ( )

d). Scanf ( )

30).  In ( C ) Language, how many types of loop statements are available?

a). 2

b). 3

c). 6


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