PPSC Important Solved MCQs of Computer Science

1). GUI Stands for:

a). Graphical user interface

b). Global User Interface

c).  Graphical User Interface

d). None of the above

2). MS DOS is an example of ________ interface.

a). GUI

b). CLI

c).  MAC

d). All of the above

3). ________ operating system are uses to control machinery, scientific instruments and industrial system:

a). Batch

b). Single User

c).  Real Time  

d). All of the above

4). An icon present on the Windows desktop that enables users to view drives, folders, and files is called:

a). My Documents

b). My Computer

c).  Internet Explorer  

d). Opera Explorer

5). Windows Explorer is look like:

a). My Documents

b). My Computer

c).  Internet Explorer  

d). Opera Explorer

6). Internet Explorer was first introduced in:

a). 2005

b). 1998

c).  1995

d). 1990

7). An area that runs across the bottom of the windows desktop is called:

a). Property bar

b). Title bar

c).  System Tray

d). Task Bar

8). ___________ a pictorial representation of a program or software function or feature:

a). Picture

b). Symbol

c).  Icon  

d). Graphical Image

9). A temporary lineup of print requests waiting to be printed a printer:

a). Printer Request

b). Print Queue  

c).  Print Waiting

d). None of the above

10). The shortest period of time is a:

a). millisecond

b). nanosecond

c).  picosecond  

d). microsecond

11). An organic chip is called:

a). Storage chip

b). biochip 

c). microchip

d). silicon chip

12). One Megabyte is equivalent to:

a). 210 bytes

b). 230 bytes

c).  220 bytes  

d). None of the above

13). A person who gains illegal access to a computer system:

a). Hacker  

b). Worm

c).  Software

d). Zapper

14). When the control unit directs the ALU to perform an operating on the data, the machine cycle is involved in its:

a). First step

b). Third Step  

c).  Second step

d). Fourth step

15). A type of computer that is faster because it has few instruction:

a). Symbolic

b). RISC

c).  ASCII-8

d). ROM burner

16). An emerging technology that provides nonvolatile memory chips is:

a). Flash Memory  

b). PROM

c).  CMOS

d). CISC

17). Tool to change PROM Chip are Called:

a). Chip Kits

b). RAM burner

c).  PROM burner

d). none of these

18). Assuming 8 bit for data, 1 bit for parity, 1 start bit and 2 stop bits, the number of characters that 1200 BPS communication line can transmit is:

a). 10 CPS

b). 120 CPS

c).  12 CPS

d). None of the these

19). The widely used code in data communication is:

a). a bit ASCII

b). 7 bit ASCII


d). None of the above

20). Rearranging data in a new sequence is known as:

a). Updating

b). Batching

c).  Sorting 

d). Summarizing

21). If a processor does not have direct and unassisted access to data items these items are said to be:

a). Off line

b). Time shared

c).  On line

d). None of these

22). Which of the following is not a component of telecommunications?

a). Sender

b). Office Device

c).  Medium 

d). Receiver

23). In Time Division Multiplexing:

a). Time is doubled between bits of a byte

b). Time slicing at CPU level takes place

c).  Total time available in the channel is divided between several users and each user is allotted a time slice

d). None of these

24). Point of Sale terminal to:

a). Terminals associated with MICR

b). Smart terminal

c).  Terminal associated with OCR

d). None of the above

25). A bootstrap is:

a). The flat cable that connects the CPU to the printer

b). The flat cable from the disk controller card to the disk drive

c).  Additional Memory Device

d). A small initialization program to start up the computer  

26). Data verification is a process of:

a). Rechecking the data entered by one person through re-entry by another person

b). Entering data on two different media and comparing them

c).  Checking whether the instruction in a program are in proper order

d). checking the computer results with manual outputs

27). An A/D converter does the conversion from:

a). Digital Analog

b). Analog to Digital

c).  Voltage to ampere

d). Analog to digital   

28). Program maintenance means:

a). Maintaining a program exactly the way it was initially development

b). Changing a program due to changes in the organization  

c).  Adopting an altogether new program

d). Removing the errors from a program

29). A conceptual error in a program is a/an:

a). Logical error    

b). Execution error

c).  Syntactical error

d). None of the above

30). Implementation of a Program involves:

a). Complication of the program

b). Debugging the program

c).  Testing the program with data

d). All of the above    

31). Temporary storage areas within the CPU are called:

a). ROMs

b). Registers  

c).  Accumulators

d). Address

32). Distribution data entry means that data can be:

a). Entered at different location where it originates

b). Sent to different locations from a central place

c).  Access from different places known as distribution points

d). Distributed through network

33). Excess -3 Code is known as:

a). Weighted code

b). Cylic Redundancy code

c).  Self-complementing  

d). Algebraic code

34). A computer has a word length of 32 bits. The maximum address that can be generated is:

a). 232

b). 232-1

c).  232-1

d). None of these

35). Which of the following is associated with optics:

a). Winchester

b). RAM  

c).  C ( D) ROM

d). None of these

36). The number 7F00 in Hexadecimal when multiplied by 61 is:

a). 7F16

b). 167F00

c).  7F006

d). None of these   

37). The output of a sequential circuits depends upon:

a). Present input

b). Past input

c).  Both a and b

d). none of a and b

38). Which of the following descriptions relates to a floppy diskette:

a). 9 – track 1600 BPI

b). Double sided double density  

c).  33 Mhz – zero wait time

d). 40 MB capacity

39). A parallel interface:

a). transmit one bit at a time

b). transmit one or more bits at a time using a single wire

c).  transmit 8 or more bits at a time using a many wires

d). cannot be used to connect a printer to a PC

40). Pick out the CORRECT statement:

a). In a positional number system, each symbol represents the same value irrespective of its position

b). The highest symbol in a position number system has a value equal to the number of symbols in the system

c).  It is not always possible to find the exact binary number equivalent to a decimal number with a fraction  

d). Each hexadecimal digit can be represented as a sequence of three binary symbols.

41). Which of the following is NOT correct?

a). A memory location is identified by a unique number called its address

b). The content of a memory location does not change its address

c).  Entering data into a memory location does not change is address

d). A memory location can hold only a data item and not a program instruction    

42). Error reports are an example of:

a). Scheduled report

b). On demand reports

c).  exception reports  

d). external

43). Computer follows a simple principle called GIGO which means:

a). Garbage input good output

b). Garbage in garbage out  

c).  Great instruction great output

d). Good input Good Output

44). When the control unit gets an instruction it is called:

a). E-mail

b). Machine Time

c).  I-Time

d). ALU Time

45). Which of the following is not hardware:

a). Magnetic Tap

b). Printer

c).  VDU terminal

d). Assembler    

46). Pick out the wrong definition:

a). Access time – time needed to access the output    

b). EDP – acronym for Electronic Data Processing

c).  COBOL – a language used for business data processing

d). Control Unit – Heart of a Computer

47). The lowest level of management is concerned with:

a). Operational Information

b). Traditional Information  

c).  Long Term Planning

d). Strategic Information

48). Which of the following is not hardware:

a). Magnetic Tape

b). VDU Terminal

c).  Hard Disk

d). Assembler    

49). Pick out the wrong definition:

a). Access time – time needed to access the output    

b). EDP – acronym for Electronic Data Processing

c).  COBOL a language used for business 1 Data Processing

d). Control Unit – Heart of a computer

50). By word processing we mean:

a). Processing only words and not the number

b). String manipulation

c).  A method of providing facility of text processing  

d). A software game for playing with words like “ Hang man:

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