Pak Studies MCQs Muhammad Bin Qasim 695-715

Pakistan Studies Important MCQs (Muhammad Bin Qasim 695-715)

1. Muhammad Bin Qasim was born in:

a) 665 A.D

b) 675 A.D

c) 685 A.D

d) 695 A.D

2. He was _________ General.

a) Egyptian

b) African

c) Syrian

d) None of these

3. Muhammad Bin Qasim was a/an________General.

a) Umayyad

b) Abbasid

c) Fatimid

d) None of these

4. The Real Name of Muhammad Bin Qasim was:

a) Imad-uddin Muhammad Bin Qasim

b) Sabhuddin Muhammad Bin Qasim

c) Fateh Muhammad Bin Qasim

d) None of these

5. Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded the areas of:

a) Sindh & Punjab


c) Balochistan & Punjab

d) None of these

6. Muhammad Bin Qasim Conquered Sindh in:

a) 709

b) 710

c) 711

d) 712

7. He was born in the Saudi Arabian city of:

a) Makkah

b) Madina

c) Taif

d) Jeddah

8. _________________ taught Muhammad Bin Qasim about warfare and Governance:

a) Walid Bin Qasim

b) Al Hajjaj Ibn Yousaf

c) Sulemain Abdul Malik

d) None of these

9. He was sent by Caliph ____________ to lead an army towards Indian Sub-continent to release the Muslim Children and women who were kidnapped by Hindu pirates:

a) Abdul Malik

b) Sulayman ibn Abdul Malik

c) Al-Walid ibn Abdul Malik

d) None of these

10. _________ Caliph ordered Muhammad Bin Qasim to come back the Kingdom after the death of Walid Bin Abdul Malik.

a) Abdul Malik

b) Sulaman ibn Abdul Malik

c) Al-Walid Ibn Abdul Malik

d) None of these

11. Muhammad Bin Qasim Died in:

a) 715 A.D

b) 720 A.D

c) 725 A.D

d) 730 A.D

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