PPSC General Knowledge Most Important Solved MCQs

1. What is tornado:

a) Strong Snake

b) A Strong wind

c) Africa dog

d) None of the above

2.What are scavengers?

a) Who look food in rubbish

b) Atomic scientists

c) Those who wants revenge

d) None of the above

3. What was the first living creature to travel in space?

a) a bitch

b) term in stock exchange

c) eagle

d) cow

4. What does term mantra means?

a) a word with spiritual power

b) term in stock exchange

c) science of lower species

d) None of the above

5. Somnam bulsim means:

a) walk in rain

b) walk in sleep

c) science of rock rerding

d) None of the above

6. Macroeconomics means:

a) branch of economics that studies changes

b) fundamental system of mathematical

c) financial system of provincial level

d) changes in price

7. Chauvinism means?

a) Strong belief that your country is important

b) male dominancy in society

c) politics of non-issues

d) None of the above

8. Sphinx is located?

a) Syria

b) Iraq

c) Egypt

d) all of the above

9. Martin Luther Kings belonged to:

a) UK

b) Germany

c) USA

d) Brazil

10. Socrates belongs to:

a) Egypt

b) Roman Empire

c) Greece

d) Iran

11. Vienna in City in:

a) Asia

b) Africa

c) Europe

d) South Africa

12. Bonanza means:

a) Situation where large profits are made

b) poor

c) boneless are made meat

d None of the above

13. Amicus curiae means:

a) An American

b) An Australian

c) A Friend of court

d) None of the above

14. Resume is a pause in an act:

a) short statement

b) a detailed account

c) both a and b

d) None of the above

15. Portmanteau means:

a) a wide range of things considered single

b) large box

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

16. Matador is the name of player in the game of:

a) Chess

b) Water Polo

c) Ice hokey

d) Bull fighting

17. Non-de Plume means:

a) Without teather

b) anonymous

c) Both and b

d) None of the above

18. Who is Amir Musa?

a) head of ICI

b) Head of Arab IEA

c) Head of Arab League

d) None of the above

19. Sir Creek channel is disputed area between Pakistan and India this is located:

a) Punjab & Indian Punjab

b) Punjab and Himchal Pardesh

c) Sindh and Indian Gujrat

d) None of the above

20. Ramallah city is located in:

a) Isral

b) Palestine

c) Labnon

d) Egypt

21. Banana Republic means:

a) Govt. by easy going

b) Where banana is cheap

c) Govt. of corrupt elite

d) None of the above

22. Hegemony means:

a) Controlled democracy

b) Autocracy

c) Supremacy of Power

d) Power of control others

23. Demography is science pertains to:

a) People

b) Places

c) Dark deeds

d) None of the above

24. An anarchist is:

a) A person who loves peace

b) A person who does not like any system

c) Love to peace

d) Hates peace

25. Suo moto means:

a) An action inciated by court itself

b) An action by civil judge

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

26. What does fossil fuels means:

a) Gas

b) Oil

c) Petroleum

d) None of the above

27. What is Tundra:

a) Area of land in the north of Asia, America, Europe

b) South of Australia

c) Red of South Chines Sea

d) All of the above

28. 100/100000:

a) .002

b) .001

c) .01

d) .02

29. Sohail Sold his old card Rs. 45,000. He had earlier bought it for Rs. 80,000. What is his percentage loss?

a) 44.5%

b) 39.3%

c) 4%

d) 43.7%

30. What is 2% of 400?

a) 40

b) 15

c) 8

d) 12

31. General Dyer is known for:

a) Jallianwala Massacre

b) Patriotism

c) Bravery

d) Anti-Indian Polices

32. The number of permanent members of Security Council (United Nations) is

a) 4

b) 5

c) 8

d) 1

33. Opposite of Democracy is:

a) Aristocracy

b) Theocracy

c) Dictatorship

d) Monarchy

34. Napoleon Bonaparte was:

a) French

b) German

c) British

d) Italian

35. Tea can be best cultivated on:

a) Plains

b) Hill Tops

c) Hill slopes

d) All of the above

36. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following set of words:

a) Beginning

b) Appearance

c) Ceiling

d) Changeable

37. Richter Scale is used to measure the Intensity of:

a) sea Waves

b) Winds

c) Earthquakes

d) Hurricanes

38. The country having the highest death rate due to disastrous typhoons and hurricanes is:

a) Sri Lanka

b) China

c) Bangladesh

d) Japan

39. How many round table conferences were held in London between Indian Political Leaders & the British Government?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

40. Dar-ul-Aloom Deoband was founded by:

a) Maulvi Fazal-ur-Rehman

b) Maulana Mahmood-ul-Hassan

c) Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani

d) Maulvi Zulfiqar Ali

41. Diamer Bhasha Dam is being constructed in:-

a) Balochistan


c) Kashmir

d) Gilgit Baltistan

42.According to which constitution Pakistan became an Islamic Republic?

a) 1956

b) 1962

c) 1973

d) None of these

43. Quaiz-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah presented his Fourteen Points in:

a) 1928

b) 1929

c) 1931

d) 1932

44. Fiscal Year is from:

a) June 1 to June 30

b) June 15 to July 15

c) July 1 t0 June 30

d) July 1 to August 30

45. Pakistan’s Single largest import category is:

a) Petroleum & Petroleum products

b) Automobiles

c) Machinery

d) Electronics

46. What percentage of Pakistan’s population is below the poverty line?

a) 20%

b) 23%

c) 24%

d) 25%

47. Peoples Republic of China was founded: –

a) 1947

b) 1948

c) 1949

d) None

48. According to Kerry-Lugar Bill how much aid Pakistan will get every year for next years:

a) 1.5 billion dollars

b) 2.5 billion dollars

c) 3.5 billion dollars

d) 7.5 billion dollars

49. The number of administrative districts in Punjab is:

a) 34

b) 35

c) 36

d) 37

50. Dmitry Medvedev is the president of:

a) Japan

b) China

c) Russia

d) Romania

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