Pak Studies Solved MCQs Mahmud of Ghazni (998-1030)

Muhammad Ghauri Started attack on India in:

a) 1172 A.D

b) 1174 A.D

c) 1176 A.D

d) None of these

During the 32 years of his rule, Mahmud invaded Pakistan and India more than ____________ times.

a) 11

b) 13

c) 15

d) 17

The Ghaznavid rule in Pakistan lasted for over ___________ years.

a) 170

b) 175

c) 180

d) 185

After the conquest of Multan and Lahore, Mahmud made Punjab a part of his Empire in_________A.D.

a) 1020

b) 1021

c) 1022

d) 1030


Muhmud of Ghazna destroyed the Somnath temple in:

a) 1015 A.D

b) 1020 A.D

c) 1025 A.D

d) 1030 A.D

The Muslim rule established in __________ in India:

a) 9th Century

b) 10th Century

c) 11 Century

d) 12th Century

Abu Rehan Al-Beruni 973-1038 was born in a village called Barun in _______.

a) Tibera

b) Shakai

c) Khwarizm

d) Samarah

Al-Beruni wrote a book:

a) Kitab ul Hind

b) Kitub ul Muslimieen

c) Kitab ul Jabar

d) Kimaya-e-Saadat

Muizz-ud-din Muammad bin Sam, commonly known as Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Ghauri established the Muslim rule in _______ India:

a) South

b) North

c) West

d) East

______ was the first ruler to conquer Delhi and establish a Muslim rule in India:

a) Muhammad Bin Qasim

b) Mahmud Ghaznavi

c) Muhammad Ghauri

d) None of these

In _______, Muhammad Ghauri defeated Raj Chauhan in the Second Battle of Tarain

a) 1190 A.D

b) 1192 A.D

c) 1194 A.D

d) 1196 A.D

Muhammad Ghauri appointed _________ Governors for the conquered regions:

a) Two

b) Four

c) Eight

d) Six

He appointed Tajuddin Yaldaz for Ghazna, _________.

a) Iran

b) Afghanistan

c) Iraq

d) Africa

He appointed Naserudin Qubacha for ___________.

a) Iran

b) Pakistan

c) Iraq

d) Bengal

He appointed Qutbuddin Aibak and Shamsuddin Iltutmish for northern:

a) India

b) Iran

c) Iraq

d) Africa

He appointed Bakhtiyar Khilji for___________:

a) Iran

b) Pakistan

c) Iraq

d) Bengal

One of Ghauri’s most trusted lietuenants, Qutbuddin captured Delhi in ________ A.D.

a) 1195

b) 1196

c) 1197

d) 1198

The Muslim rule established by Muhammad Ghauri in South Asia lasted for more than ___________ centuries.

a) 5

b) 7

c) 9

d) None of these

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