Pak Studies Important MCQs Delhi Sultanate (1206-1556)

1._________ was the first Muslim Governor of Delhi:

a) Qutbuddin Aibak

b) Muhammad Ghauri

c) Mahmud Ghazni

d) None of these

2. Qutbuddin Aibak founded the first five successive dynasties in Northern India in _________________A.D.

a) 1202

b) 1204

c) 1206

d) 1208

3. He founded the Delhi Sultanate with its capital at:

a) Bokhara

b) Delhi

c) Lahore

d) None of these

4. He began the ___________dynasty.

a) Slave

b) Khilji

c) Tughluq

d) None of these

5. ___________ was the founder of Khilji dynasty.

a) Qutbuddin Aibak

b) Jalal ud Din

c) Ghiyas ud din

d) Tughliq

6. He came to power after overthrowing the dynasty:

a) Slave

b) Khilji

c) Tughluq

d) None of these

7. in ___________, he countered a Mongol invasion at the Indus River in present day Pakistan:

a) 1290

b) 1292

c) 1294

d) 1296

8. In ____________ Muhammad Ibn Tughluq and his father, Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq overthrow the Khiljis:

a) 1318

b) 1320

c) 1322

d) 1324

9. ____________ was the founder of Tughluq dynasty:

a) Slave

b) Khilji

c) Mughal

d) Tughluq

10. Muhammad Bin Tughluq established the rule of the Muslim Tughluqs over most of the Hindu areas of Central and Southern India by_______ A.D.

a) 1300

b) 1310

c) 1320

d) 1330

11. Tughluq ruled from:

a) 1399 to 1413

b) 1399 to 1415

c) 1399 to 1417

d) None of these

12. Bahmani Dynasty was broken from Delhi Sultanate in:

a) 1341

b) 1343

c) 1345

d) 1347

13. Syyid Dynasty ruled from 1414 to:

a) 1450

b) 1451

c) 1452

d) 1453

14. The Lodhi Dynasty ruled from 1451 to:

a) 1506

b) 1516

c) 1526

d) 1536

15. From 1206 to 1857 A.D, how many dynasties held away:

a) Four

b) Five

c) Six

d) Seven

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