PPSC Lecturer English Past Paper 2017 Solved MCQs

(1). What purpose does Milton state for whiting Paradise Lost?

 (a).  To show how God defeated the rebellious angles

 (b). To justify the ways of God to man

 (c). To prove the superiority of Protestantism over Catholism 

 (d). To show how Adam and Eve made their way out of

(2). Where is Elizabeth when Darchy to first poposes to her?

 (a).  At Netherfield

 (b). At home

 (c). At Charlothee’s 

 (d). At Pemberley

(3). Langue is most accurately defined as a system of that allow for communication with others.

 (a).  Images

 (b). Vocalizations  

 (c). Symbols  

 (d). Words

(4). Someone with a vocabulary of on 200 words can still combine the words in different ways to say thousands different ‘things. This aspect of language is referred as:  

 (a).  Syntax  

 (b). Phonology  

 (c). Morphology  

 (d). infinite generativity

(5). At what  time do “sleepless lovers” awake in The Rape of the Lock?

 (a).  Dawn

 (b). Noon

 (c). Tea-time  

 (d). Midnight

(6). In Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities, who promises Lucie Manette that he would, if necessary, die for her?

 (a).  Jarvis Lorry  

 (b).Sydney Carton

 (c). Charles Darnay

 (d). Monsieur Defarge

(7). What is the lexical relationship between freedom and liberty?

 (a).  Synonymy  

 (b). Antonymy  

 (c). Hyponymy  

 (d). Polysemy

(8). Why doesn’t Adam go to Ireland in George Eliot’s Adam Bede?

 (a).  The weather is too bad for travel 

 (b). Hetty has come horrke 

 (c). He secretly loves Dinah and can’t leave her

 (d). He finds out Hefty is in jail

(9). Where does Lavinia follow her mother to spy on her?

 (a).  New York  

 (b). Boston  

 (c). Both New York and Boston  

 (d). Neither New York nor Boston

(10).During which war does the novel; For whom the Bell Tolls’ take place?

 (a).  Spanish-American War  

 (b). Spanish Civil War

 (c). World War I

 (d). World War II

(11). Which Russian leader does Napoleon most resemble in Orwell’s Animal Farm?

 (a).  Stalin  

 (b). Trotsky  

 (c). Tsar Nicholas  

 (d). Khrushchew

(12). What Russian institution does the raven Moses evoke in Orwell’s Animal Farm?

 (a).  The Secret Police  

 (b). The Congress  

 (c). The Russian Orthodox Church  

 (d). The Education Syst

(13). Chomsky’s theory of languages development emphasized:

 (a). Learned and Conditioning principles

 (b). Innate structures and biological mechanisms  

 (c). The language support system provided by parents

 (d). Children’s cognitive abilities

(14). What accident befalls Miss Havisham before her death in Great Expectations?

 (a).  She is thrown from a horse  

 (b). She falls from a window

 (c). A table crushes her legs

 (d). She is burned in a fire

(15). How does Gulliver leaver Brobdingnag?

 (a).  he builds himself sailboat  

 (b). He is exiled  

 (c). He is carried away giant eagle  

 (d). He is taken back to England by Don Pedro

(16). Where do Hamlet and Laertes fight during Ophelia’s funerals?

 (a).  In the nearby woods  

 (b). Beside Ophelia’s grave  

 (c). Inside the church

 (d). Inside the gravity

(17). In what country does the play, Hamlet, take place?

 (a).  England  

 (b). Germany

 (c). Denmark

 (d). Norway

(18). Brutus bases his decision to assassinate Caesar in Julius. Caesar on:

 (a). His hatred for Caesar   

 (b). What Caesar may do if he is crowned king

 (c). His own desire to be king

 (d).  The need to please Cassius

(19). In Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” where does Kurtz die?

 (a).  At the Inner station

 (b). In Brussels

 (c). Aboard Marlow’s steamer

 (d). In the jungle

(20). In Canterbury Tales, which pilgrim carries a brooch inscribed with Latin words meaning “Love Conquers Alt?

 (a).The Prioress

 (b).The Wife of Bath

 (c).The Monk          

 (d).The Squire

(21). In “Oedipus the King”, whose murder must be avehged to end the plague in Thebes? Conquers

 (a).  Creon’s

 (b). Polybus’s

 (c). Laius’s

 (d). Polynices

(22). How does Othello kill Desdemona?

 (a).  He stabs her

 (b). He smothers her

 (c). He strangles her

 (d). He beats her to death
(23). In “Old man and Sea” on the night before he promises Manolin to go “far out” to sea, of what does Santiago dream?

 (a).  A great storm

 (b). A beautiful woman

 (c). Lions on the beach

 (d). a wrestling match

(24). Adam Bede is an example of which school of writing?

 (a). Realism   

 (b). Expressionism

 (c). Lions on the beach

 (d). High school

(25). What is one of the reasons (in Poetics by Aristotle) poetry emerged?

 (a).  The rise of court music

 (b). The necessity for public for public entertainment

 (c). Man’s instinct for imitation

 (d). The instinct for dance

(26). According to Aristotle, what is the most important element of tragedy?

 (a).  Comedy

 (b). Plot

 (c). Character

 (d). Thought

(27). What is the least important element of tragedy?

 (a).  Diction

 (b). Plot

 (c). Spectacle

 (d).  Song

(28). Form which poem of Roberty Frost is the following line extracted? “Earth’s the right place for love”.

 (a).  Mowing

 (b). Birches

 (c). The Earth and other places for love

 (d). Desert place

(29). A child’s expansive vocabulary is directly corrected with:

 (a).  Parents verbally interacting with them

 (b). Parents’ IQ

 (c). Parents age

 (d). Parents own vocabulary

(30). Keats describes human life as a mansion of many……………

 (a).  Apartments

 (b). Dining rooms

 (c). Windows

 (d). Books

(31). Choose a proper proposition for the blank space in the following sentence ……………..the age 18 he was sent to prison for theft”.

 (a).  In

 (b). On

 (c). At

 (d). Upon

(32). Choose a proper word for the blank space in the following sentence “You …………….better tak off your wet shoes”.

 (a).  Had

 (b). Has

 (c). Was

 (d). Can

(33). How does lago describe jealousy?

 (a).  Downfall of many men

 (b).  The scourge the weak monster

 (c). The green eye monster 

 (d). The monster in the though

(34). A sentence that contains two or more independent clauses and no subordinate clauses is a:

 (a).  Simple sentence   

 (b). Compound sentence

 (c). Complex sentence

 (d).  Compound-complex / multiple sentence

(35). What are two levels of language referred to by to by the term ‘identify’?

 (a).  Phonetics and Phonology

 (b).  Sound and meaning

 (c). Morphology and syntax

 (d). Structure and use

(36). What is semiotics?

 (a).  The study of music

 (b). The study of buildings

 (c). The study of human communication

 (d). The study of disability

(37). What does morphology study?

 (a).  pronunciation  

 (b). Pronunciation

 (c). Word order

 (d). Word structure

(38). What is the linguistic term for the study of pitch movement in language?

 (a).  Melody

 (b).  Rhythm

 (c). Loudness

 (d). Intonation

(39). In Paradise Lost, Milton describe a universe with Heaven in what position and with what primary quality?

 (a).  Middle, purity

 (b). Top, light

 (c). Bottom, forgiveness

 (d). Top, profound wisdom

(40). Who inspires Belinda’s dream in the first canto of The Rape of the Lock?

 (a).  The Muse

 (b). The baron

 (c). Ariel

 (d). Umbrial

(41). Which of these is Othello not insecure about?

 (a).  His race

 (b). His position and rank

 (c).  His “rough” manners

 (d). His age

(42). Researchers have found that bilingualism:

 (a).  Has a nebative effect on children’s cognitive development

 (b). Has a positive effect on children’s cognitive development

 (c). Confuses children in regard to language development

 (d). Results in children scoring lower than monolingual children on intelligence tests


(43). Which of these pairs are not dramatic foils to each other?

 (a).  Othello and lago

 (b). Desdemona and Emilia

 (c). Othello and Cassio

 (d). Lago and Cassio

(44). Who is Christine’s counterpart in “The Orestela”?  

 (a).  Electra

 (b). Ctylemnestra

 (c). Iphigenia

 (d). Lao and Cassio

(45). What kind of government does Salem have in Miller’s “The Crucible”?

 (a). Democracy

 (b). Clytemnestra

 (c).  Monarchy

 (d). Kleptocracy

(46). Which destination do Chatherine and Henry claim they have come to Switzerland to visit A Farewell to Arms?

 (a).  Lucerne

 (b). Murren

 (c).  Locarno

 (d). Montreux

(47). In later life, what nickname did Hemingway assume to convey a sense of strength, wisdom and mastery?

 (a).  Sensei

 (b). Top cat

 (c). Papa

(48). What prank does Puck play on Bottom in a Midsummer Night’s Dream?

 (a).  He transforms him into a bear

 (b). He steals his clothes

 (c).  He changes his voices into that of a wood thrush

 (d). He changes his head into that of an ass

(49). With whose help does Clytemnestra slaughter her husband Agamemnon?

 (a).  Orestes

 (b). Aegisthus

 (c). Cassandra

 (d). Electra

(50). Which of the following do Oedipus and his father Laius have in common?

 (a). They both correctly answered the riddle of the sphinx

 (b).They both disobeyed the commands of the gods

 (c). the both slept with Antigone

 (d).They both tried to override their fate

(51). How does Gulliver earn the title of Nardac in Lilliput?

 (a).  Jaggers

 (b). Magwitch

 (c). Joe

 (d). Miss Havisham

(52). For most of the novel, whom does Pip suspect of being his secret benefactor, In Great Expectations?

 (a).  By capturing the Blefuscudian fleet

 (b). By putting out the fire in the empress’s quarters

 (c).  By helping the Lilliputians construct a new palace

 (d). By showing lenience towards a group of soldiers who earlier attach him

(53). Why according to Polonius, has Hamlet gone mad?

 (a).  He grieves too much for his father  

 (b). He despises Claudius for marrying Gertrude

 (c). He is in love with Ophelia

 (d). He is jealous of Laertes and longs to return to Wittenberg

(54). Which of these is not a linguistic aspect of communicative competence?

 (a).  Phonological

 (b). Discourse

 (c). Lexical

 (d). Interactional

(55). Negative capability to Keats, means:

 (a). The ability to sympathize with other

 (b). Say bad things about others

 (c).To empathize

 (d). to satirize

(56). Who believed that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of emotions?

 (a). Blake

 (b). Byron

 (c). Wordsworth

 (d). Keats

(57). Which is the famous elegy written by Shelley?

 (a).  In Memoriam

 (b). Lycidas

 (c). Adonis

 (d). Thyrsis

(58). “The Pickwick Papers” is a novel by:

 (a).  Jane Austen

 (b). Charles Dickens

 (c). Thackery

 (d). Fielding

(59). A poem morning someone’s death is called:

 (a).  Fable

 (b). Epic

 (c). Elegy

 (d). Limerick

(60). What period in English Literature is called the “Augustan Age”?

 (a).  Early 16th Century

 (b). Early 17th Century

 (c). Early 18th Century

 (d). Early 19th Century

(61).The literary figure who had the most pronounced effect on Keats was:

 (a).  Dante

 (b). Shakespeare

 (c). Wordsworth

 (d). Shelley

(62). The University Wits were:

 (a).  Poets

 (b). Playwrights

 (c).  Noyelists

 (d). Critics

(63). Mathew Arnold said: “An ineffectual angel beating in the void the luminous wings in vain” ‘about:

 (a).  Keats   

 (b). Byron

 (c). Shelley

 (d). Blake

(64). Why according to Polonius, has Hamlet gone mad?

 (a).  Huxley

 (b). Ben Johnson

 (c). Ruskin

 (d). None of these

(65). The “Tragic Flaw” is also called:

 (a).  Catharsis

 (b). Catastrophe

 (c). Hamartia

 (d). None of these

(66). Who belongs to the Theatre of Absurd?

 (a).  Oscar Wilde

 (b). Backett

 (c).  Ibsen

 (d). None of these

(67). “My Fair Lady” is a Cinematic Version of:

 (a).  Pygmalion

 (b). Candida

 (c). Getting married

 (d). None of these

(68). She dwells with beauty – beauty that must die “is line from:

 (a).  Ode to Nightingale

 (b). Ode on Indolence

 (c). Ode to Melancholy

 (d). None of these

(69). The first eight lines of a sonnet are called:

 (a).  Octave

 (b). Sestet

 (c). Refrain

 (d). None of these

(70). The only play by Shakespeare which conforms to the classical unities is:

 (a).  Hamlet

 (b). Twelfth Night

 (c). Roman and Juliet

 (d). None of these

(71). “Proper study of Mankind is man” …………….who has said these words:

 (a).  Pope

 (b). Swift

 (c). Shelley

 (d). None of these

(72). “The Metaphysical Poets” is a critical essay by:

 (a).  Arnold

(b). T.S. Eliot

 (c).  Shelley

 (d).  None of these

(73). Who said this “Poetry is Criticism of life” :

 (a).  Wordsworth

 (b). Byron

 (c). T.S. Eliot

 (d). Arnold

(74). “Andrea Del Sart” is a poem written by:

 (a).  Tennyson

 (b). Browning

 (c). Keats

 (d). T.S. Eliot

(75). Who represents Prejudice in Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”.

 (a).  Mr. Dercy

 (b). Miss Elizabeth

 (c). Miss Jane

 (d). None of these

(76). “Lyrical Ballads” were published by:

 (a).  Coleridge

 (b). Wordsworth

 (c). Both Coleridge and Wordsworth

 (d). None of these

(77). “Stream of Consciousness” is the phrase first used by:

 (a).  James Joyce

 (b). William James

 (c). Virginia Woolf

 (d). William Faulkner

(78). Placing Phrase or Sentences of similar construction and meaning and balancing each other is called:

 (a).  Parallelism  

 (b). Alliteration

 (c). Para Rhyme

 (d). Rhetoric

(79). A figure of speech which contains an exaggeration form emphasis is called:

 (a).  Over tone

 (b). Rhetoric

 (c). Extended metaphor

 (d). Hyperbole

(80). Rhymed decasyllables, nearly always in Lambic Pentameters rhymed in Pairs are called:

 (a).  Heroic Couplet

 (b). Blank verse

 (c). Terza Rima

 (d). Spenserian Stanza

(81). All of following constitute security risks and possible violations of privacy except:

 (a).  Identity theft

 (b). Viruses

 (c). Hackers

 (d). Spam

(82). In MS Word 2007, which shortcut key is used to increase left indent?

 (a).  Ctrl + L

 (b). Ctrl + M

 (c). Ctrl + 1

 (d). F10

(83). Cost of a vest after 15 percent discount is 102. What is the cost of the vest before the discount?

 (a). 117

 (b). 120

 (c). 116

 (d). 121

(84). Complete the number series: 4,9,13,22, 35………………..

 (a).  57

 (b). 70

 (c). 63

 (d). 75

(85). Convert to Passive Voice: “People speak English all over the World”.

 (a).  English is spoken by people all over the world

 (b). English was spoken by people all over the world

 (c).  English was spoke by people all over the world

 (d). English is spoken by people
(86). Fill in the blanks: I ………………………upon his privacy.

 (a). intruded

 (b). approached

 (c).  violated

 (d). counted

(87). Fill in the blanks (s): The cupboard was ………………big…………….fit through the door”.

 (a).  too/ to

 (b). more /than

 (c).  so / that

 (d).  as / to
(88). Complete the Idom: “To cast …………..before swine”. (5). Why according to Polonius, has Hamlet gone mad?

 (a).  Diamonds

 (b). Pearls

 (c).  Gold

 (d). Shadow

(89). If a metal can be drawn into wires relatively easily, it is called:

 (a).  Malleable

 (b). Ductile

 (c).  Extractive

 (d). Tackle

(90). Plants primarily get their Nitrogen form:

 (a).  Soil

 (b). Atmosphere

 (c).  Rain

 (d). None of these

(91). Who is the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis in the Government?

 (a).  Hussain Shah Rashidi

 (b). Pir Sadruddin Rashidi

 (c).  Birjees Tahir

 (d). Karnran Michael

(92). Nobel prize winner in Literature, Nadine Gordimar, belonged to:

 (a).  Australia

 (b). UK

 (c). Brazil  

 (d). South Africa

(93). Which country is the largest producer of Shale Gas?

 (a).  Qatar

 (b). Russia

 (c). Iran

 (d). USA

(94). Which amendment of the 1973 Constitution enhanced the powers of the President substantially. Including power to dissolve the National Assembly if conditions in the country did not permit functioning of the Federal Government?

 (a).  8th

 (b). 13th

 (c). 17th

 (d). 18th

(95). Quaid-e-Azam resigned from membership of Congress in:

 (a).  1913

 (b). 1916

 (c). 1920

 (d). 1922

(96). Name the director General of the Inter o Services Public Relations (ISRP).

 (a).  Lt. Gen. Asim Bajwa

 (b). Maj. Gen. Suhail Khan

 (c). Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor

 (d). None of these

(97). Which of the following bodies of the United Nations deals with Refugee issues?

 (a).  UNHCR

 (b). OHCHR

 (c). UNESCO

 (d). UNITAR

(98). Who is the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

 (a).  Asraf Wathra

 (b). Tariq Bajwa

 (c).  Ehtesham Ashai

 (d). None of these

  1. معروف کلاسیکی ناول (امر و جان ادا) کے مصنف کون ہیں؟

شاہد احمد دہلوی

عبدالسلام خورشید

عصمت چغتائی

محمد ہادی رسوا

  1. زیرو زبر کرنا محاورہ ہے۔ اس کا کیا مطلب ہے۔

بھاک جانا

حکم عدولی کرنا

برتری تسلیم کرنا

الٹ پلٹ کرنا

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