PPSC Lecturer English Past Paper 2011 Solved MCQs

Lecturer English 2011

1). The ………………. Century is the most important epoch in the intellectual history of Europe:

A). 11th

B). 12th  

C). 13th


2). During the age of Chaucer, England passed through the first stages of her long journey out of…………………………

A). Chauvinism

B). Communism

C). Medievalism

D). Fascism

3). Marlowe’s primitive tragedy was:  

A). Tamburlaine

B). The Jew of Malta

C). Dr. Faustus

D). Sejanus

4). Shakespeare’s most formidable rival as a comedy writer was:

A). Marlowe

B). Ben Jonson

C). Lily

D). Peele

5). One remarkable feature of Shakespearean comedy is that it contains continental and ……………….background:-

A). Pacific

B). Arabian

C). Mediterranean

D). Atlantic

6). Shakespeare’s heroines have ……………. characteristics:

A). Masculine

B). Feminine

C). Eunuch

D). Euphorian

7). In ‘Merchant of Venice’ …………….emerges:

A).  Ophelia

B). Cordelia

C). Portia

D). Silvia

8). …………. Begins with the incident of shipwreck:

A). King Lear

B). Tempest

C). Othello

D). Twelfth Night

9). Norman conquest took place in:

A). 1099

B). 1077

C). 1066

D). 1055

10). ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knit’ is a representative poem of ………age.

A). Victorian

B). Renaissance

C). Modern

D). Medieval

11). Chaucer is a ……………… poet:

A). Serious

B). Comic

C). Sarcastic

D). None of these

12). In…………. poetry we find the gap between the Christian ideals and the reality of life:

A). Keats

B). Tennyson’s

C). Donne’s

D). Chaucer’s

13). Renaissance approximately dates between:

A). 1550-1660

B). 1670-1750

C). 1760-1860

D). 1850-1960

14). ‘King Lear’ was written in the year:

A). 1405

B). 1505

C). 1605

D). 1705

15). The central historical event  in the 17th century is the …………….of 1642-51:

A). Famine

B). Civil war

C). Earthquake

D). Cyclone

16). Milton wrote ‘Paradise Lost, in:

A). 1667

B). 1665

C). 1664

D). 1660

17). The period from 1660-1790 is characterized by the rise of:

A). Drama

B). Poetry

C). Novel

D). Ode

18). Towards the end of ……………..century the focus of literature become; almost entirely secular:

A). 18th

B). 16th

C). 15th

D). 17th

19). Repetition of the acre vowel sound a line of poetry is called:

A). Assonance

B). Alliteration

C). Rhyme

D). Rhythm

20). The poet who makes extensive use of alliteration is:

A). Chaucer

B). Wordsworth

C). Keats

D). Spencer

21). …………… is the use of old or antiquated words in poetry:

A). Modernism

B). Classicism

C). Archaism

D). Fanaticism

22). Hopkins is a late …………..century poet and main theme of his poetry  is the wonder he finds in God’s world:

A). 16th

B). 17th

C). 18th

D). 19th

23). Separate sections in a blank verse poem are called:

A). Stanzas

B). Cantos

C). Verse Paragraph

D). Rhymes

24). ‘Wuthering Height’ a representative of English fiction was written by:

A). Emily Bronte

B). Charlotte Bronte

C). Dickens

D). Hardy

25). A farfetched metaphor is called:

A). Simile

B). Hyperbole

C). Ballad

D). Conceit

26). Byzantium is a poem about:

A).  An imaginary city

B). A lake

C). A country

D). A state

27). Carl Sandburg, a modern poet was born at:

A). New York

B). Cocker Mouth

C). Ilinois

D). Dublin

28). T.S. Eliot was a/an ………….. poet:

A). Irish

B). British

C). American

D). Canadian

29). The poem ‘ I could not stop for death’ was written by:

A). T.S. Eliot

B). Emily Dickenson

C). Emerson

D). Silvia Plath

30). T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘The Waste Land, is dedicated to:

A). T.F. Hulme

B). Sandburg

C). Ted Hughes

D). Ezra pound

31). Some of …………candid novel were banned in England and America:

A). Fielding’s

B). Richardson’s

C). D.H. Lawrence’s

D). Thackeray’s

32). Fielding seems to be most influenced by:

A). Rirhardson

B). Dr. Johnson

C). Frost

D). Daniel

33). Shakespeare acted in one …………plays:

A). Marlowe’s

B). Peele’s

C). Lily’s

D). Ben Johnson’s

34). Well known modern poet Elizabeth Sewell was born in:

A). America

B). India

C). England

D). Finland

35). Linguistics is the combination of……………..words:

A). Four

B). Three

C). Two

D). One

36). Sound produced with the obstruction of air in the mouth are called:

A). Consonants

B). Vowels

C). Study meaning

D). To pick

37). The word semantics means:

A). To relate

B). To join

C). Study meaning

D). To pick

38). ………………. Is the process of making new words:

A). Coinage

B). Clipping

C). Adjusting

D). None of these

39). The word language consists of two ……………words:

A). Latin

B). French

C). Greek

D). English

40). Simon is a character in one of ……………novels:

A). Hardy’s

B). Dickens’s

C). Golding’s

D). Joyce’s

41). Famous play ‘Everyman in his humor’ is written by:

A). Marlowe

B). Ben Johnson

C). Shakespeare

D). Beckett

42). The poem Ulysses was composed in the form of dramatic monologue by:

A). Tennyson

B). Browning

C). Frost

D). T.S .Eliot

43). The caretaker is a modern play by:

A). G.B. Shaw

B). Ibsen

C). Printer

D). Chekhow

44). ‘Waiting for Godot, was originally written in …………..language:

A). French

B). English

C). Latin

D). Spanish

45). Gothic novels flourished in the late ………..century:

A). 19th

B). 20th

C). 18th

D). 17th

46). ……………is considered to be the pioneer of stream of consciousness techniques in modern fiction:

A). Fielding

B). Richardson

C). Virginia Wolf

D). Frost

47). Sejanus is a saurical tragedy, by:

A). Marlowe

B). Lyly

C). Shakespeare

D). Ben Johnson

48). According to T.S. Eliot unified sensibility of …………was the most assiduous imitation:

A). Keats

B). Donne

C). Wordsworth

D). Popp

49). The legend of ‘Holygrail’ provides the frame work of ……………poem:

A). Ash Wednesday

B). The Hollow men

C). East Cocker

D). The Waste Land

50). Who wrote the poem ‘The Winding Stair’?

A). T.S. Eliot

B). Pope

C). B. Yeats

D). Ted Hughes

51). Sylvia Plath and led Hughes were:

A). Brother and sister

B). Husband and Wife

C). Niece and uncle

D). None of these

52). Synesthesia means:

A). Unification of senses

B). Study of senses

C). Interchanging senses

D). None of these

53). Fictional scientific romance ‘Tim machine the visible man, was written by:

A). Huxley

B). H.G. Wells

C). Russell

D). Joyce

54). Novel ‘The elgoist’ ascribed as a comedy in narrative was written by:

A). Jane Austen

B). Fielding

C). Hardy

D). George Meredith

55). which of the following Hardy’s novel describes a deadly war waged between flesh and spirit?

A). Jude the Obscure

B). the return of the native

C). A tale of two cities

D). None of these

56). According to Hardy’s own classification his novels fall into ……………groups:

A). 2

B). 3

C). 4

D). 5

57). George Elict produced her first full length novel, Adam Bede, at the age of :

A). 20

B). 130

C). 40

D). 50

58). George Eliot’s novels are interesting because they reflect more clearly than any other ………..novels they movement of contemporary:

A). Modern

B). Classical

C). Romantic

D). Victorian

59). Gothic novel was written in the style popular in ………and ………………century:

A). 15th & 16th

B). 17th and 18th

C). 18th and 19th

D). 19th and 20th

60). The tragicomedy of Shakespeare are also called:

A). The mystery plays

B). The miracle plays

C). The reconciliation plays

D). None

61). A type of literature, of Shakespeare are also called:

A). Genitive

B). Genius

C). Genome

D). Genre

62). Enthusiastic Addiction to the study of Greek and Roman antiquity led to:

A). Socialism

B). Humanism

C). Communism

D). None

63). ‘Prospero’ is the protagonist of:

A). The rivals

B). Hamlet

C). As you like it

D). The tempest

64). The period of the university wits was little more than…………years:

A). 10

B). 7

C). 8

D). 5

65). Queen Elizabeth I was succeeded to throne by here cousin named:

A). Robert Bruce

B). James Stuart

C). Robert Stuart

D). James Clark

 66). The age of Pope is also called………. Age:

A). Augustan

B). Romantic

C). Pragmatic

D). Progressive

67). ‘The metaphysical poets’ is a critical essay by:

A). Arnold

B). Wordsworth

C). T.S. Eliot

D). None of these

68). ‘One Liberty’ is a treatise by:

A). Ruskin

B). Lamb

C). Oscar wild

D). J.S. Mill

69). A figure of speech which contains an exaggeration for emphasis is called:

A). Over tone

B). Rhetoric

C). Extended metaphor

D). Hyperbole

70). ‘Adonais, is an elegy on the death of:

A). Keats

B). Shakespeare

C). Wordsworth

D). Blake

71). ‘Song of innocence and experience’ is written by:

A). Wordsworth

B). Shelly

C). S.T. Coleridge

D). William Blake

72). The original title of pride and prejudice was:

A). Last impressions

B). False impressions

C). First impressions

D). None

73). Who is called, poet of Nine-O-Clock in the morning:   

A). Browning

B). Robert Bridges

C). Kipling

D). Ezra Pound

74). What was Shelley’s earliest work?

A). Queen Mab

B). Alastor

C). the revolt of Islam

D). Time

75). To whom goes the credit of being the first writer of picaresque novel in English:

A). Fielding

B). Thackeray

C). Nash

D). Smollett

76). The Road Not Taken by Frost was published in his poetic collection:

A). A Witness Tree

B). A Boyls Will

C). Mountain Interval

D). A Further Range

77). ‘Bacon was intellectually great but morally weak’ is said by:

A). Dryden

B). T.S.Eliot

C). Pope

D). Marlowe

78). In Swift’s writing irony is fused into:

A). Humour

B). Comedy

C). Allegory

D). Tragedy

79). Nothing is beneath science, nor above science according to:

A). Bacon

B). Swift

C). Russell

D). Aristotle

80). which bird was killed in ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’?  

A). Sparrow

B). Parrot

C). Eagle

D). Albatross

81). Milton became blind at the age of:

A). 43

B). 44

C). 45

D). 46

82). In later life, what nick name did Hemingway assume to convey a sense of strength and wisdom?

A). Sensei

B). Top cat

C). Papa

D). Joe

83). By 1610, Donne had begun to write polemics against his own faith:

A). Catholicism

B). Puritanism

C). Protestantism

D). Judaism

84). To become a poet John Keats gave up ………….career:

A). Teaching

B). Farming

C). Medicine

D). None

85). Name the poet who studied at Cambridge but received no degree:

A). Wordsworth

B). Browning

C). Blake

D). Coleridge

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole:

86). People do not exist in ……………. But in functioning …………which are inseparable from the environment:

A). Isolation, communities

B). Deliberations, Actions

C). Prosperity, Liberties

D). House, Homes

87). The military censors …………….any passages in the letters that they thought might ……….security:

A). Obstructed, malign

B). Impugned, nullify

C). Expunge, jeopardize

D). Divulge, enjoin

88). Only a ………… person could be …………..to the suffering of a starving child:

A). Churlish, receptive

B). Devour, disposed

C). Pious, uncivilized

D). Callous, oblivious

89). Volcanic rock very often looks shiny because it has been:

A). Vitriolic

B). Igneous

C). Petrified

D). Virtuous

90). If the fire station had been got on …………at once, the hotel might have been saved:

A). To

B). Into

C). With

D). From

Choose the Antonyms:

91). BRAZEN:

A). Bold

B). Made of copper

C). Insolent

D). Shy


A). Steadfast

B). Capable

C). Winning

D). recollect


A). Steadfast

B). Reputable

C). Inherent

D). Ambitious


A). Disobey

B). Upset

C). Calm

D). Arrange


A). Fleeting

B). Submissive

C). Stubborn

D). Permanent


A). Disgusting

B). Calm

C). Shorten

D). Sardonic

97). RFVFL:

A). to resist

B). to enjoy

C). to envy

D). to annoy


A). Contentious

B). Malicious

C). Irrational

D). Impulsive


A). Foolish

B). Clever

C). Integrity

D). Maze


A). The midday nap

B). Substance

C). Vessels

D). Ability to speak clearly and correctly

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