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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Computer Science 
Subject Computer Science Test 45
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Computer Science Online Test No. 45

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Data integrity constraints are used to:

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An ________ on an attribute of a relation is a data structure that allows the database system to find those tuples in the relation that have a specified value for that attribute efficiently, without scanning through all the tuples of the relation.

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To include integrity constraint in an existing relation use :

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Updating the value of the view:

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Values of one type can be converted to another domain using which of the following?

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Which of the following creates a virtual relation for storing the query?

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The user defined data type can be created using

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Create table course

( . . .

foreign key (dept name) references


. . . );

Which of the following is used to delete the entries in the referenced table when the tuple is deleted in course table?

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Which of the following closely resembles Create view ?

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Which of the following is the syntax for views where v is view name?

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Select course_id

from physics_fall_2009

where building= ‘Watson‘;

Here the tuples are selected from the view.

Which one denotes the view.

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Domain constraints, functional dependency and referential integrity are special forms of ......

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Which of the following is used at the end of the view to reject the tuples which do not satisfy the condition in where clause ?

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Dates must be specified in the format

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Create index studentID_index on


Here which one denotes the relation for

which index is created ?

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Materialised views make sure that:

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Foreign key is the one in which the ________ of one relation is referenced in another relation.

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Which of the following is not an integrity constraint?

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Create view faculty as Select ID, name, dept name from instructor; Find the error in this query .

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Create domain YearlySalary numeric(8,2) constraint salary value test __________; In order to ensure that an instructor‘s salary domain allows only values greater than a specified value use:

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Create table Manager(ID numeric,Name varchar(20),budget numeric,Details varchar(30)); Inorder to ensure that the value of budget is non-negative which of the following should be used?

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SQL view is said to be updatable (that is, inserts, updates or deletes can be applied on the view) if which of the following conditions are satisfied by the query defining the view?

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Which of the following is used to store movie and image files?

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Which of the following is used to create view for these relations together?

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Which of the following can be addressed by enforcing a referential integrity constraint?

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