General Knowledge Solved MCQs for CSS PMS NTS

When was Bengal partitioned?

a) 1905

b) 1907

c) 1910

d) 1911

Who present poor man budget?

a) Raja Ahmed

b) Liaqat Ali Khan

c) Ch. Muhammad Ali

d) None of these

QWhen U.N.O was formed?

a) 1943

b) 1944

c) 1945

d) 1946

Who was editor of Zamindar?

a) Ali Johar

b) Zafar Ali Khan

c) Masood

d) Iqbal

How many members are in E.U?

a) 23

b) 25

c) 27

d) 29

name the President of Cube?

a) Rahul Castro

b) Joseph Richmand

c) Federal Castro

d) None of these

Name the President of India?

a) Abu al Kalam

b) Sonia Gandhi

c) Manmohan Sing

d) Parhebia Patil

Name the Last Viceroy of India?

a) V.P. Menon

b) Lord Amery

c) Wavel

d) Mountabatten

When did Simon Commission arrive in India?

a) 1926

b) 1927

c) 1928

d) 1930

Who discovered pencillin?

a) Viscount

b) Macmillion

c) Pasteur

d) None of these

Suez Canal Connects two seas:

a) Red Sea and Black Sea

b) Mediterranean and Red Sea

c) Atlantic with Pasific

d) Dead Sea and White Sea

Who wrote friends and masters?

a) President Nixon

b) Z.A Bhutto

c) Ayub Khan

d) None of above

Noori-al-Malki is P.M of?

a) Iran

b) Iraq

c) Syria

d) Turkey

Ban-ki-Moon belongs to:

a) China

b) Taiwan

c) South Korea

d) North Korea

When National anthem play on:

a) 1953

b) 1954

c) 1955

d) 1956

Where is International Courts of Justice:

a) Rome

b) Washington

c) New York

d) Hague

When W.T.O founded:

a) 1985

b) 2002

c) 2006

d) None of these

How many states are in USA?

a) 51

b) 52

c) 49

d) None of these

When Allahabad Address was delivered?

a) 1930

b) 1931

c) 1932

d) 1933

Earth rotates the sun in:

a) 23 hours 56 min 4 sec.

b) 24 hours

c) 23 hours 57 min. 9 sec.

d) none of the above

What man exhales:

a) oxygen

b) Carbon dioxide

c) Carbon and Nitrogen

d) Carbon Mono Oxide

War and Peace was written by:

a) Toltosy

b) Dostovesky

c) Boris patenson

d) None of these

Obama belongs to the state?

a) New York

b) Illionos

c) Washintgon

d) New England

Origion of species is written by:

a) Walter Disney

b) Angustus

c) None of above

Headquarter of SAARC?

a) Islamabad

b) Dhaka

c) Kathmandu

d) Male

Who introduced the system of prisons in Islamic history?

a) Caliph Ali

b) Caliph Omer

c) Caliph Abu Bakar

d) None of these

How many times is the mention of Namaz in the Quran?

a) 700

b) 750

c) 730

d) None of these

Currency of Kwait?

a) Crowna

b) Dinar

c) Dehram

d) Rial

Head quarter of UNESCO?

a) Rome

b) Vienna

c) London

d) None of these

What is fourth state of matter?

a) Rocks

b) Plasma

c) Water

d) None of the above

Why bat does not see in the night?

a) it has no eyes

b) it has only in daylight

c) it receives guidness from birds

d) None of these

How many players are water polo?

a) 10

b) 7

c) 13

d) 15

Deficency of Vitamin E causes?

a) Luckemia

b) Sterility

c) Gums swelling

d) None of these

Which acid is use Battery?


b) HCL

c) HNO3

d) None of these

The Sun rays reach in the earth in___________ times

a) 5 minutes

b) 7 minutes

c) 8 minutes

d) None of the above

Who is the founder of Kirshair Perja Party?

a) Moulvi Fazal Haq

b) I.I Chaundrigar

c) Nizam UD Din

d) None of these

Shah Waliullah belongs to Silsila?

a) Naqshbandia

b) Suharwardia

c) Awizia

d None of these

When Al-Halal was published by?

a) Ali Johar

b) Maulana Abu Al Kalam Azad

c) Zafar Ali Khan

d) Zafar Khan

Towards new Pakistan has been written by:

a) Zahid Ahmed

b) Munir A Khan

c) A.Q Khan

d) None of above

EU Headquarter is in:

a) Brussels

b) Vianna

c) London

d) None of the above

Baghdad Pact was signed?

a) 1955

b) 1956

c) 1957

d) None of the above

Which is landlocked country?

a) Iran

b) Mongolia

c) Canada

d) Belgium

Water lily is symbol of?

a) Canada

b) China

c) Iran

d) India

What is Obam’s number as president?

a) 44

b) 45

c) 46

d) 47

OIC 2nd Islamic Summit Conference held?

a) 1974

b) 1977

c) 1979

d) None of above

Panama Canal connects two oceans?

a) Atlantic and Indian

b) Indian and Arabian Sea

c) Indian and Pascific

d) Pascific and Atlantic

Equater passes through?

a) Brazil

b) Canada

c) Kynea

d) None of above

Gobi desert is located in:

a) China

b) Mongolia

c) Iran

d) South Korea

Which is the biggest Agency in FATA:

a) North Waziristan

b) Malakand

c) South Waziristan

d) None of above

Which is the land of Golden Paggoda?

a) Australia

b) Canada

c) England

d) None of above


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