Pakistan Studies Solved Quiz for CSS PMS PTS NTS and Lectureship Jobs

Who was the Governor of Sindh after Muhammad Bin Qasim?

a) Zaid Bin Marwan

b) Yazid Bin Muhallab

c) Abdullah Bin Haris

d) None of these

Who was the Mughal emperor who accepted the Br

a) Alamgir-II

b) Shah Alam-II

c) Akbar-II

d) None of these

Ahmad Shah Abdali launched his early invasion against?

a) Mughal

b) Marhatas

c) Sikhs

d) None of these

The British fought Plassey War against:

a) Haider Ali

b) Tipu Sultan

c) Sirajuddula

d) None of these

Dars-i-Nizami was named after?

a) Nizamuddin Auliya

b) Nizamul Mulk

c) Mullah Nizammddin

d) None of these

Before 1857 how many Universities on Western pattern were established in India?

a) 16

b) 13

c) 3

d) None of these

When the MAO College at Alligarh was started?

a) 1864

b) 1877

c) 1875

d) None of these

Anjuman-i-Himayat e Islam was started in:

a) 1849

b) 1884

c) 1885

d) None of these

The Constitution of All Muslim League was written by:

a) Mohsinul Mulk

b) Muhammad Ali Jauhar

c) Nawab Salimullah of Dacca

d) None of these

The first session of Muhammad Education Conference was held in Bengal:

a) 1886

b) 1899

c) 1906

d) None of these

The London branch of Muslim League was started by:

a) Syed Amir Ali

b) Sir Wazir Hassan

c) Hasan Bilgrami

d) None of these

“Shudhi” movement was started by:

a) Jawahr Lal Nehru

b) Tilak

c) Gandhi

d) None of these

Majlis-i-Ahrar was started by:

a) 1928

b) 1929

c) 1931

d) None of these

In Kashmir the ceasefire between Pakistan and India was signed on:

a) 27th July 1948

b) 27th July 1949

c) 27th July 1950

d) None of these

Islamabad was declared capital of Pakistan in:

a) 1959

b) 1960

c) 1961

d) None of these

Majority of Southern Pakistan population lived along the:

a) River Indus

b) River Ravi

c) River Jhelum

d) None of these

The Aryans arrived in South Asia in:

a) 3000 BC – 3500 BC

b) 4000 BC – 4500 BC

c) 4500 BC – 5000 BC

d) None of these

The author of “The Case of Pakistan” is:

a) Rafiq Afzal

b) S.M. Ikram

c) I.H Qureshi

d) None of these

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