Database Applications and Implications Computer Solved MCQs Science

1).  Bill Gate and Paul Allen Formed Microsoft to produce and Market:

a). A version of BASIC

b). MS DOS

c).  P (C) DOS

d). A personal Computer

2).  The benefits of using a Database include all but one of the following:

a). Easier to retrieve information quickly and flexibly

b). Easy to organize information

c).  Easy to print and distribute information

d). Easy to protect privacy of data  

3).  An efficient way to send customized form letters to everyone on a database mailing list is to:

a). Copy all of the database document into the word processed letter

b). Use the mail / merge capability

c). Keep editing the letter for each person on the mailing list

d). Just send a form letter (“Dear Occupant”)

4).  Camputed fields in a database can contain:

a). Text Values Only

b). Numeric Values Only

c).  Formulas and Numeric Values

d). Formulas and Text Values

5).  When a Database receives data in the form of text files created with word processors, spreadsheets, or other database, the process it called:

a). Searching

b). Exporting

c).  Importing

d). None of the above

6).  Which of the following most accurately describes the hierarchical organization of a database?

a). Characters, Files, Records, Bits

b). Files, Fields, Records

c).  Fields, Records, Files

d). Database aren’t organized hierarchically

7). When a user issues a command to find all the records that match a set of criteria, it is called a:

a). Merge

b). File

c).  Query

d). Sort

8).  The Database command that arranges records in alphabetic or numeric order is call a:

a). Sort

b). Select

c).  Search

d). Query

9).  The Most common type of database printout is a:

a). Menu

b). Program

c).  Query

d). Report  

10).  In a sort routine, an A to Z order is called:

a). Ascending

b). Descending

c). Alphabetical

d). Ordered

11).  An advantage to having a distributed database system over having a centralized one is that:

a). Consistency is easy to maintain

b). It can adjust to differences in user needs

c).  All data is entered in standard formals

d). It is easier to achieve data accuracy

12).  While the details of the querying process vary, this is consistent from database program to database program:

a). Software Application

b). Documentation

c).  Underlying Logic

d). User Interface

13).  Your company wants to send advertising flyer to all Benton Country residents with at least 5 Acres of property. To select the appropriate records from the database, which selection rules should you use?

a). Country EQUALS Benton OR acreage GREATER THAN 5

b). Country EQUALS Benton AND acreage GREATER THAN 5

c).  Country EQUALS Benton OR acreage GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO

d). Country EUALS Benton AND acreage GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 5

14).  A database file is a collection of which of:

a). Cells

b). Records     

c).  Keys

d). Names and Address

15).  A database record is broken down into:

a). Fields

b). Relations

c).  Tracks

d). Forms

16).  PIMs can be especially useful:

a). For people with busy schedules

b). With laptop and notebook computers

c).  For people with many customers and clients

d). All of the above  

 17).  A general purpose program or system of programs that can manipulate data in a large collection of files a:

a). Database Management System

b). Database Security System

c).  Files Manager

d). Database Multiple Platform System

18).  A Program that allows users to work with one file at a time is called a:

a). DBMS

b). File Manager

c).  PIM

d). None of the above

19).  The earliest file management systems that required users to accumulate transaction and feed them into computers in large groups:

a). Transaction Processing

b). Interactive Processing

c).  Decentralized Processing

d). Batch Processing

20).  When users view and change values interactively while using a database, the process is referred to as:

a). Bating

b). Real-Time    

c).  High-Speed

d). Justin-Time

21).  The larger Mainframe Database are referred to as:

a). Distributed

b). Centralized   

c).  Real-Time

d). Time Managers

22).  Database Software that utilizes desktop computers to work with files is central database is called:

a). File Manager

b). Decentralized

c).  Personal

d). Client / Server

23).  The emerging standard for programming complex queries in a database is called:

a). SOL


c).  1-2-3

d). Word Perfect

24).  When a database stores procedures or instructions along with data, rather than in tables or hierarchies, it is called:

a). Graphical User Interface

b). User Friendly

c).  Object-Oriented

d). Query Format

25).  The problem of protecting the privacy in computer system is aggravated by the increased use of:

a). Common (d) line user interfaces

b). Workstations

c).  New CPU Hardware

d). Network

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