PPSC Past Papers / Old Papers of Headmaster Headmistress

1- Teacher performs practically and explains in:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Discovery method

(C). Demonstration method ✔️

(D). Problem solving method

2- The motivation to do something for its own sake is:

(A). Extrinsic

(B). Behavioral

(C). Competence

(D). Intrinsic✔️

3- Reflection of John Dewey thoughts is seen in:

(A). Subject centered curriculum

(B). Learner centered curriculum✔️

(C). Core centered curriculum

(D). Teacher centered curriculum

4- Who is not a curriculum practitioner?

(A). Curriculum specialist

(B). Teacher

(C). Supervisor

(D). Learner✔️

5- Pure Islamic Education System & no support from British Govt. was main theme of:

(A). Jamia Millia Delhi

(B). Nadwatul Ulema

(C). Deoband Darul Uloom✔️

(D). Aligarh institution

6- Supervision is characterized with:

(A). improvement of learning

(B). improvement of teaching

(C). Improvement of school facilities

(D). Improvement of staff working✔️

7- In Pakistan, Final approval of school curriculum is responsibility of:

(A). Textbook Board

(B). Board of Secondary & intermediate

(C). Provincial Bureau Curriculum✔️

(D). Federal Ministry of Education

8- The inspection of schools concept was firstly started in:

(A). America

(B). China

(C). India

(D). England✔️

9- Determination whether good or bad refers to:

(A). Epistemology

(B). Ontology

(C). Axiology✔️

(D). Sociology

10- Head usually treat the employees with strict disciplines represent the theory model:

(A). Theory Y

(B). Theory X✔️

(C). Laissez Faire model

(D). Behaviouristic Model

11- Profession is employed for:

(A). Job✔️

(B). Duty

(C). Work

(D). Service

12- Shah Wali ullah’s Philosophy was based on:

(A). Idealism✔️

(B). Realism

(C). Pragmatism

(D). Existentialism

13- Human beings are looked upon as individuals living in societies through:

(A). Pragmatism✔️

(B). Realism

(C). Pragmatism

(D). Existentialism

14- According to which theory, effective leadership depends on the interaction of leader’s personal traits, behavior and factors in leadership situation:

(A). Contingency

(B). Trait ✔️

(C). Bureaucracy

(D). Path-goal

15- Which method has made educational psychology a science?

(A). Observation method

(B). Case study method

(C). Survey method

(D). Experimental method✔️

16- Educational objectives are mainly derived from:

(A). National goals✔️

(B). Schools curriculum

(C). Educational policy

(D). Educational aims

17- The Socratic method is known as:

(A). Demonstration method

(B). Discussion method

(C). Lecture method.

(D). Dialectic method✔️

18- Acquittance roll is used for:

(A). Salaries disbursement✔️

(B). Stock entries.

(C). Govt. grants files

(D). Expenditures record

19- National curriculum is actually:

(A). intended curriculum✔️

(B). Taught curriculum

(C). Learned curriculum.

(D). Experimental curriculum

20- Rote learning is a demerit of:

(A). Subject centered curriculum ✔️

(B). Integrated centered curriculum

(C). Activity centered curriculum

(D). Broad field centered curriculum

21- Which projector projects the image on transparencies on the screen:

(A). Overhead✔️

(B). Opaque

(C). Film

(D). Slide

22- School curriculum is defined as:

(A). Material of instruction

(B). Methods of instruction

(C). Courses of study

(D). experiences organized by school✔️

23- Dy. DEOs supervise and monitor the schools at:

(A). Markaz level

(B). Tehsil level✔️

(C). District level

(D). Provincial level

24- In norm referenced test, the comparison is between:

(A). Groups

(B). Individuals✔️

(C). Classes

(D). interests

25- Curriculum is interpreted to mean all the organized causes, activities and experiences which students have under the directions of the school, Whether in the classroom or not, is said by:

(A). Gay

(B). Hilda Taba✔️

(C). Dewey

(D). Froebe

26- Projective techniques are used to measure the students:

(A). Aptitude     

(B). Intelligence                

(C). Knowledge

(D). Personality✔️

27- Real mentorship in schools created by having relationship is called:

(A). Ethical

(B). Professional✔️

(C). Social

(D). Cultural

28- The father of modern theory of management is:

(A). Tyler

(B). Henry Fayol✔️

(C). Max Weber

(D). Cultura

29-Articles purchased for school use are entered in:

(A). Cash Register

(B). Stock Register✔️

(C). Contingent Register

(D). Acquittance Roll

30- The process of adaptation in Piagetian Cognitive Development theory is:

(A). Assimilation and recognition

(B). Accommodation and recognition

(C). Assimilation and accommodation✔️

(D). Accommodation and interpretation

31- What was basis for claiming a separate state of the Muslims in sub-continent?

(A). Customs and hair styles

(B). Traditions and customs

(C). Educational system and geographical need

(D). Religion and culture✔️

32- In Jamia Millia Dehli, the medium of instruction was prescribed in the languages:

(A). English

(B). Arabic

(C). English & Urdu✔️

(D). Urdu

33- The successful and systematic working of a school depends on suitable:

(A). Head

(B). Time Table✔️

(C). Curriculum

(D). Management

34-  The first all Pakistan education conference was presided over by:

(A). Muhammad ALi Jinnah

(B). Fazalur-Rehman✔️

(C). Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan

(D). Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

35- According to Crow and Crow, the purpose of formal education is to?

(A). Make students more intelligent

(B). Make students active and constructive members of society✔️

(C). Form definite opinions in the mind of students

(D). Create good name for the nation

36- Al-Ghazali stated that in his quest for true knowledge he started studying?

(A). Literature

(B). Philosophy✔️

(C). Science

(D). Religion

37- The processes of education ranges from:

(A). Birth to death✔️

(B). Childhood to adulthood.

(C). Adulthood to old age

(D). Adolescence to maturation level

38- Scientific and technical knowledge is obtained through:

(A). Experience

(B). Observation

(C). Experience and observation✔️

(D). Intuition

39- The practical aspect of philosophy is:

(A). Education✔️

(B). Instruction

(C). Learning

(D). Measurement

40- “Education is the process of child’s individuality in the natural environment” was stated by:

(A). Rousseau✔️

(B). J.S. Mill

(C). Aristotle

(D). Plato

41- “Experiences lead to the scientific approach” was described by:

(A). Plato

(B). John Dewey

(C). J.S. Mill✔️

(D). Plato

42- In Pakistan, the levels of general education are:

(A). Two

(B). Three✔️

(C). Four

(D). Five

43- Kindergarten system of education was contributed by:

(A). Maslow

(B). Spencer

(C). Froebel✔️

(D). Montessori

44- A teacher asks & invites the questions in the class to:

(A). Keep students busy

(B). Maintain discipline

(C). Attract students learning✔️

(D). Create good environment

45- Full-fledged institutes of Education were established at the universities to lay down the basis of continuous:

(A). Research✔️

(B). Education

(C). Training

(D). Semester system

46- The literal meaning of curriculum is:

(A). Path ✔️

(B). Light

(C). Height

(D). knowledge

47- The term “cognition” refers to:

(A). Predicting

(B). Analysis and synthesis

(C). Thinking✔️

(D). Surveying

48- Test is a tool of collecting:

(A). Data

(B). Practice

(C). Skill

(D). Learning✔️

49- Through the educational process and individual is stimulated to think, to appreciate and to:

(A). Educate

(B). Behave✔️

(C). Act

(D). Train

50- Attention is a/an:

(A). Social state

(B). Mental state✔️

(C). Organic state

(D). Attitudinal state

51- Modern supervision is based on a broadened concept:

(A). Planning

(B). Leadership

(C). Evaluation✔️

(D). Teaching

52-  Who is responsible to transmit cultural values in the society?

(A). Senior citizens

(B). School✔️

(C). Parents

(D). Examinations

53- Which of the following medium of instruction was suggested in Charter Act:

(A). Urdu

(B). English✔️

(C). Hindi

(D). Persian

54- Computer education in schools was first introduced in Pakistani education policy of:

(A). 1998

(B). 1992✔️

(C). 1959

(D). 1972

55- Curriculum Improvement is necessary if:

(A). Change in teaching styles

(B). Emerging new knowledge✔️

(C). New developments of instructional aids

(D). New textbooks are published

56- An outline of the topics of a subject to be covered in specific time is called:

(A). Curriculum

(B). Course

(C). Syllabus✔️

(D). Supplementary

57- Teacher efforts are less emphasized in?

(A). Subject centered curriculum

(B). Learner centered curriculum

(C). Activity centered curriculum✔️

(D). Broad field curriculum

58- Pedagogy is the study of:

(A). Education

(B). Learning process

(C). Teaching methods✔️

(D). Education guidance

59- A successful practice is the real test of the achievement by:

(A). Teacher

(B). Principal

(C). Students learning✔️

(D) Students evaluation.

60-  Practice is made in:

(A). Inductive method.

(B). Deductive method

(C). Drill method✔️

(D). Discussion method

61- The highest level of learning in cognitive domain is:

(A). Evaluation✔️

(B). Synthesis

(C). Analysis

(D). Application

62- Micro teaching focuses on the competency over:

(A). Methods

(B). Skills✔️

(C). Contents

(D). Teaching aids

63- Communication without words is called:

(A). Non-verbal communication✔️

(B). Upward communication

(C). Oral communication

(D). Written communication

64- Charles Wood dispatch was presented in:

(A). 1859

(B). 1833

(C). 1854✔️

(D). 1920

65- The application of philosophy in education directs towards:

(A). Selection of objectives✔️

(B). Instruction by the staff

(C). Promotion of the staff

(D). Incentive to the staff

66- Which is not the hereditary factor:

(A). Colour

(B). Height

(C). Diet✔️

(D). Eye colour

67- Who developed the first intelligence test:

(A). Terman

(B). Thorndike

(C). Binet✔️

(D). Jones

68- IQ is an index of:

(A). Level of mental development

(B). Rate of mental development✔️

(C). Intellectual status

(D). Degree of mental maturity

69- In guidance, the role of teacher is as:

(A). A judge

(B). A moralist

(C). A helper✔️

(D). An evaluator

70- Ibe-e-Khaldun never favoured:

(A). Discussion method

(B). Question answer method

(C). Lecture method✔️

(D). Observation method

71- Multiple choice questions provide a broad sampling of:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Learning

(C). Content✔️

(D). Comprehension

72- Learning difficulties during instruction can be checked with the help of evaluation type called:

(A). Placement

(B). Summative

(C). Diagnostic✔️

(D). Formative

73- In “POSDCORB’ P stands for:

(A) Posting.

(B). Planning✔️

(C). Presentation

(D). Pretesting

74- A curriculum is blue print or plan of the school that includes experiences for the:

(A). Teacher

(B). Learner✔️

(C). Curriculum planner

(D). Experts

75- Axiology in Philosophy deals with:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Reality

(C). Values✔️

(D). Culture

76- “No system of education is better than its teachers who serve it”, is said in:

(A). Education Conference 1947✔️

(B). National Education Commission 1959

(C). National Education Policy 1972

(D). Education Policy 1779

77- In drama / role play in schools, we usually ignore:

(A). Recreation and enjoyment

(B). Development of social skills✔️

(C). Skills of conversation

(D). Do make rehearsals

78- The teaching method recommended for elementary level is:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Project method

(C). Activity method✔️

(D). Laboratory method

79- The students respect the teacher due to his:

(A). Legal authority

(B). Power of grading (marks)

(C). Goodwill and personal integrity✔️

(D). Parents substitute

80- How can we communicate with others without contradicting ourselves? Which branch of philosophy answers this question?

(A). Logic

(B). Axiology

(C). Metaphysics✔️

(D). Epistemology

81- Evaluation is a process of:

(A). Assigning numbers to a given task

(B). Making value judgment of student’s learning

(C). Making value judgment of institutions, programs or projects✔️

(D). Making value judgment of teacher’s performance

82- Which of the following is not an instrument of data collection?

(A). Questionnaires

(B). Experiments✔️

(C). Interviews

(D). Observations

83- Socio-Situational theory of learning is linked with:

(A). Skinner

(B). Maslow

(C). Bandura✔️

(D). Atkinson

84- What kind of knowledge comes from Allah through Prophets:

(A). Sense

(B). Revelation✔️

(C). Scientific method

(D). Instinct

85- Which of the following are achievable in the classroom?

(A). Aims

(B). Targets

(C). Objectives✔️

(D). Goals

86- PEC stands for:

(A). Punjab Education Commission

(B). Punjab Examination Commission✔️

(C). Punjab Evaluation communication

(D). Pakistan Examination Commission

87- School heads guide their school teachers in appropriate directions. It means they are displaying the behavior related to:

(A). Authoritative

(B). Theory Y

(C). Leadership✔️

(D). Democratic

88- Which graph illustrates how numerical values change over time:

(A). Bar graph

(B). Pie graph✔️

(C). Moving projection

(D). Line graph

89- SOLO taxonomy has phases:

(A). 3

(B). 5✔️

(C). 7

(D). 9

90- Desirable models of behavior of a society are called:

(A). Beliefs✔️

(B). Values

(C). Culture

(D). Morals

91- The analysis, synthesis and evaluating the student thoughts are measured through:

(A). MCQs

(B). True & False

(C). Matching items

(D). Essay✔️

92- It can be facial expression, body language and signals:

(A). Non-verbal✔️

(B). Direct instruction

(C). Modeling

(D). Monitoring

93- The concept of free education was given by:

(A). John Dewey

(B). Frobel

(C). Karl Marx

(D). Aristotle✔️

94- Research study starts form:

(A). Development of hypothesis

(B). Testing the hypothesis

(C). Data collection

(D). Finding a problem✔️

95- In planning and implementing curricula, it draws concepts from:

(A). Culture✔️

(B). Nation

(C). Region

(D). Govt.

96- Which of the following is the heart of management process?

(A). Planning✔️

(B). Problem solving

(C). Communication

(D). Monitoring

97- Which of the following is NOT associated with non-verbal communication?

(A). Body language

(B). Facial expression

(C). Symbol

(D). Conversation✔️

98- Goals are based in selection of:

(A). Activities

(B). Contents

(C). Instructional material✔️

(D). Evaluation procedure

99- Curriculum which covers the maximum subjects at a time is called:

(A). Core curriculum✔️

(B). Activity based curriculum

(C). Integrated curriculum

(D). Subject curriculum.

100- Project, role playing practical method & laboratory method is included in:

(A). Telling method

(B). Showing method

(C). Doing method ✔️

(D). Drawing method

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