Education MCQs for Lecturer & Educators Practice Test No. 28

1-  A positive correlation is present when:

(A). Two variables move in opposite direction

(B). Two variables move in same direction✔️

(C). One variable go up and one go down

(D). Several variables never change

2- Who used to be known as ‘Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity’?

(A). Gandhi

(B). Motila Nehru

(C). Lord Mountbatten

(D). Quaid-i-Azam✔️

3- Which variable is mainly influencing school effectiveness?

(A). Work Centered Environment

(B). Monitoring performance✔️

(C). Supportive climate

(D). Big salary

4- Which of the following is a category of the affective domain in Bloom’s Taxonomy?

(A). Application

(B). Valuing✔️

(C). Perception

(D). Comprehension

5- The Security Council has ——–  Non-permanent members:

(A). 08

(B). 10✔️

(C). 12

(D). 15

6- Which philosophy emphasizes on those curricular elements which are cognitive and based upon knowledge and facts?

(A). Realism✔️

(B). Pragmatism

(C). Existentialism

(D). Idealism

7- Name the only female Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

(A). Raana Liaqat Ali Khan

(B). Shaista Ikramullah

(C). Dr. Nafees Sadiq

(D). Dr. Shamshad Akhtar✔️

8- A trillion has how many zeros:

(A). 10

(B). 09

(C). 12✔️

(D). 13

9- I will appreciate the teacher who:

(A). Has strict control over his students

(B). Knows the problems of students and helps them✔️

(C). Is friendly with the students

(D). Has a charming personality

10- Adding detail to new information and creating associations is:10

(A). Rehearsal

(B). Elaboration✔️

(C). Organization

(D). Metacognition

11- Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah remained the Governor General of Pakistan for almost:

(A). 10 months

(B). 11 months

(C). 12 months

(D). 13 months✔️

12- According to school ——— management is the effective and efficient use of school space, time and resources (man, money, material) to create effective educational objectives.

(A). Terry and Franklin

(B). Daniel Duke

(C). Henry Fayol✔️

(D). Edward & Maris

13- A quantitative description of experienced data is —— a measurement.

(A). Simply

(B). Particularly✔️

(C). Individually

(D). None of these

14- AFP is a news agency of:

(A). Finland

(B). France✔️

(C). Fiji

(D). UK

15- Learning is the most meaningful if a concept is:

(A). Described in a clear way✔️

(B). Shown in an interesting way

(C). Related with student’s daily life

(D). Written in a correct way

16- Which “scientific method” follows these steps:

1) observations/data 2) Patterns 3) Theory?

(A). Inductive✔️

(B). Deductive

(C). Bottom up

(D). Top down

17- Which of the following aspect of development is possible without education:

(A). Emotional✔️

(B). Physical

(C). Cognitive

(D). Social

18- How can we involve all five senses of the child?

(A). Lecture method

(B). Discussion method

(C). Project method✔️

(D). Recitation

19- You have an aggressive student in your class. Which of the following would you adopt to handle him?

(A). Allow him the opportunity to act aggressively

(B). Explain him about the harmful consequences of aggression✔️

(C). Punish him

(D). Put him in a highly frustrating and embarrassing situation

20- Which one of the following is the most important elements in teaching?

(A). Relationship between teachers and students

(B). Subject matter✔️

(C). Teaching techniques and aids used

(D). Student’s knowledge

21- For teaching at the secondary and higher secondary level the minimum degree requirement by 2018 will be:

(A). A Master’s degree

(B). A master’s degree with B.Ed✔️

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