PPSC Past Papers/Old Papers of Dy. Headmaster Dy. Headmistress

1- Test item is very difficult when value of facility index / difficulty level is less than?

(A). 30-70 %

(B). 70%

(C). 30%✔️

(D). None of these

2- As a school manager interpersonal role means:

(A). Figurehead, leader, liaison

(B). Monitor, disseminator, spokesperson

(C). Entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator/negotiator

(D). All of these✔️

3- Three R’s of Punishment are ——–.

(A). Revenge, Reward, Retaliate

(B). Reward, Respectful, Reload

(C). Resentment, Revenge, Retreat✔️

(D). Respond, Revenge, Retreat

4- How many hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time is Pakistan’s Standard Time?

(A). 2 hours

(B). 3 hours

(C). 4 hours

(D). 5 hours✔️

5- Name the capital of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

(A). Seoul

(B). Pyongyang✔️

(C). Yangon

(D). Phnom Penh

6- Who was the first Chief Minister of the Punjab after independence:

(A). Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot✔️

(B). Khizar Hayat Tiwana

(C). Malik Feroze Khan Noon

(D). Mian Mumtaz Daultana

7- Fill in the blank. The warrior was pleased ——— his new sword.

(A). With✔️

(B). By

(C). At

(D). From

8- Regardless of careful planning and a teacher’s overall effectiveness as a manager, some students in every classroom are bound to be disruptive. Effective teachers should ———-.

(A) Spend as much time as possible to determine the underlying cause of the behavior.

(B). Focus on the misbehavior itself and find ways to change it quickly and precisely✔️

(C). Isolate these students so their misbehavior is not rewarded

(D). Place these students with better-behaved students to encourage peer influence.

9-How much knowledge is gained through the sense of seeing?

(A). 75%✔️

(B). 13%

(C). 06%

(D). 03%

10- The world’s largest internet search engine is:

(A). Yahoo

(B). Gigablast

(C). Google✔️

(D). MSN Search

11- Progressivist teacher plus more emphasis on:

(A). Abstract ideas

(B). Practical education✔️

(C). Theoretical concept

(D). Methods

12- Which Article in the 1973 constitution deals with Jammu and Kashmir?

(A). 230

(B). 240

(C). 245

(D). 257✔️

13-  The first Muslim country to recognize China in 1950 was:

(A). Iraq

(B). Iran

(C). Libya

(D). Pakistan✔️

14- For the final step in a calculation, Ahmad accidentally divided by 1000, instead of multiplying by 1000. What should he do to his incorrect answer to correct it?

(A). Multiply by 1000

(B). Multiply by 100,000

(C). Multiply by 1000,000✔️

(D). square it

15- The most important element of an education system is:

(A). Examination system

(B). Aims of education

(C). Educational planning✔️

(D). Teaching strategy

16- A collection of computers that are connected together is called:

(A). Meeting

(B). Network✔️

(C). Team

(D). Group

17- One way of organizing socio-metric data which can help the teacher organize a classroom group:

(A). Sociology

(B). Sociogram✔️

(C). Performance based assessment

(D). Peer evaluation

18- Who is the Leader of the House in the Senate?

(A). Raza Rabbani✔️

(B). Muhammad Ishaq Dar

(C). Mushahidullah Khan

(D). Raja Zafar-ul-Haq

19- Duration of lessons in macro-lesson plans is:

(A). 5-10 min

(B). 0-20 min

(C). 20-30 min

(D). 34-45 min✔️

20- Mr. Ahmad conducts an activity within his Social Studies class that involves students volunteering in the community. This is a good example of:

(A). Character education

(B). Value clarification✔️

(C). Cognitive moral education

(D). Service learning

21-  Which type of research provides the strongest evidence about the existence of cause-and-effect relationships?

(A). Non-experimental Research

(B). Experimental Research. ✔️

(C). Mixed Method Research

(D). Quasi Research

22- The shortest day is ——-.

(A). 25 December

(B). 22 December✔️

(C). 15 June

(D). 22 June

23- Research in which the researcher uses the qualitative paradigm for one phase and the quantitative paradigm for another phase is known as —–.

(A). Mixed method✔️

(B). Action research

(C). Quantitative research

(D). Basic research

24- Table of Specification helps in:

(A). Test Construction✔️

(B). Test Administration

(C). Test Scoring

(D). All of these

25-Institutional planning should  be based on:

(A). Aim, needs and resources✔️

(B). Time table

(C). Administration

(D). Only needs

26- The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is:

(A). N. L. Gage

(B). Shiv Kumar Mitra

(C). B. F. Skinner

(D). Jean Piaget✔️

27- Difficulty value of less than 0.20 means?

(A). Item is too easy

(B). Item is too difficult✔️

(C). Item is acceptable

(D). Item is moderate

28- Which of the following can best be described as a categorical variable?

(A). Age

(B). Religion✔️

(C). Grade point average

(D). Annual Income

29- Who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

(A). Najib Tun Razzak✔️

(B). Anwar Ibrahim

(C). Abdullah Badawi

(D). Mahathir Muhammad

30- Which from the following is HOT an informal assessment?

(A). Assignment

(B). Observation✔️

(C). Rating scales

(D). Discussion

31- What is the meaning of the idiom “Of the first water”?

(A). In a secret manner

(B). Of the highest quality✔️

(C). Close friendly terms

(D). Very neat and clean

32- Students are passive in:

(A). Project method

(B). Discovery method

(C). Lecture method✔️

(D). Inquiry method

33- All transaction should be entered in which register?

(A). Fee

(B). Cash✔️

(C). Funds

(D). With drawl

34- Goals are set at:

(A). Classroom level

(B). National level

(C). Subject level ✔️

(D). School level

35- Ban-Ki-Moon is the:

(A). President Security Council

(B). PM of Japan

(C). Secretary General UNO✔️

(D). President of Republic of Korea

36- Effective change is a result of:

(A). Altering Mindsets.

(B). Harnessing Motivation.

(C). Shaping Behavior

(D). All of these✔️

37- In today’s classroom management, the teacher is best viewed as:

(A). Guide

(B). Leader✔️

(C). Dictator

(D). Director

38- For a good communication——– is required.

(A). Clarity of thought

(B). Speaking with a pause

(C). Speaking in a mild tone✔️

(D). All of these

39- A quantitative description of experienced data is——–a measurement.

(A). Simply✔️

(B). Particularly

(C). Individually

(D). None of these

40- Identify the correct spellings.

(A). Parmanent

(B). Permanent✔️

(C). Permanant

(D). Parmanunt

41- Objective type questions have an advantage over essay type because such questions are:

(A). Easy to prepare

(B). Easy to solve

(C). Easy to mark✔️

(D). None of these

42- The Kothari Commission Report on Education was entitled as—–.

(A). Education and National Development✔️

(B). Learning ‘to be’

(C). Diversification of Education

(D). Education for All

43- A student who is being disruptive in the classroom should:

(A). Be sent out immediately

(B). Be dealt with individually, quietly and quickly in the classroom✔️

(C). Be humiliated

(D). Just be ignored in the hope the go away

44- The degree to which inferences can legitimately be made from the operationalization in your research is?

(A). Construct Validity✔️

(B). Differentiability.

(C). Objectivity

(D). Reliability

45- Conflict that hinders group performance:

(A). Task Conflict

(B). Relationship Conflict

(C). Dysfunctional Conflict✔️

(D). Process Conflict

46- Discrimination power of an item is acceptable when its value ranges from?

(A). 0.31-1✔️

(B). 1

(C). 0.30

(D). None of these

47- Lots of conflict between members of the group/team is seen in:

(A). Forming Stage

(B). Storming Stage✔️

(C). Norming Stage

(D). Performing stage

48- Which device is required for internet connection?

(A). CD Drive

(B). Modern✔️

(C). Mouse

(D). NIC Card

49- The extent to which the assessment served its intended purpose:

(A). Construct Validity

(B). Face Validity

(C). Content Validity

(D). All of these✔️

50- Gestapo was the Secret Police of:

(A). U.S.A

(B). Russia

(C). Germany✔️

(D). Japan

51- Through the educational process, an individual is stimulated to think, to appreciate, and to:

(A). Educate

(B). Behave

(C). Act✔️

(D). Train

52- Which from the following is NOT a formal assessment?

(A). Assignment✔️

(B). Paper

(C). Quiz

(D). Discussion

53- The hypothesis underlying team teaching is:

(A). Teachers feel bore while working alone

(B). Teachers are not competent

(C). The best teachers in schools are shared by more students✔️

(D). The single teacher cannot control the class

54- Pedagogy is concerned with:

(A). Aims

(B). Content

(C). Teaching Methods✔️

(D). Evaluation

55- According to Education policy, the free and universal education up to class 10 with be provided by:

(A). 2020

(B). 2021

(C). 2023

(D). 2025✔️

56- The most important component of lesson plan is:

(A). Curriculum evaluation

(B). Objectives✔️

(C). I.Q

(D). Educational institution

57- The investment of a teacher’s physical, cognitive, and emotional energies into job performance, is:

(A). Job Engagement✔️

(B). Job Enlargement

(C). Job Enrichment

(D). Job Rotation

58- Those working together to complete a specific job or task in an informal setting without any hierarchical boundaries.

(A). Command Group

(B). Interest Group

(C). Task Group✔️

(D). Friend Group

59-The power a person receives as a result of his or her position in the formal hierarchy of a School.

(A). Coercive Power

(B). Reward Power

(C). Legitimate Power✔️

(D). Expert Power

60- Intelligence tests are examples of:

(A). Achievement tests✔️

(B). Aptitude tests

(C). High-stakes tests

(D). Norm-referenced tests

61- 25 students took a test and 4 of them failed. What percent of them passed the test:

(A). 75%

(B). 80%

(C). 82%

(D). 84%✔️

62- The teacher notices that Mahnoor can solve a problem with the help of her peer guidance. This guidance is called:

(A). Assisted performance

(B). The zone of proximal development✔️

(C). Preoperational thinking

(D). Lateralization

63- To break information into parts and to examine the information is called:

(A). Analyzing✔️

(B). Evaluating

(C). Synthesizing

(D). Originating

64- The curriculum will be child centered if teacher is?

(A). Realist

(B). Perennialist

(C). Progressivist

(D). Essentialist✔️

  1. Coordinating, stimulating and directing:

(A). Administration

(B). Inspection✔️

(C). Supervision

(D). Management

66- Micro teaching is to a:

(A). Teacher method.

(B). Teaching training technique✔️

(C). Motivational technique

(D). None of these

67- The number of domains in taxonomies of educational objective is:

(A). Two

(B). Three✔️

(C). Five

(D). Six

68- A field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organization, for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness.

(A). Organizational Climate

(B). Organizational Culture

(C). Organizational Structure

(D). Organizational Behavior✔️

69- What are the primary colours?

(A). Blue, Green, Yellow

(B). Yellow, Red, Blue

(C). Red, Blue, Green✔️

(D). Red, Blue, Orange

70- Ms. Asma teaches third grade. Which period of development is likely to be of most interest to her?

(A). Infancy

(B). Early childhood

(C). Middle childhood and late childhood✔️

(D). Adolescence

71- Constructs related to modification or prediction is ——- part of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

(A). Application

(B). Synthesis✔️

(C). valuation

(D). Analysis

72- Which of the following is an example of a biological process that might be studied by an educational psychologist:

(A). The development of social relationship

(B). The changes in children’s motor skills

(C). The changes in the ability of the children to think logically

(D). The influence of parental nurturing on children’s tendency to be aggressive✔️

73- Mr. Kamran’s students are working very well together in groups on a cooperative project. The bell will ring in five muinutes. How could Mr. Kamran best use cuing to let the students know that they need to wrap things up?

(A). Loudly tell the students to get back to their seats

(B). Ring a bell softly alerting students of the time

(C). Tell one student in each group to alert the others that class is about to end✔️

(D). All of these

74- Which of the following questions is most likely to get students to reflect on their purpose?

(A). What can you do to get good grades?

(B). What’s most important to you in your life?✔️

(C). How can you set better short-term goals?

(D). How can you organize your life better to find more time to study?

75- Which from the following is NOT a formal assessment?

(A). Interview

(B). Observation✔️

(C). Project

(D). Quizzes

76- (31/10)x(3/10)+(7/5)/20 = ?)

(A). 0

(B). 1✔️

(C). 10

(D). 100

77- Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of:

(A). Education

(B). Learning

(C). Knowledge✔️

(D). Philosophy of Education

78- “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” The assumption is related to that type of discipline which has been advocated:

(A). By naturalist philosophy

(B). By pragmatist philosophy✔️

(C). In Victorian Era

(D). In Democratic Era

79- Supply type test items are:

(A). True/False items

(B). Matching items

(C). Multiple Choice items.

(D). Completion items✔️

80- Name the SAARC Member country which is still ruled by a Monarch?

(A). Nepal

(B). Bhutan✔️

(C). Maldives

(D). None of these

81- √169 = ?

(A) .13✔️

(B). 17

(C). 19

(D). 21

82- The ability to select organize, integrate and evaluate ideas is demonstrated by?

(A). Restricted Response Questions

(B). Extended Response Questions✔️

(C). M.C.Q items

(D). Matching items

83- Knowledge of child psychology is a must for a primary teacher. That is because:

(A). It helps in making children disciplined

(B). The examination result is improved

(C). It becomes a convenient mode for motivating children

(D). It helps the teacher in understanding the behavior of children✔️

84-When were Hiroshima and Nagasaki hit by atom bombs?

(A). August 1945 ✔️

(B). June 1945

(C). April 1944

(D). None of these

85- Which of the following orders is recommended in the flowchart of the development of a research idea?

(A). Research topic, research problem, research purpose, research question, hypothesis✔️

(B). Research topic, research purpose, research problem, research question, hypothesis

(C). Hypothesis, research topic, research problem, research purpose, research question

(D). Research topic, hypothesis, research problem, research question, research purpose

86- Test item is acceptable when its faculty index / difficulty level ranges from?

(A). 30-70%✔️

(B). 70%

(C). 30%

(D). None of these

87- The ability to select organize, integrate and evaluate ideas is demonstrated by:

(A). Restricted Response Questions

(B). Extended Response Questions✔️

(C). Matching items

(D). Multiple choice. experimental knowledge to real?

88- According to——–, experimental knowledge is real?

(A). Perennialism✔️

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism

89-Which of the following Internet Search Engine was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

(A). Yahoo

(B). You tube

(C). MSN

(D). Google✔️

90- Baglihar Dam is being constructed by:

(A). Pakistan on Indus in Northern area

(B). India on Jhelum in Indian occupied Kashmir

(C). India on Neelum in Kashmir valley

(D). India on Chenab in Indian occupied Kashmir✔️

91- Profession is employed for:

(A). Job✔️ 

(B). Duty

(C). Work

(D). Service

92- Alternative response item is:

(A). Single True/False✔️

(B). Multiple True/False

(C). Multiple Correct Response

(D). All of these

93- The question “Will the shy child who never speaks turn into a quit child, shy adult or will the child become sociable, talkative person?” is concerned with which developmental issue?

(A). Maturation

(B). Continuity and discontinuity

(C). Cultural universals versus cultural relativism

(D). Nature and nurture✔️

94-Instruction medium (Pedagogy) affects the absence and escape from class teaching:

(A). Agreed✔️

(B). Indefinite

(C). Disagreed

(D). None of these

95- Kuder Richardson method is used to estimate?

(A). Reliability✔️

(B). Validity

(C). Objectivity

(D). Usability

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