Political Science MCQ for PPSC FPSC KKPSC Practice Test 12

1- One of the following is not one of the three faces of power:

A). The use of stick

B). The use of deal

C). The use of kiss

D). The use of money✔️

2- The feminists attack the following:

A). Public/ private divide✔️

B). Public/ political divide

C). Private/ political divide

D). Political/ social divide

3- Who said:” power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely?

A). Acton✔️

B). Almond

C). Aristotle

D). Apter

4- Who wrote: politics: who Gets, what, when, How?

A). Lasswell and Kaplan

B). Lasswell alone✔️

C). Kaplan alone

D). Almond and Powell

5-The following makes power as authority:

A). Force

B). Influence

C). Legitimacy✔️

D). None of the above

6- Who said,” The wisest have the most Authority”?

A). Socrates

B). Plato✔️

C). Aristotle

D). Locke

7-Who among the following hinted at the legitimation crisis?


B). Habermas✔️


D). Derrida

8-Who described imperialism as the potential phase of capitalism?

A). Lenin

B). Hanson

C). Schumpeter

D). Kautsky✔️

9- Which of the following pair constitutes the principle organs of the United Nations?

A). Secretariat and ILO



D). General Assembly and Secretariat✔️

10- One of the following I not the specialized agency of the UN

A). International Labour organization

B). world Health organisation

C). International court of justice✔️

D). International postal union

11-Which among the following organs of the UN ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

A). Security Council

B). General Assembly✔️

C). International court of justice

D). Secretariat

12- One of the following is not a permanent member of UN security council?

A). Republic of China✔️

B). Russia

C). France

D). United Kingdom

13- One of the following is not a member of the UN?

A).The Holy see✔️

B). Benin

C). Georgia

D). Haiti

14- An Agenda for peace did not include the following?

A). Peace- keeping efforts

B). Peace- making efforts

C). Peace- building efforts

D). Peace developing efforts✔️

15- One of the following secretary Generals of the United Nations had outlined an Agenda for peace:

A). Ban ki- moon

B). Kofi Annan

C). Boutros Boutros- Ghali✔️

D). U.Thant

16-The Rio Earth Summit was held in the year:





17-The United Nation Millennium Declaration (2002) did not include:

A). Promotion of gender equality

B). Eradication of poverty

C). Combating conflicts✔️

D). Environmental sustainability

18- Duguit criticized the Austinian theory of sovereignty in the name of the:

A). Community’s sense of right

B). Principle of social solidarity✔️

C). Moral personality of corporations

D). Theory of natural law

19- Who among the following was the chief exponent of the legal theory of sovereignty?

A). Bodin

B). Locke

C). Rousseau

D). Austin✔️

20- Which of the following theories is the most acceptable theories regarding the origin of state:

A). Divine origin theory

B). Social contract theory

C). Force theory

D). Evolutionary theory✔️

21- Which one of the following is the oldest theory regarding the origin of state:

A). Force Theory

B). Patriarchal theory

C). Social contract theory

D). Divine origin theory✔️

22- The divine origin theory of state holds:

A). The state was created by a Saint named Divine

B). State was created by God✔️

C). State was created by majority vote

D). State was created by people

23- In modern times the Force Theory found a strong advocate in:

A). Lenin

B). Hitler✔️

C). Winston Churchill

D). Mahatma Gandhi

24- The Patriarchal theory of the origin of state is associated with the name of:

A). Jenks

B). Henry Maine✔️

C). Laski

D). Morgan

25- The Matriarchal theory of the origin of state is associated with:

A). Sir Henry Maine

B). Adam Smith

C). Herbert

D). Jenks✔️

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