Political Science MCQ for PPSC FPSC KKPSC NTS Practice Test 4

1- The purpose of social contact theory is to:

A).Trace the origin and development of state

B). Justify the status quo of political systems

C). Establish the political authority and principle of obligation✔️

D).To foster social evolution

2- The formula from ‘ status to contract” refers to:

A). Contact theory✔️

B). Historical theory

C). Force theory

D). Divine right theory

3- The social contract theory of the 17th__18th centuries was a reaction against the following theory of the origin of the state:

A). Force theory

B). Matriarchal theory

C). Divine theory✔️

D). Patriarchal theory

4- The idea of contract was revived in:

A). Lenin’s State and Revolution

B). Rawl’s Theory of justice✔️

C). Green’s Lectures of the principles of political Obligation

D). Hannah Arendt’s the Origins of Totalitarianism

5- The chief advocate of the Patriarchal theory of the origin of the state is:

A). Jenks

B). Morgan

C). Henry Maine✔️

D). Mclennan

6- The chief advocate of the Matriarchal theory of the origin of the state is:

A). Henry Maine

B). Hume

C). Filmer

D). Mclennan✔️

7- ” I authorise and give up my Right of Governing myself, to this Man, or to this Assembly of men, on this condition, that thee give up thy right to him, and authorize all his actions in like manner”. Who made this statement?

A). Hobbes✔️

B). John Locke

C). Rousseau

D). Montesquieu

8- who among the following thinkers held the view that ” Setting up of a government is a much less important event than the original compact that makes civil society”?

A). Hobbes

B). Locke✔️

C). Rousseau

D). Halifax

9- Locke has used the social contract theory to justify:

A). Political absolutism

B). Supremacy of the judicial organ

C). Liberal- democratic state✔️

D). Absolute loyalty of citizens of the state

10- According to Hobbes, man may resist the sovereignty if the latter fails to provide him:

A). Welfare

B). Security✔️

C). Equality

D). Justice

11- Who among the following justified the absolute power of sovereign on the basis of an original and irrevocable agreement of the people to surrender their natural right to its authority?

A). Hobebs✔️

B). Rousseau

C). Austin

D). Laski

12- Who among the following thinkers made a distinction between Real Will and Actual Will?

A). Rousseau✔️

B). Green

C). Bosanquet

D). Kant

13- ” Intelligence is dangerous because it undermines reverence: science is destructive because it takes every faith, reason is bad because it sets prudence against moral institution.”

A). Rousseau✔️


C). Locke

D). Montesquieu

14- Which one of the following revolutions was inspired by the theory of general will?

A). Bolshevik Revolution

B). French Revolution✔️

C). Industrial Revolution

D). Glorious Revolution

15- One of the following pair sums up the modern version of the Social Contract theory:

A). Hobbes and Locke

B). Locke and Rousseau

C). Rousseau and Rawls

D). Rawls and Gauthier✔️

16- The following is the description of man’s nature as stated by Hobbes:

A). Solitary, nasty, poor, short, brutish

B). brutish, solitary, poor, short, nasty

C). Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, short✔️

D). Poor,nasty, solitary, brutish, short

17- The Lockean first treatise was a condemnation of:

A). Hobbes’ argument

B). Filmer’s argument✔️

C). James L’s argument

D). Socrates’ argument

18- Argument for civil government by Locke was:

A). Freedom

B). Property✔️

C). Security

D). Welfare

19- Rousseau’s general will is the assemblage of:

A). Actual wills

B). Real wills✔️

C). Both A & B

D). None of the above

20- What Rawls calls the original position, is what the 17 th__ 18 th centuries contractualists described as:

A). The nature of the state

B). The state of nature✔️

C). Nature as the state

D). State as nature

21- who among the following used the phrase ‘Asiatic mode of production’ to describe the Non- European societies.

A). John Locke

B). Thomas Hobbes

C). Karl Marx✔️

D). John Stuart Mill

22- Which of the following theories posits a pre- political society as its point of departure?

A). Communitarianism

B). Civic Republicanism

C). Lockean Liberalism✔️

D). Hobbes theory of social contact

23- The term city state is generally associated with:

A). Ancient Egypt

B). Ancient Greece✔️

C). Ancient China

D). None of the above

24- The term state in the modern sense was for the first time used by:

A). Aristotle

B). Machiavelli✔️

C). Hobbes

D). T. H. Green

25- The state consists of:

A). Four elements✔️

B). Five elements

C). Three elements

D). Nine elements

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