Political Science MCQ for PPSC FPSC KKPSC Practice Test 3

1- The following group of philosophers wrote the book Republic:

A). Plato, Aristotle, Cicero

B). Aristotle, Cicero,Bodin

C). Cicero, Bodin,Plato✔️

D). Plato, Locke, Cicero

2- One of the following is the statement given by Plato with regard to the state:

A).The state is prior to the  individual

B).The state is individual writ large✔️

C).The state is an obstacle of obstacles

D). The state is a march of God on earth

3- One of the following statements with regard to the state is correct:

A). Society is  prior to the state✔️

B). State is prior to the society

C). State and society originate together

D). State and society arose in reaction to each other

4- Who has described the state as “a partnership in all sciences, a partnership in all arts, a partnership in every virtue and in all perfection?

A). Edmund Burke✔️

B). Aristotle

C). Maclver

D). Morgan

5- Aristotle’s dictum ” the state is prior to the individual” implies:

A).The  temporal  priority of the state

B).The  absorption of man in the state

C).The  integral  unity of man and the state ✔️

D). A genetic fallacy

6- Political system has been defined as ” that system of interactions in any society through which binding or authoritative allocations are made and implemented”. who said so?

A). Lasswell

B). Max Waber

C). David Easton✔️

D). Almond

7- Which one of the following indicates a relationship between inputs and outputs of a political system?

A). Extractive capability

B). Regulative capability

C). Distributive capability

D). Responsive capability✔️

8- Hegel’s state grew in the following order:

A). Family, civil society, state✔️

B). Family, state, civil society

C). Civil society, family, state

D). State, family, civil society

9- The dictum that the state is individual writ large implies:

A). The state has in it elements found in the individual✔️

B). The individual has in it elements found in the state

C). The expansion of individual ends up in the state

D). The state has in it individuals, as well as association created by them

10- Who among the following explained the views of T.H. Green on state as ” human consciousness postulates liberty, liberty involves rights and rights demand the state?”

A). H.J. Laski

B). R.M. Maclver

C). E. Barker✔️

D). S.M.Lipset

11- ” with the causes of exploitation of class by class removed, with the abolition of classes, the state will, therefore, inevitably wither away”.

A). Divine right theory

B). Social contract theory

C). Evolutionary theory

D). Marxist theory✔️

12-Theorists who believe that ” state is an association of associations ” are best described as:

A). Socialists

B). Federalists

C). Anarchists

D). Pluralists✔️

13- Which one of the following theories held the view that the state is a product and manifestation of the irreconcilability of class antagnoism?

A). Evolutionary theory

B). Anarchist theory

C). Marxist- Leninst theory✔️

D). Guild- socialist theory

14- With which one of the following can the organic conception of the state be associated?

A). Machiavelli

B). Aristotle✔️

C). Thomas Hobbes

D). Karl Marx

15- For the following group of philosophers, the state is a legal person:

A). Bentham and Mill

B). Mill and Marx

C). Bentham and Austin✔️

D). Austin and Mill

16- For the juridical nature of the state, the following is not true?

A). The state is a legal personality

B). It makes laws and it is made by law

C). It is an abstraction throughout by legal functionaries✔️

D). It can sue others and can be sued by others

17- One of the following is not an advocate of organic theory of the nature of the state.

A). Rene Worms

B). Albert Schaffle

C). Spencer

D). Jeremy Bentham✔️

18- ” The state is a necessary evil”. This statement refers to the:

A). Anarchist theory of the state

B). Individualist theory of the state✔️

C). Marxian theory of the state

D). Neo- liberal theory of the state

19- The function of the state is not to permote morality but to remove obstacles from the way of good life. The  above view it’s attributed to:

A). Moderate Idealists✔️

B). Fascists

C). Utilitarians

D). Anarchists

20- The welfare state is essentially a synthesis of:

A). Liberalism and socialism✔️

B). Socialism and communism

C). Communism and Idealism

D). Individualism and Fascism

21- The legal notion of state has found expression in the writings of:

A). Bodin, Hobbes, Bentham and Austin✔️

B). Laski, Maclver, Hegel and Bosanquet

C). Bodin, Hegel, Bentham and Grotius

D). Hobbes, T.H. Green and Austin

22- The most important function of the welfare state is the creation of conditions which ensure:

A). Fair elections

B). Liberty

C). Social justice✔️

D). Freedom of expression

23- The difference principle in the Rawlsian theory of liberal welfare state is derived from:

A). Sympathy for the worst off in society

B). Moral duty to help the least advantaged

C).The principle to maximization of utilities✔️

D). The  Maximin principle

24- Which one of the following theories of the functions of state holds that liberty is not the end of all human associations but it is merely a means for the realization of the fullness of individual life?

A). Fascist theory

B). Welfare theory

C). Anarchist theory

D). Individualist theory✔️

25- One of the following is true about the welfare state:

A). It is a negative state

B). It is a necessary evil

C). It is an evil

D). It is a positive institution✔️

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