Pak Studies MCQs Contribution of Sufis in the Spread of Islam

Sheikh Ismail was the _______ missionary who began preaching of Islam in Lahore in 1005 A.D.

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fourth

He used to deliver ________ at which thousands of Hindus embraced Islam.

a) Daras

b) Khutabah

c) Both a & b

d) None of these

He preached during _____rule:

a) Khilji

b) Tughluq

c) Ghaznavid

d) Mughal

He came to Lahore from:

a) Sindh

b) Delhi

c) Bengal

d) Bukhara

He died in the year:

a) 448 A.H

b) 450 A.H

c) 452 A.H

d) 454 A.H

Hazrat Sheikh Ali Bin Osman Hujweri (Data Gunj Bakhash) came during the time of:

a) Mughal

b) Khilji

c) Tughluq

d) Ghaznavi

He was descendent of Hazrat ______.

a) Ali (R.A)

b) Hassain (R.A)

c) Hasan (R.A)

d) Abu Bar (R.A)

The Chishti order in the sub-continent was introduced into India by:

a) Khawaja Mu’in ud din Chisti

b) Hazrat Sheikh Ismail

c) Hazrat Ali Hujweri

d) Hazrat Khwaja Farid Ganj Shakar

He was born in _____ in Seistan in Central Asia:

a) 1140

b) 1142

c) 114

d) 1146

He died in:

a) 1234

b) 1235

c) 1236

d) 1237

Khawaja Bakhtiyar Kaki established his Khanqah in:

a) Lahore

b) Multan

c) Delhi

d) Kabul

He came during the rule of Sultan ________ during Delhi Sultanate.

a) Haroon

b) Humayun

c) Khilji

d) Iltutmish

Sultan Iltumtmish presented him the title of:

a) Shiekh ul Hind

b) Shiekh ul Islam

c) Shiekh ul Insaan

d) Shiekh ul dunya

He died in _______ Hijri.

a) 630

b) 632

c) 634

d) 636

Hazra Khawaja Farid ud din Ganj Shakar was born in:

a) 1173

b) 1175

c) 1177

d) 1179

He died in:

a) 1261

b) 1263

c) 1265

d) 1267

Sheikh Bahauddin Zakaryia was the founder of the ____order.

a) Suharwardi

b) Chistiah

c) Both A & B

d) None of these

He was born near:

a) Bokhara

b) Samarkhand

c) Lahore

d) Multan

He established his Khanqah in:

a) Lahore

b) Pakpattan

c) Multan

d) Kasur

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