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Given below on this Website Online Free Taleem is free online MCQ’s test related to PPSC of Lecturer Education. All the individuals who are going to appear in PPSC Lecturer of Education written test can attempt these tests in order to prepare for it in best possible way. Our tests include all the important questions MCQs of Lecturer of PPSC Education, all Past Papers of Lecturer of Education PPSC  that have extremely high amount of chances for been included in the actual exam which make our test undoubtedly the best source of preparation.


There will be 25 multiple choice question in the test.
Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start this test.
Practice this test at least 5 times if you want to secure High Marks.
At the End of the Test you can see your Test score and Rating.
If you found any incorrect answer in Quiz. Simply click on the quiz title and comment below on that MCQ. So that I can update the incorrect answer on time.

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Test Instructions:-
Test NameLecturer Education
SubjectEducation Test 20
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

PPSC Lecturer of Education Practice Test 20

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Instrument used for measuring sample of behavior is:

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In which type of memory, retention is unlimited?

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Who said, “Experiences lead to the scientific approach”

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The first country to recognize Pakistan after independence was:

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The variables in the experiment that do not change are called the ….. variables:

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A method of observation is a:

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A hyperlink is:

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Which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premises?

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Symposium is a type of:

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Which not an aspect of mind according to the Realist, theory of knowing?

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Which of the following is not instructional material?

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In cooperative method teachers act as a delegator mearis i:he teacher act as a/an …. To the students:

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Curriculum consists of:

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Why is learning by doing important?

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A Phenomenon in which something that was previously learned facilitates new learning tasks is:

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Complete the series 5, 9, 17, 33, ……………?

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Kashmir dispute was taken to the UN Security Council by India in:

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Which of the following is true about the ways of leaning for students:

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A procedure through which one arrives at a fact, principle, rule or generalization from some specific cases or examples is called:

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Dyslexia associated with:

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Fill in the blank with correct preposition:

Do not cry …………….spilt milk

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Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

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Which of the following is a highly desirable feature of a scientific study?

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Which of the following is called Magna Carta of Education:

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Identify the correct spellings in the following set of words

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8 thoughts on “Lecturer Education Test 20 Online Preparation MCQs

  1. Dyslexia associated with:

    Behavioral disorder
    Reading disorder
    Mental disorder
    Mathematical disorder
    Its a reading and writing disorder but ans is wrong here

  2. The variable in experiments that do not change called

    Answer: i think Control variable is the right answer (please check the answer)

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