PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 17

1- The ability to think in novel and unusual ways is called:

(A). Positive thinking

(B). Problem solving

(C). Creativity✔️

(D). None

2- Which is basic emotion?

(A). Surprise

(B). Withdrawal

(C). Fear✔️

(D). Fighting

3- Piaget presented the theory of:

(A). Cognitive development✔️

(B). Psychomotor development

(C). Moral development

(D). None

4- Model of eight types of learning was designed by:

(A). Binet

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne✔️

(D). Stern

5- The process of Adaptation in Piagetian Cognitive Development theory is:

(A). Assimilation and recognition

(B) Assimilation and Accommodation✔️

(C). Above all

(D). None

6- The process of helping individual make life adjustment at home school and other phases of:

(A). Counseling

(B). Guidance✔️

(C). Advice

(D). None

7- Hierarchy of needs was presented by:

(A). Maslow✔️

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne

(D). Stern

8- At which stage of cognitive development the child develops object permanence:

(A). Sensori motor✔️

(B). Pre operational

(C). Concrete operational

(D). None

9- The pioneer of identifying individual differences was:

(A). Francis Galton✔️

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne

(D). Stern

10- Which is the basic Emotion?

(A). Love✔️

(B). Surprise

(C). Hate

(D). None

11-Who was the first psychologist?

(A). Aristotle✔️

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne

(D). Stern

12- Founder of socio psychological development was:

(A). Erikson✔️

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne

(D). Stern

13-  Another name of working memory is:

(A). Shot term memory✔️

(B). Sensory memory

(C). Long term memory

(D). None

14-Perception and attention play major role in:

(A). Short term memory

(B). Long term memory ✔️

(C). Sensory memory

(D). None

15- Logical thinking according to Jean Piaget starts at the stages of:

(A). Sensori motor

(B). Pre operational

(C). Concrete operational✔️

(D). None

16-  Experiments on learning by insight were performed by:

(A). Kohler✔️

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne

(D). Stern

17- Translation of concrete experiences, development of logical thinking are given by:

(A). Piaget ✔️

(B). Watson

(C). Gagne

(D). Stern

18- Theory of self-actualization and sense of identity was presented by:

(A). Maslow✔️

(B). Gagne

(C). Stern

(D). Watson

19- The fourth five-year plan was started in:

(A). 1962.

(B). 1963

(C). 1970 ✔️

(D). 1973

20- In which year, the fifth five-year plan was started?

(A). 1972

(B). 1974

(C). 1978✔️

(D). 1979

21- The sixth five-year plan was started in:

(A). 1983✔️

(B). 1982

(C). 1985

(D). 1988

22- There was no national development programme or plan before:

(A). 1950

(B). 1951✔️

(C). 1948

(D). 1949

23- National Bank Foundation was established under the education policy?

(A). 1972✔️

(B). 1959

(C). 1947

(D). 1970

24-The graduates of Islamic Madarasas got Government services under the education policy of:

(A). 1979✔️

(B). 1970

(C). 1959

(D). 1992

25- Permission for establishing private educational institutions was granted in the education policy of:

(A). 1992

(B). 1978✔️

(C). 1959

(D). 1970

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