PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 18

1- Computer education in schools was first introduced in the education policy of:

(A). 1998

(B). 1992✔️

(C). 1972

(D). 1959

2-The instruction of Islamic studies and Pakistan studies was made compulsory in the education policy of:

(A). 1978✔️

(B). 1959

(C). 1992

(D). 1970

3-  National Education Policy, 1970 was formulated in the era of:

(A). Nawaz Sharif

(B). Z.A. Bhutto

(C). General Yahya Khan✔️

(D). General Zia-ul-Haq

4-Which of the following was the foremost aim of Educational conference 1947:

(A). Attention towards adult education

(B). Preparation for the changing needs

(C). Development of the emotions of sacrifice and service

(D). Modification of education system in line with the culture✔️

5- Which of the following was the goal of the establishment of Textbook Board:

(A). Preparation of examination

(B). Distribution of Degrees

(C). Preparation of Textbooks✔️

(D). Preparation of helping books

6-Which of the following subjects was recommended to instruct at inter and degree level in the education policy of 1970:

(A). Technical education

(B). Agriculture education

(C). Educology✔️

(D). Physical education

7- By means of the educative process:

(A). Ideology of Pakistan can be promoted

(B). Aims of the establishment of Pakistan can be imparted

(C). National solidarity can be developed

(D). All of the above✔️

8-Primarily, discipline in the process of:

(A). Accepting painful limitations

(B). Abiding by the laws of an institution✔️

(C). Surrendering to predetermined rules and regulations

(D). Keeping the individuals under laws through society

9- Which of the following is the most primary cause of increase in the number of illiterate individuals:

(A). Drop-out

(B). General attitude of the people towards education

(C). Speedy growth in population✔️

(D). Lack of schools

10- Among the list of over-populated counties, Pakistan falls in the:

(A). Fourteenth place

(B). Eleventh place

(C). Sixth place✔️

(D). fourth place

11- According to the present birth rate, the population of Pakistan will take:

(A). 74 years to double

(B). 57 years to double

(C). 33 years to double

(D). 20 years to double✔️

12- It is recommended in All Pakistan Education Conference that free and compulsory education should be introduced for a period of five year and gradually raised to:

(A). 6 years

(B). 7 years

(C). 9 years

(D). 8 years✔️

13- Educational Conference 1951 was prepared by:

(A). Education Division of the Central Government✔️

(B). Planning Board of the Central Government

(C). Educational council of the Central

(D). Implementation Bureau of the Central Government

14- The commission on National Education appointed by a resolution adopted by the Government of Pakistan on:

(A). August 30, 1958

(B). October 30, 1958

(C). March 30, 1958

(D). December 30, 1958✔️

15-  When commission on National Education 1959 introduced new syllabi?

(A). 1959

(B). 1960

(C). 1961✔️

(D). 1962

16- Who was appointed as the joint secretary of Board of Trustees of Aligarh College?

(A). Syed Muhammad✔️

(B). Iqbal Muhammad

(C). Abid Muhammad

(D). Noor Muhammad

17- Who said that congress was mainly a Hindu body which can never be sincere to the Muslims?

(A). Sir Syed Ahmad Khan✔️

(B). Shah Wali Ullah

(C). Mian Titu Mir

(D). Haji Shariatullah

18- Who wrote an “Essays on the life of Muhammad”?

(A). Shah Wali Ullah

(B). Syed Suleman Nadvi

(C). Sir Syed Ahmad Khan✔️

(D). Liaquat Ali Khan

19- Who published the magazine Tehzib-ul-Akhlaq:

(A). Sir Syed Ahmad Khan✔️

(B). Muhammad Ali Johar

(C). Dadhu Mian

(D). Muhammad Ali Shawkat

20-Which of the following was the goal of Aligarh movement:

(A). Promotion of mutual cooperation between the Muslims and the British

(B). Removal of discrimination between worldly and religious education

(C). Motivating the people for acquiring modern education

(D). All of the above✔️

21- Sir Syed received his early education from his:

(A). Father

(B). Mother

(C). Paternal Grand Father

(D). Maternal Grand Father✔️

22- Which of the following was the motivational force for the beginning of Aligarh Movement:

(A). An independent system of education for Muslims

(B). Economic stability of the Muslims

(C). Reconciliation between the Muslims and the British

(D). All of the above✔️

23- Due to the support of the British measures, the Hindus:

(A). Succeeded in getting Government services

(B). Left behind the Muslims in the economic field

(C). Got closer to the British rulers

(D). All of the above✔️

24-According to the British, the responsible for independence were the:

(A). Hindus

(B). Muslims ✔️

(C). Sikh

(D). Marahatas

25-During his stay in England, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan closely watched which system of England?

(A). Social

(B). Economical

(C). Educational✔️

(D). Religious

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