PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 13

1-Educational objectives are mainly derived from:

(A). National goals✔️

(B). Schools Curriculum.

(C). Educational policy

(D). Five-year plan

2-Formal education is meant for:

(A). Flexible rules of entry and exit

(B). Rigid rules of entry and exit✔️

(C). No rules of entry and exit

(D). few rules of entry and exit

3- The education confined to educational institution is:

(A). Informal education

(B). Non-formal education

(C). Formal education✔️

(D). Government

4- Education is not pre planned in:

(A). Formal education

(B). Informal education✔️

(C). Adult education

(D). Non-formal education

5-Epistemology means:

(A). Knowledge✔️

(B). Reality

(C). Values

(D). Culture

6- Study of great books is at the core of:

(A). Perennialsm✔️

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism

7-The major impact of the Aligarh movement was:

(A). Political training✔️

(B). Teaching of English

(C). Social activities 8

(D). Religious activities

8- Anjuman Himayat-e-Islam was established in:

(A). 1857

(B). 1575

(C). 1887✔️

(D). 1884

9- The objective of education, according to charter Act, was:

(A). Islamic education

(B). Preaching Christianity✔️

(C). Technical education

(D). Preaching Hinduism.

10-Heuristic method is meant for:

(A). To investigate✔️

(B). To show

(C). To do

(D). To act

11-The Socratic method is known as:

(A). Demonstration method

(B). Discussion method

(C). Lecture method

(D). Dialectic method✔️

12- The focus of cognitive domain is:

(A). Motor skills

(B). Intellectual skills✔️

(C). Physical skills

(D). Practice skills

13- Methods based on the facts that students learn association, activity and cooperation is known as:

(A). Storytelling

(B). Working on project✔️

(C). Problem solving

(D). Discussion

14-Students Portfolio is the collection of:

(A). School record

(B). Teacher record

(C). Student work record✔️

(D). Office work record

15- Solo Taxonomy provides systematic way of describing the learner’s:

(A). Ability

(B). Understanding✔️

(C). Performance

(D). Skill

16-Definition of a profession is related to:

(A). Job✔️

(B). Duty

(C). Service

(D). Work

17- Educational psychology revolves around three areas: the learner, the learning process and:

(A). Teacher

(B). Content

(C). Methods

(D). situation✔️

18-Evaluation is related to:

(A). Numerical value

(B). Value judgment✔️

(C). Qualitative value

(D). learning speed

19-Superannuation/retirement age of a Govt. servant in Pakistan is:

(A). 65 years

(B). 62 years

(C). 60 years✔️

(D). 58 years

20- Acqulttance role is used for:

(A). Salary disbursement✔️

(B). Stock entries

(C). Govt. grants files

(D). Expenditure record

21- How many basic components of a curriculum have?

(A). 2

(B). 4✔️

(C). 6

(D). 8

22- Knowledge is compartmentalized in:

(A). Subject centered curriculum✔️

(B). Learner centered curriculum

(C). Activity centered curriculum

(D). Broad field curriculum

23- Educational Policy emphasizing islamization of knowledge was announced in:

(A). 1947

(B). 1973

(C). 1979✔️

(D). 2009

24- Research is the:

(A). Intellectual activity for development

(B). Activity of problem solving

(C). Endless quest for knowledge✔️

(D). Development of theories through informal investigation

25- The five year plan was for the period:

(A). 1950-1955

(B). 1955-1960✔️

(C). 1960-1965

(D). 1970-1975

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