PPSC FPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 12

1- The education confined to educational institution is:

(A). Informal education.

(B). Non-formal education

(C). Formal education ✔️

(D)  Semi formal education.

2- Solo Taxonomy provides systematic way of describing the learner’s:

(A). Ability

(B). Understanding✔️

(C). Performance

(D). Skill

3- Andragogy techniques are used to teach:

(A). Teenagers

(B). Adults✔️

(C). Toddlers

(D). Children

4- Managing school records is main duty of:

(A). School teacher

(B). Clerk

(C). School head ✔️

(D). Education officer

5- Teaching as per lesson plan in a school is usually supervised by:

(A). Teacher educator

(B). Teacher

(C). Headmaster✔️

(D). District Education Officer

6- The pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is:

(A). Philosophy✔️

(B). Psychology

(C). History

(D). Sociology

7- In the subject centered curriculum, the important element is:

(A). Division of knowledge✔️

(B). Mixing of activity

(C). Social study

(D). Psychomotor development

8- Study of great books is at the core of:

(A). Perennialism✔️

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism

9- Which of the following activity DOES NOT fall in psychomotor domain?

(A). Hand writing

(B). Ball throwing

(C). Creating ideas✔️

(D). Sketching

10- The word DDO means:

(A). Drawing and Disbursing Officer.✔️

(B). District Development Officer

(C). Devolution and Development Officer

(D). Deputy Divisional Officer

11- Which is not the characteristic of authoritative administration:

(A). Rudeness

(B). Suppressing the subordinates

(C). Strict discipline

(D). Sharing✔️

12- In pre-school education, the focus of guidance is upon:

(A). Exploration

(B). Adjustment✔️

(C). Individual analysis

(D). Group guidance

13- All Govt. grants and expenditures are maintained in:

(A). Cash Register✔️

(B). Acquittance Roll

(C). Contingent Register

(D). Budget Register

14- Scientific society was founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in:

(A). 1864✔️


(C). 1868

(D). 1869

15- At present, minimum qualification for recruiting elementary school teacher in Punjab is:

(A). B.A/B.Ed

(B). B.A/M.Ed

(C). M.A/B.Ed✔️

(D). B.A/B.Sc

16- Which is basic emotion being faced by students in early classes?

(A). Surprise

(B). Withdrawal

(C). Fear✔️

(D). Fighting

17- Hierarchy of needs was presented by:

(A). Maslow✔️

(B). Gardner

(C). Skinner

(D). Piaget

18- The level of school administration can best be judged through:

(A). Head teacher-teacher relations

(B). Beautiful building

(C). Learning out comes✔️

(D). Teacher student relations

19- The most essential leadership quality in Islam has emphasized on:

(A). Wealth

(B). Knowledge✔️

(C). Inherited status

(D). Executive power

20- National Education Commission 1959 was established under the Chairmanship of:

(A). Fazalur Rehman

(B). S. M. Sharif✔️

(C). Liaqat Ali Khan

(D). Abdul Rub Nishtar

21- Existing structure of Higher Secondary Schools in Punjab ranges as:

(A). 1-12 ✔️

(B). 6-12

(C). 9-12

(D). 11-12

22- “Reforms are necessary in all walks of life” is focused in the philosophy named as:

(A). Perennialism

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism✔️

23- Which education system focused heavily on training of the person fully:

(A). Greek

(B). Roman

(C). Islamic✔️

(D). English

24- Islamic education formulates human basic ideas in the light of:

(A). Reason

(B). Revelation✔️

(C). Intuition

(D). Sensation

25- Which of the following is a conduct by which a teacher assesses the level of understands interest and attention of the children.

(A). Evaluation✔️

(B). Measurement

(C). Assessment

(D). Examination

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