Political Science CSS PMS Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 27

1- The property is the creation of:

A). State

B). Government

C). Adventurist businessman

D). Co-operative endeavour✔️

2- Who said that property is the source of power?

A). Machiavelli✔️

B). Aristotle

C). Plato

D). Laski

3- Who of the followings considered property as natural?

A). Aristotle✔️

B). Plato

C). Laski

D). Marx

4- Who of the followings opposed private property?

A). Anarchists

B). Communists✔️

C). Individualists

D). None of the above

5- The Legal theory of property is associated with:

A). Hobbes✔️

B). Locke

C). Austin

D). Marx

6-Who of the followings was opposed to private property?

A). J.S.Mill

B). Adam Smith

C). Kant

D). Bakunin✔️

7- Who said property is necessary for the realization of one’s will?

A). Marx

B). Kant✔️

C). Rousseau

D). Plato

8- The Labour theory of property was first of all advocated by:

A). Jhon Locke✔️

B). Adam Smith

C). Karl Marx

D). Lenin

9- The Individualistic Theory of property is associated with:

A). Hobbes


C). Adam Smith✔️

D). T.H.Green

10- The view that “all property is theft” was expressed by:

A). J.S.Mill

B). Adam Smith

C). Marx

D). Proudhon✔️

11- The idealistic theory of property is associated with the name of:

A). Locke

B). Bentham

C). Kant✔️

D). Marx

12- Who believed that private property is essential for the development of Individual’s personality?

A). Karl Marx

B). Adam Smith

C). J.S.Mill✔️

D). Engels

13- Who was the author of the Origin of Family, Private Property and the State?

A). Karl Marx

B). Engels✔️

C). Stalin

D). Lenin

14- The theory of surplus value is associated with:


B). Herbert spencer

C). Adam Smith

D). Karl Marx✔️

15- Laski was in favour of:

A). Absolute tight to property

B). Abolition of all property

C). Happy blending of right to property✔️

D). None of the above

16- Who said that state did not create property, but was itself created in order to protect it?

A). Jhon Locke✔️

B). T.H.Green

C). Karl Marx

D). Laski

17- Which one of the following was a strong opponent of the right to private property?

A). Locke

B). Hobbes

C). Mao Tse Tung✔️

D). Adam Smith

18- Who of the followings first of all advocated ‘ communism of property’:

A). Plato✔️

B). Marx

C). Engels

D). Proudhon

19- The individualists regard the right to property as:

A). Root of all evils

B). A fundamental right✔️

C). An absolute right

D). None of the above

20- Hobbes and Bentham were the supporters of:

A). Legal Theory of property✔️

B). Socialistic Theory of property

C). Idealistic Theory of property

D). Natural Theory of property

21- “That with which a man has mixed his labour becomes his property”. The above statement was made by:

A). Rousseau

B). Karl Marx

C). Locke✔️

D). Hobbes

21- Who said: “The citizen has a right to work”?

A). Bentham

B). Marx

C). Lenin

D). Laski✔️

23- The Labor theory of property made its appearance in:

A). The ancient times✔️

B). The medieval age

C). The modern times

D). The 20th century

24- Which one of the following thinkers did not favour the rulers to own property?

A). Aristotle

B). Plato✔️

C). Laski

D). All the above

25- Landed property was a symbol of social status during:

A). Ancient times

B). Medieval times✔️

C). Modern times

D). All the above times

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