Political Science CSS PMS Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 28

1- Who said “A man readily forgives the murder of his father than the confiscation of his  property”?

A). Hobbes

B). Marx

C). Machiavelli✔️

D). Aristotle

2- Which one of the following thinkers defended right to property on the ground of its utility?

A). Bentham✔️

B). Kant

C). Marx

D). Laski

3- Right to property is considered:

A). Religious right

B). Economic right

C). Political right

D). Civil right✔️

4- According to St.Augstine property was:

A). Natural institution

B). Conventional institution✔️

C). Economic institution

D). Political institution

5- Who of the following believed that private property was needed for the development of Individual’s personality?

A). Karl Marx

B). J.S.Mill✔️

C). Bakunin

D). Godwin

6- Who of the following is associated with Idealist theory of property?

A). Bodin

B). Machiavelli

C). Bakunin✔️

D). Kant

7- Who does not favour the idea of retention of private property?

A). Bodin

B). Machiavelli

C). Bakunin✔️

D). Kant

8- Who of the following is not associated with Anarchists views about property?


B). Godwin

C). Proudhan

D). Bakunin

9- Which of the following thinkers advocated the abolition of private property?

A). Locke

B). Rousseau

C). Karl Marx✔️


10- The term liberty has been drawn from the Latin term:

A). Libel

B). Lingua

C). Labour

D). Liber✔️

11- Who said that ‘ Liberty is the eager maintenance of that atmosphere in which men have the opportunity of be their best self”?

A). Laski✔️


C). Laski

D). Hobbes

12- Who said that liberty consists in following the moral law?

A). Cole

B). Spinoza✔️


D). Barker

13- The view that ” Liberty consists in following the moral law” is associated with:

A). Individualists

B). Idealists✔️

C). Utilitarian

D). Socialist

14- Who of the followings was an advocate of positive liberty?

A). Marx


C). Bentham


15- Who of the followings is considered the  chief advocate of  negative liberty?


B). Laski

C). Barker

D). Bentham✔️

16- Who said that ‘ liberty is the absence of all restraints’?

A). Laski

B). Hegel

C). Kant

D). Seeley✔️

17- The concept of natural liberty is associated with:

A). Hegel

B). Rousseau✔️

C). Hobbes

D). Laski

18- Which one of the followings has been wrongly listed as civil liberty:

A). Right to choose Government✔️

B). Freedom from threat to life

C). Freedom of thought and belief

D). Freedom to exercise in general field of contractual actions

19- The concept of natural liberty is associated with:

A). Divine origin theory

B). Social contract theory✔️

C). Force Theory

D). Evolutionary theory

20- Who of the followings was the chief exponent of natural liberty?

A). Rousseau✔️

B). Laski

C). Herbert spencer


21- Which one of the followings does not fall in the category of civil liberty?

A). Right to life

B). Right to move freely

C). Right to enter into contract with others

D). Right to criticize the government✔️

22- Political liberty is often taken as synonymous with:

A). Democracy✔️

B). Majority rule

C). Freedom

  1. D) independence of judiciary

23- Which one of the followings does not constitute Economic liberty?

A). Right to work

B). Right to social security

C). Self-government in industry

D). Right to participate in the formulation of national plans✔️

24- The view that law and liberty are opposed to each other has been expressed by:

A). Idealists

B). Anarchist✔️

C). Marxists

D). Socialists

25- The view that every state law enlarges individual freedom is associated with:

A). Marxists




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