Pak Studies Solved MCQs Mughal Empires

1). Akbar was born on 23 November:

a). 1540

b). 1541

c).  1542

d). 1543

2). He was born at the Rajput Fortress of Umerkot in:

a). Sindh

b). Delhi

c).  Bengal

d). Punjab

3). The Akbar Name which literally means Book of Akbar was written in:

a). Persian

b). Sanskrit

c).  Arabic

d). Urdu

4). This work was written by:

a). Abdul Ali

b). Abdul Qazi

c).  Abdul Fazal

d). Abdul Qari

5). Akbar was also a great builder. He constructed and founded:

a). Agra Fort

b). Gujrat Fort

c).  Tomb of Humayun and his dream city Fatehpur

d). All of these

6). Which was divided the Mughal Empire into provinces for the first time:

a). Babur

b). Humayun

c).  Akbar

d). None of these

7). He died on 27 October:

a). 1601

b). 1603

c).  1605

d). 1607

8). He was buried at Sikandra:

a). Agra

b). Delhi

c).  Bengal

d). Kabul

9). At the time of death, he was _______ year old:

a). 61

b). 62

c).  63

d). 64

10). Jahangir was born on 20 September:

a). 1563

b). 1565

c).  1567

d). 1569

11). His full name was:

a). Nuruddin Saalim

b). Amaduddin Salim

c).  Jamaluddin

d). Khonqodin Salim

12). The name of Jahangir is from ________ language:

a). Persian

b). Arabic

c).  Sanskrit

d). Urdu

13). The meaning of Jahangir is:

a). Conqueror of Asia

b). Conqueror of India

c).  Conqueror of the World

d). None of these

14). Nur-ud-din is the ________name:

a). Arabic

b). Persian

c).  Hindi

d). Urdu

15). The meaning of Nur-ud-din is:

a). Light of the earth

b). Light of the moon

c).  Light of the man

d). Light of the faith

16). He was the son of:

a). Humayun

b). Jahangir

c).  Akbar

d). Aurangzeb

17). He is known in the history as:

a). Shahzada Salim           

b). Khadim Salim

c).  Khadam Aalm

d). None these

18). _________ signed a treaty with the British East India Company promising their merchants preferential treatment.

a). Humayun

b). Aurangzeb

c).  Jahangir

d). Shah Jehan

19). He granted ___________ permission for the British East India Company to begin trading in India:

a). Sir Edward

b). Sir Thomas Roe

c).  Sir William Joe

d). Both a & b

20). The company built the first British factory in the _____ coast city Surat.

a). Western

b). Eastern

c).  Southern

d). Northern

21). Noor Jahan was the widow of a rebel officer:

a). Sher Afghan

b). Sher Delhi

c).  Sher Bengal

d). Sher Zaman

22). Jahangir married her in:

a). 1610

b). 1611

c).  1612

d). 1613

23). He died on 8 November:

a). 1623

b). 1625

c).  1627

d). 1629

24). He died at the age of:

a). 58

b). 60

c).  62

d). 64

25). He ruled from 1605 to:

a). 1621

b). 1623

c).  1625

d). 1627

26). Shah Jahan was born on 5 January:

a). 1592

b). 1590

c).  1593

d). 1594

27). Shah Jahan was the Son of:

a). Jahangir

b). Humayun

c). Aurangzeb

d). Jahangir

28). He ruled from 1628 to:

a). 1658

b). 1659

c).  1660

d). 1661

29). Shah Jahan’s full name was:

a).  Zain-ud-Din Muhammad

b). Shams-ud-Din

c).  Shahab-ud-Din

d). Sain-ud-Din

30). The name of Shah Jehan comes from:

a). Arabic

b). Persian

c).  Punjabi

d). Urdu

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