FPSC Lecturer Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 14

1- In which year Quaid-e-Azam was elected its president of Muslim League first time?





2- Why Quaid-i-Azam resigned from Congress?

A).Non-cooperation policy of Congress✔️

B). Nehru Report

C). Rowalt Act

D). None of these

3- Which is the following is known as the Black Act?

A). Dyarchy

B). Doctrine Lapse

C). Rowlatt Act✔️

D). Manto Act

4- Hassan Sadpara along with 4 other team members became the third Pakistani to summit Mount Everest on:

A).May 12, 2010

B). May 12, 2011✔️

C). May 12, 2012

D). May 12, 2013

5- Which one of the following Governor General’s time is known as the seeding time of nationalism in India?

A). Lord Lytton✔️

B). Lord Ripon

C). Lord Hastings

D). William Bentinck

6- Where did the Mopalla Revolt of 1921 take place?

A). Telangana

B). Malabar✔️

C). Mysore

D). Vidarbha

7- Which Governor General of India was assassinated in the Andaman?

A). Lord Curzon

B). Lord Mayo✔️

C). Lord Lytton

D). None of these

8- When Tashkand Treaty was signed between Pakistan and India?

A).10 Junuary 1966✔️

B).10 Junuary 1967

C).10 Junuary 1968

D).10 Junuary 1969

9- Federally administered Northern Areas created on:

A).1 July 1970✔️

B).1 July 1972

C).1 July 1973

D).1 July 1974

10- which city of the sindh is popular for woodworking industry?

A). Thatta

B). Kotri

C). Hala✔️

D). Larkana

11- Which city of the Punjab is popular for woodworking industry?

A). Chiniot✔️

B). Gujrat

C). Hafizabad

D). Sialkot

12- which city of Pakistan called” Manchester of Pakistan” ?


B). Faisalabad✔️


D). Sialkot

13- The local bodies government system was introduced in subcontinent in:





14- Which of the following is the largest province of Pakistan?

A). Baluchistan✔️

B). Punjab

C). Sindh


15- Who was the last independent sultan of Bengal?

A).Illyas Shah

B). Nusrat Shah

C). Hussain Shah

D). Ghiyas-ud-Din Mahmud Shah✔️

16- Why did Pakistan leave Commonwealth in 1971?

A).Due to Rassian Interference in Afghanistan

B). Due to Recognition of Bangladesh✔️

C).Due to Info -pak war

D). None of these

17- Who was the president of General Assembly of United Nations during 1962_63?

A). General Ayub

B). Sir Agha khan

C). Sir Zafarullah khan✔️

D).None of these

18- Headquarters National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is at:

A). Islamabad, Pakistan✔️

B). Quetta, Balochistan

C). Lahore, Punjab

D).None of these

19- The National Accountability Bureau was established by General Pervez Musharraf on:

A).16 November 1999✔️

B).17 November 1999

C).18 November 1999

D).19 November 1999

20- Name the Muslim women who participated in all three Round Table Conferences?

A).Begum jahan Ara Shah  Nawaz✔️

B).Begum Nusrat Bhutto

C). Fatima Jinnah

D).None of these

21- Who first voiced the idea of a separate Muslim state in India?

A).M.A Jinnah

B). Allama Muhammad Iqbal✔️

C). Sir Syed Ahmed khan

D). Maulana Mir Hassan

22- When Radcliff Award was announced?

A).14 June 1946

B).14 April 1947

C).17 August 1947✔️

D).10 July 1948

23- who amongst the following made it possible for the Indians to enter the Indian Civil Services through an open competitive examination?


B). Mayo

C). Dalhousie✔️

D). Williams Bentinck

24- The first architectural achievement of Jahangir’s reign in India was the construction of his father’s mausoleum. Where was it built?

A). Lahore

B). Shikohabad

C). Surat

D). Sikandara✔️

25- During the British rule the only  British king to visit India and hold his magnificent Durbar, was:

A). Edward VII

B). George V✔️

C). James II

D). Edward VI

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