FPSC Lecturer Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 13

1- Who was the Nawab of Bangal during’ Battle of Plessey’?

A). Suraj-ud-Daola✔️

B).Mir Jafar

C).Mir Qasim

D).None of these

2- Hazrat Baba Farid Gang Shakar was married to the daughter of:

A). Muhammad Tughlaq


C). Balban✔️

D). None of these

3- Islamia college Peshawar was founded by:

A). Abdul Ghaffar Khan

B).Haj Sahin Tarangzai

C). Shahzada Abdul Qayyum✔️

D). None of these

4- Pakistan’s first coin was issued on:

A).3 June1948

B).6 June 1949

C).3  January 1948✔️

D). None of these

5- The ‘ Kashaf ul Mahjub’ was written by:

A). Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh✔️

B). Maulana Altaf Hussain

C). Maulana Shibli Naumani

D). Maulana Zakaullah

6-  Hameeda Bano was  mother of:

A). Akbar✔️

B). Shah jahan

C). Jahangir

D).None of these

7-  India owes the beginning of English education in the country of the Christian missionaries. In this regard which name stands foremost?

A). William Carey

B). David Hare

C). Alexander Duff

D). Heber

8- The historic garden Shalimar was built by Shah jahan in 1642 in:

A). Karachi

B). Islamabad

C). Lahore✔️

D). Rawalpindi

9- Which is the first urban civilization of South Asia?

A). Harrapa

B). Chanhudaro

C). Mehrgarh✔️

D). Mohenjo-Daro

10 Pakistan Tahreek -e- islam was established on:

A).15 April,1995

B).15 April,1996✔️

C).15 April,1997

D).15 April,1998

11- ‘Quaid-i-Azam Residency’ was built by the British in?





12- which of the following is the primary source of energy in Pakistan?

A). Petroleum, LPG. Diesel and Natural Gas✔️

B).Hydro- electricity


D). Nuclear fuel

13- The oldest large- scale industry of Pakistan is:

A). Cotton textile industry✔️

B). Jute and jute goods industry

C). Iron and steel industry

D). None of them

14- which is the oldest arts institution of higher learning in Lahore, Pakistan?

A). National college of arts Lahore✔️

B). Fine art school Lahore

C). National college of engineering Lahore

D). Government college Lahore

15- The  Mayo school of industrial Art was set up to perpetuate the memory of Lord Mayo, The British viceroy of India, who was assassinated in:





16- On five thousand- rupee- note which Masque is pictured?

A). Badshahi Mosque

B). Faisal Mosque✔️

C). Nabvi mosque

D). None of these

17- Pakistan Tourism Development, Corporation was incorporated on:

A). March 30,1971

B). March 30,1972

C). March 30,1973

D). March 30, 1970✔️

18- Which Pakistani actor  is  known as ” Chocolate Hero” for his attire, style and smartness?

A). Muhammad Ali

B). Waheed Murad✔️

C).A.R. Chugtai

D). Mahmood Alam

19- Which state was annexed by the British in 1856 on the ground of misgovernment?

A). Gwalior

B). Oudh✔️

C). Buxar

D). Berar

20- who said these words “I want to die in ap independent country instead of slave  Hindustan”?

A).Ch. Rahmat Ali

B). Allama Iqbal

C). Maulana Muhhamad Ali johar✔️

D).None of these

21- who reviewed the famous book ” the Indian Muslimans” in 1872?

A).Sir Syed Ahmed khan✔️

B). Jhon king Fairbank

C). M Delwar Hussain

D). None of these

22- Indian Council Act 1858 was passed on?

A).02 August1858✔️

B).18 July 1858

C).24 October1858

D).03 June1858

23- Name the Pakistani scientists who was also a refined poet, musician and a painter.in August 2924, he held his  first international exhibition of  paintings in Frankfurt?

A). Salim -uz – Zaman Saddiqui✔️

B). Dr.  Adus slam

C). Dr. Abdul Qadeer

D). None of them

24- Famous book of physics” Quantum Mechanics and its physics” is written by:

A). Dr.Abdul Qadeer

B).Razi-ud-Din  Siddiqui✔️

C). Dr.Adus slam

D). Salim -uz- zaman

25- Jinnah joined Muslim League in:





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