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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Botany
Subject Botany Test 10
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

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PPSC Lecturer of Botany Practice Test 10

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Coralloid roots are found in:

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Simplest stele is:

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Zooidogamy is seen in:

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Endosperm in gymnosperm is formed:

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Polystelic condition is found in:

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Phloem of gymnosperm differ from angiosperm in:

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The vascular supply given from the main single stele for leaf is called:

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Largest sperms are found in:

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The most advanced order in gymnosperms Gnetum:

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  1. Amphiphloic siphonstele occurs in the stem of :

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Alternation of generation is exhibited by:

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Most primitive type of stele found in pteridophytes is:

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In gymnosperm pollination is exclusively by:

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In raceme the flowers are:

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An inflorescence in which flowers arise from different point but reach at same point is known as:

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In musaceae the inflorescence is:

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Meristeles are found in:

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In onion the inflorescence is:

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A spike of unisexual flower is found in:

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Protostele is stele divided into many parts:


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Gymnosperm differ from angiosperm:

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Stele includes Stellar system in Plants:

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Foliar gap in vascular cylinder of fern is:

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Pith is absent in:

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In which of the following feature angiosperm resemble gymnosperm:


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