General Knowledge PPSC Solved Past Papers MCQs

1. What does ISO stand for:
a) International societies organization
b) International standards organism
c) international systems operation
d) international scientist organization
2. The first SAARC summit was held at:
a) New Dahli
b) Dhaka
c) Islamabad
d) Nipal
3. A Chronometer measures:
a) Time
b) Clour Contrast
c) Sound waves
d)Water waves
4. Decible is the unit used for:
a) speed of sound
b) intensity of sound
c) intensity of light
d) none of these
5. The normal temperature of human body is:
a) 94.4 F
b) 98.4 F
c) 93.4 F
d) 100 F
6. Capital of Myanmar is:
a) Yangoon
b) Rangoon
c) CoLombo
d) Khulana
7. World Population day is celebrated on:
a) 11th July
b) 11th Jun
c) 11 May
d) none of these
8. The element required for solar energy conversion is:
a) Silicon
b) Germanium
c) Uranium
9. Oslo is the Capital of:
a) Sweden
b) Norway
c) Finland
d) Denmark
10. To bear the brunt of:
a) in a position of advantage
b) to make an easy choice
c) to endure the main force or stock
d) undecided
11. To fish in troubled water:
a) catch fish in flood water
b) to dive in deep waters
c) to go for daunting task
d) to make a personal profit out of a disturbance
12. to bury the hatchet:
a) to start war
b) to make peace
c) to make a folish choice
d) to burn something important
13. to call a spade a spade:
a) try to meat exceptions
b) to avoid the main topic
c) to make a noise
d) to speak in the plain term


14. sluggish :
a) slung
b) slunk
c) slur
d) slow

15. climb:
a) ascend
b) embrace
c) adhere
d) retreat

16. hamper:
a) transpire
b) impede
c) believe

17. is he eligible …….. this scholarship
a) with
b) of
c) at
d) for

18. his father passed ……… last night
a) out
b) off
c) over
d) away


19. Tranquil:
a) noisy
b) nosy
c) soft

20. coincidence:
a) accidental
b) deliberate
c) chance

21. combat:
a) support
b) fight
c) contest
d) resist

22. factual
a) refuse
b) fictitious 
c) feel

23. approachable
a) inaccessible
b) friendly
c) cordial
d) affable

23. Identify the last Gazwa in which Prophet Muhammad PBUH participated:
a) Mutah
b) Tabuk
c) Hunain

24. Who was the mother of Hazrat Usmsan R.A:
a) Arvi
b) Salma binte sukhar
c) Hantima binte hasham
d)Fatima binte asad

25. Which Surah of Holy Quran is called the heart of Quran:
a) al Akhlas
b) Al imran
c) Yasin
d) Rehman

26. How old was Holy Prophet PBUH at the time of death of his mother:
a) 3
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8
27. Hazrat Abu Bakar died in …….. Jihra:
a) 10th
b) 11th
c) 13th
d) 15th
28. The name of fifth Kalimah is:a) Kalimah Tauheed:
b) Kalimah Shahdat
c) Kalimah Istigfar
d) Kalimah Tamjeed
29. Which is the 12th month in the Islamic calendar:
a) Muharram
b) Rajib
c) Shawal
30. Who wrote Hisab al jabr wal Mukablah:
a) Iben Sina
b) Al Razi
c) Al Beruni
d)Muhammad bin musa al Khwaezimi
31. in which surah of Quran the KHATIMUN NABIYYEN is mentioned:
a) Al falq
b) Al fateha
c) Al tauba
d) Al ahzab
32. How many times the word zakat occurs in Holy Quran:
a) 30
b) 32
c) 34
d) 36
33. Which was the tribe of Hazrat Abu Bhakkar R.A:
a) Ban Khizraj
b) Banu Tamim
c) Banu Aus
d) Banu Hashim
34. when haj was made obligatory
a) 2 A.H
b) 5 A.H
c) 7 A.H
d) 9 A.H
35. In which Surah BISMILLAH has twice occurred:
a) Namal
b) Al Tauba
c) Al Aas
d) Al kausar
36. Which Surah of Quran was first revealed:
a) Al Hamd
b) Al Baqra
c) Al Alaq
d) Al Rahman
37. according to treaty of Husaibiya , a truce peace was declared between Muslims and Quraish for:
a) 5
b) 7
c) 10
d) 12
38. Mulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was buried in:
a) Dehli
b) Lucknow
c) Jerusalem
d) Makkah