PPSC Lecturer Economics Important MCQs online Test No. 54

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Test NameLecturer Economics 
SubjectEconomics Test 54
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
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Lecturer Economics Online Test No. 54

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When marginal revenue is zero, total revenues is.

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Which of the following markets comes closest to perfect market.

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Economies and diseconomies determine the shape of.

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When diseconomies of scale outweigh economies of scale the.

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Under perfect competition MR and AR curves.

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The production function relates to.

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To the economist, investment refers to.

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Economies of scale are f two kinds.

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Law of decreasing returns generates.

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Laws of return apply to firms working in.

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When MP is zero, TP is.

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In an economy government constructed a new water reservoir for the purpose of irrigation this might be taken as.

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A joint stock company has.

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Marginal product curve intersects average product curve when AP curve is.

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A firm under perfect competition is.

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This kind of market is undesirable.

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Which of the following is one of the. assumptions of perfect competition.

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Internal economies of scale include.

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The transformation of resources into economic goods and services is.

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Marginal product indicates.

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Marginal revenue is always less than price at all levels of output in.

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Marginal revenue is always less than price at all levels of output in.

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The major difference between perfect competition and monopolistic competition is.

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During short period, diminishing returns may follow because.

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Which is a condition for existence of monopoly.

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