General Knowledge for CSS PMS MCQs Solved Papers

1. The pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by:
a) Allama Iqbal
b) Chudary Rahmat Ali
c) Qaid e Azam
d) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
2. The Pakistan Resolution was translated in urdu by:
a) Mulana zafar ali khan
b) nawabzada liyaqt ali khan
c) sir zafrullah khan
d) maulvi A.K Fazal ul haq
3. Govt. of Pakistan constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar for the selecting national anthem in Dembiecer:
a) 1947
b) 1950
c) 1949
d) 1948
4. one unit bill was passed in year:
a) 1948
b) 1950
c) 1955
d) 1970
5.the chairman of the council of common interst is the:
a) Chief Justic of Pakistan
b) Prime Minister
c) President
d) Attorney General
6. The search for the suitable words for the national anthem with music set by A.G Chagla finally ended with the approval on 13th of august:
a) 1953
b) 1954
c) 1955
d) 1956
7. Simla Deputation October 1906 comprised …. Muslim Leaders:
a) 18
b) 35
c) 40
d) 50
8. On what date did the earth quick hits the Northern areas and Kashmir:
a) 8th October 2005
b) 8th September 2005
c) 8th august 2005
d) 18th October 2005
9. Govt. of Pakistan named Islamabad its new capital on:
a) feb 24 1960
b) feb 24 1959
c) feb 24 1961
d) feb 24 1958
10. Mulana Muhammad Ali Jaithar was buried in: 
a) Dehli
b) Lucknow
c) Jerusalem
d) Makkah
11. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan when Marital Kaw was imposed in 1958:
a) Gulam Muhammad
b) Feroz khan Noon
c) Iskandar Mirza
d) M.A Bogra
12. Tashkent Declaration with Pakistan wsa signed by indian prime minister:
a) Jawahar Lal Nehru
b) Lal Bahadur Shastri
c) Atal Behari Vajpal
d) Indra Gandhi
13. Liaquat ali khan was assassinated on …. 16, 1951:
a) Dembiecer
b) October
c) September
d) November
14. on which river will the Kalabagh dam be constructed:
a) Ravi
b) Jehelum
c) Indus
d) Beas
15.Ruins of Mohenjo dare are located in district:
a) dadu
b) larkana
c) khalrpur
d) sahiwal
16.R.C.D regional cooperation for development was re established with the name of:
b) ECO
c) OIC
d) SAARC which year the NWFP was named Khyber Pakhtunkhan:
a) 2008
b) 2009
c) 2010
d) 2011
18. Which of the following is not the member of the economic cooperation organization ECO:
a) Pakistan
b) Afghanistan
c) Chechyna
d) Kazakhstan
19. Which of the following muslim women participated in all the three rounds of table Conference:
a) Begum Shah Nawaz
b) Amjad Begum
c) Fatima Jinah
d) Banu Begum
20. which women was the part of the delegation first send to UNO after the creation of Pakistan:
a) begam rana liyaqt ali khan
b) fatima sughra
c) Begam Salma Tasawwuq
d) fatima jinah
21. The Electoral College of Pakistan for the election of president of Pakistan consist of:
a) the member of both houses
b) the member of both houses and provincial assemblies
c) the member of the national assembly
d) the member of provincial assembly
22. the form of FIR contains…. columns:
a) 3
b) 5
c) 4
d) 6
23. An accomplice means any person who is:
a) public officer
b) complilainant
c) a guilty associated or a partner in crime
d police officer
24. Under section 141 of PPC an unlawful assembly is the assembly which atleast consist of …. persons:
a) 7
b) 6
c) 5
d) 4
25. The pass which connects Pakistan with china is known as …. pass:
a) Khojak Pass
b) Khunjrab Pass
c) Shandur Pass
d) Pelwas Kotal Pass
26. Kallar kahar lake is located in which district:
a) Jehlum
b) Mianwali
c) Chakwal
d) Bhakkar
27. which bank give the loan of Rs 80 million to the govt. of Pakistan on the request of Quaid e Azam when reservo bank of india failed to deliver Pakistan;s share:
a) World Bank
b)Habib Bank Limited
c) United Bank
d) Muslim Commercial Bank
28. Who is the founder of the modern republic of Turkey:
a) Caliph Abdul Majeed
b) Mustafa Kamal Ata Turk
c) Tariq Bin Ziyad
d) Babrak
29. Whart is the boiling point of water:
a) 60 C
b) 80 C
c) 100 C
d) 120 C
30. Pakistan council of scientific and industrial research PCSIR is established in:
a) 1953
b) 1957
c) 1961
d) 1963
31. Which is the authorized agency to sanction licence for cable television FM radia:
a) PTA
32. English newspaper COMRADE in india was publish from Lahore by Molana zafar ali khan was:
a) Lacknow
b) Calcutta
c) Madras
d) Dehli
33. Who was the ruler of the Kashmir at the time of partition:
a) Guroo Singh
b) Gulab Singh
c) Hari Singh
d) Ranjeet Singh
34. The day of deliverance all the india muslin league was observed on… of 1939:
a) 22 Dembiecer, 1939
b) 10th of November
c) 20th of October
d) 14th of September
35. Mr. I.I Chundrigar was the prime minister of Pakistan from:
a) April 17th 1953 to August 11 1955
b) Oct 19 1951 to April 17, 1956
c) Oct 18 , 1957 to December 16, 1957
d) Aug 11 1955 to September 12, 1956
36.where fort Munro is located:
a) Multan
b) Suleman hills
c) Sahiwal
d) D G Khan
37. I S S B stands for:
a) inter short services board
b) inter services selection board
c) Inter Services Selection Board
d) none of these
38. in 1946 the mission send by the British Govt. was called:
a) Simmon Commission
b) Cripps Mission
c) Cabinet Mission
d) Boundary Commission
39.Which first army officer recipient of  the NISHAN E HYDER:
a) Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed
b) Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed
c) Captin Sarwar Shaheed
d) Major Shabir Shareef Shaheed
40.On the behalf of the muslim league Qaid azam signed the lacknow pact, who signed it on the behalf on congress:
a) Moti Lal Nehru
b) Mahatma Gandhi
c) Ambeka Charan Mojam Dar
d) none of these
41. When Quetta was devastated by the severe earth quake:
a) 29th may 1935
b) 28th may 1935
c) 31st may 1935
d) 30th may 1935
42. Pasni harbor is situated in:
a) Punjab
b) Sindh
c) Balochistan
d) Khyber Pakhtunkhan
43.Who resign from the imperial legislative council in sheer protest against the Rowlatt act:
a) Gandhi
b) Nehru
c) Quaid e Azam
d) Sir Syed
44.What is the term is used to denote the unauthorized and illegal accessing of computer program often with criminal intent:
a) Virus
b) Plaglarism
c) hacking
d) blackberry
45.What was the name of Libyan kind deposed by Colonel Qaddafi 1969:
a) King Abdullah
b) King Idris
c) King Saud
d) King Saddat
46.What was the Richter scale use to measure:
a) flood
b) volcano
c) earthquake
d) tsunami
47.Who was appointed as the first secretary of all india Khilafat committee:
a) Molana Muhammad Ali Johr
b) Molana Shuakat Ali
c) Seth Jaan Muhammad Chottani
d) Nawab Liyaqt Ali Khan
49. Hazrat Sheikh Ali Bin Usman Hajweri came to india during the time of:
a) Mughals
b) Khiljis
c) Tughluq
d) Ghaznawi
50. Greenwhich means time passes through:
a) Ireland
b) Morocco
c) Mall
d) none of thes