Islamic Studies Solved MCQs for Lecturer CSS PMS PTS NTS

The recitation of first kalimah is called:

a) Salat



d) Astagfar

Hazrat Jafir Tiyar R.A was martyred in the battle of?

a) Yamamah

b) Moota

c) Tabook

d) Badr

The first Surah revealed on Holy Prophet is?

a) Surah Yasin

b) Surah AL Baqrah

c) Surah AL Alaq

d) Surah AL Rahman

The book of hadith MAVATA was written by?

a) Imam Malik

b) Imam Ahmed BIN Hambal

c) Imam azam ABU Hanfia

d) Imam Muslim

Who claimed to be a Prophet during the period of Hazrat ABU Bakar Siddique R.A?

a) Muselima Kazzab

b) Asvad Ansi

c) Talhea Bin Khavaled d)

d) Sajah Binte Khavaied

AL hudaybiyah agreement was signed in?

a) 628

b) 627

c) 625

d) 629

57.Hazrat Muhammad PHUM died on?

a) June 8 AD 632

b) July 6 AD 633

c) June 6 AD 634

d) June 5AD 634

Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique R.A became Caliph of Islam in?

a) AD 632

b) AD 633

c)AD 634

d) AD 635

Which is the longest Surah of Holy Quran?

a) AL Baqra

b) AL Nisa

c) AL Imran

d) Surah Akhlas

60.Shaban is which month in Islamic calendar?

a) 3rd

b) 9th

c) 8th

d) 2nd

61.The Holy Quran comprises? 

a) 114 Surah

b) 115 Surah

c) 116 Surah

d) 117 Surah

How many Verses are in the Holy Quran?

a) 6667

b) 6668

c) 6666

d) 6669

The pillars of Islam are?:

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

d) 7

Ahmad Bin Baytar was a:

a) Botanist

b) Chemist

c) Minister

d) Physicist

AL Zahrwi was the court physician of?

a) AL Hakim II

b) Haroon ur Rashid

c) Mamun ur Rashid

d) AL Hakim IV

Shab e abi Talab the valley near madina was?

a) The refuge of Muslims against social boycott

b) A form house of abi talab

c) an important trade passage

d) a refuge for muslims against social boycot

Ushr and Khums are?

a) Two kinds of Tax in Islam

b) Two months of Islam Calendar

c) Two tax in Islam

d) none of these

70.The maximum number of Hafiz e Quran were martyred in war?

a) jang e khandak

b) jang e uhad

c) jang e yamama

d) other than these three

Surah Kusar is the shortest Surah of Holy Quran the number of verses are?

a) three

b) four

c) five

d) less then three

The Holy Book ZABOOR was revealed on which Prophet of Allah?

a) Moosa R.A

b) Ibrahim R.A

c) Daud R.A

d) Ishaq R.A

Which is the Second pillar of Islam?

a) Zakat

b) Salat

c) Hajj

d) Jihad

To which language the word Salat belongs?

a) Urdu

b) Arabic

c) Persion

d) Punjabi

Which Sahabi was the first Hafiz e Quran in Islam?

a) Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A

b) Hazrat Umar R.A

c) Hazrat Usman R.A

d) Hazrat Ali R.A

84.which was the first revealed divine book?

a) Torait


c) Anjeel

d) Holy Quran

Which Prophet is titaled as abul 95. Bashir?

a) Hazrat Yaqub R.A

b) Hazrat Adam R.A

c) Hazrat Yousaf R.A

d) Hazrat Youns R.A

Which Prophet was eaten by a fish?

a) Hazrat Isa R.A

b) Hazrat Adam R.A

c) Hazrat Younas R.A

d) Hazrat Yousaf R.A

What is the great miricle of the Holy Prophet PBUH?

a) Salat

b) Holy Quran

c) Meraaj sharif

d) None of these

Which one of the following is Madni surah?

a) Al Baqarah

b) Sl Qasas

c) Al Namal

d) Al Luqman

In which Para of the Holy Quran Surah Momin is located?

a) 24

b) 26

c) 28

d) 18

Which is the third source of Islamic Jurisprudence?

a) Ijtihad

b) Ijma

c) Qisa

d) Hadith

91.What is the literal meaning of word Ijtihad?

a) to decide a case

b) to give punishment to a prisoner

c) to consult the member of the jury

d) Exertion of the jurist’s facility in finding solution

For how many years the Caliphate of Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A last?

a) two

b) three

c) four

d) five

What caused Hazrat Usman death?

a) he died in the battle field

b) he was martyred by rebels

c) he died a natural death

d) none of the above

what is the tital of Hazrat Ibrahim R.A?

a) Khalil ullah

b) Kalim ullah

c)Saif ullah

d) Jad ul ambia

What was the age of Hazrat Ali R.A, martyred?

a) 55

b) 58

c) 60

d) 67

In which year the tragedy of KARBALA take place:

a) 55 HIJRAH

b) 61 HIJRAH

c) 63 HIJRAH

d) 65 HIJRAH

Which tribe of Quraish , Hazrat Umar R.A belonged to ?

a) banu addi

b) banu hasham

c) banu umayyah

d) none of these

The age of Hazrat Usman R.A at the time of his martyrdom was:

a) 80

b) 78

c) 76


Who was the mother of Hazrat Usman R.A?

a) Arwa

b) Salma binte sukha

c) hantima binte hasham

d) fatima binte Asad