Sociology Important Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 2

1)- Which of following is factor in change of social life?

A). Physical environment

B). Population changes

C). Isolation and contact

D). All of these

E). Only a and b ✔️

Answer: Option E

2)- Civilized man’s culture is affected by a change of:

A). place

B). physical environment

C). norms and values

3)- A population change is itself a:

A). political change

B). economic change

C). social change

D). None of these

4)- “Need” means:

A). requirement

B). state of felt deprivation

C). society demand

5). “Needs” are:

A). objective

B). subjective

C). None of these

D). both a and b

6)- Needs have greatly effects on:

A). political change

B). social change

C). economic change

7)- Needs are real if:

A). people feel that they are real

B). economic change occurs

C). social change occurs

8)- Zip Fastener invented need in:

A). 1891

B). 1845

C). 1888

9)- Need was patented by Thompson in:

A). 1888

B). 1895

C). 1845

10)- Need was reinvented by Dunlop in:

A). 1888

B). 1977

C). 1868

11)- Changing conditions create:

A). needs

B). new needs

C). demands

12)- Urbanisation created a need for:

A). modern factory system

B). sanitary engineering

C). automobile

D). all of these

13)- A culture:

A). is integrated

B). always develop

C). None of these

14)- Modern factory system created a need for:

A). super highway

B). labour unions

C). sanitary engineering

15)- High-speed automobile created a need for:

A). super highway

B). labour unions

C). None of these

16)- Cultural base means:

A). felt of deprivation.

B). form of need shaped by culture.

C). accumulation of knowledge and technique available to the inventor

17)- As the cultural base grows:

A). an increasing number of inventions and discoveries become possible.

B). invention and discoveries become rate.

C). None of these

18). An invention cannot be completed:

A). unless the cultural base provides the necessary preceding inventions and discoveries.

B). unless they are accepted by society.

C). None of these

19)- It is quite common for an invention to be made independently by:

A). a few persons

B). several persons

C). one person only

20)- The invention is made independently by several persons at:

A). about the same time

B). different time

C). None of these

21)- Ogburn had specialised in the study of:

A). social change

B). economic change

C). political change

52)- Ogburn listed:

A). 149 inventions and discoveries.

B). 148 inventions and discoveries.

C). 147 inventions and discoveries.

53)- The great importance of the cultural base is revealed by the principle of:

A). cross-fertilization

B). social change

C). economic change

54)- The principle of cross-fertilization states that discoveries and inventions in one field become useful in:

A). the same field.

B). an entirely different field.

C). None of these

55)- Pasteur’s germ theory of disease gres out of his efforts to tell France’s vintners, why their wine:

A). turned sour  

B). became delicious

C). became sweet

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